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  1. Cant answer the query as there's no difference between the two activities.
  2. Don't have a large database to draw from, but: 1. DCI Finals 1974 in my one and only tour in Anaheim Kingsmen; 2. DCI Semi-Finals 2007 with Kingsmen Alumni
  3. It didn't attract kids then - the ones who joined did so in spite of the name (I was there)....and we never got a dime from the US Tuna fleet or canneries, the Portugese community or the Italian community. A loss all around... .
  4. Here's to raising a beverage of your choice, to all of the small corps that persevered and fielded a competition corps....
  5. Where can a body find a video of the show? .
  6. Anaheim Kingsmen's 1974 drill was specifically designed to be curvilinear / non-linear, in part to deal with tics for alignment / cover, elbow contact, etc. As to whether it was exactly the first curvilinear show, I make no claim. .
  7. LOL! Those sneaky Bridgemen, putting on blue... I guess we didn't really make that big of an impression, huh? .
  8. Hey! Maybe they could act like its a bugle corps..... .
  9. IMHO, its all about pushing a world view on audiences, under the rubrik of "artistic license". .
  10. Kingsmen DVD was available at the xkingsmen website, probably still is.... .
  11. Wow - I'm so sorry to hear that another great bugle corps has left the field. I wish I could have seen you all in your glory. .
  12. Absolutely - the old recordings don't do justice to the corps (the older the recording the worse). Someone with the skills (and access to folks with firsthand corps knowledge) would do a great service by altering the old recordings to make them true to pitch, correct tempo, and removing extraneous noises, etc. The reason that bugle corps existed and prospered for 60+ years (so that the activity could be hijacked by bandos) was that it produced exciting music that the general public appreciated. .