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  1. Were the tickets sold? I'm looking for tickets for Friday and Saturday night.
  2. I'm interested in buying a single ticket for all three nights if you're willing to break it up that way. PM me.
  3. I saw them early in the season in So Cal. I recall the guard doing a uniform change into vintage looking uniforms just before the bottle dance. My memory might be off but it seemed the transition took a long time. I would also love to hear more about that year.
  4. "I don't know how you can drop a six foot piece of pipe."
  5. Several people mentioned DCA 2006. Prelims night. That was a miserable experience. The rain seemed to be going sideways. It felt like it was about 50 degrees, and I kept thinking, "We worked our butts of all summer long for this?". We were freezing, the field was flooded. Someone said there were no hash marks. Heck there were no yard lines. It was a soccer field and any lines that were painted were gone. I remember I dropped my opener flag twice within the first 32 counts and I was so ticked off that I remember saying to myself, "OH, hells no!" I fought every release after that and di
  6. Now I've seen everything. By the way, you can get Mario Batali pepper mills discounted at
  7. Does anyone know if the seat numbers in each section run from the middle to outer edges or from out to middle? For example, would seat number 1 be closer to the center than seat number 9? I'm looking for a seating chart online that gives actual seat number detail, but I've not been able to find it.
  8. As a member of the 2007 Renegades, let me also thank you for your kind words. While we didn't come in 1st in the judges eyes, the crowd's response to our performance made all the hard work worth it. With all the strange rumors flying around about us, it was great to show the DCA crowd that we're alive and kicking. We had a blast putting on our show and entertaining the audience. Let me also give a special shout out to our brass section. These guys rock! They made performing the show all the more fun. During one of our sectional rehearsal blocks this weekend, the horns and drums were run