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  1. Only marched DCA. I turned 22 during my first year in drum corps.
  2. I tend to like "modern" drum corps who like to do things a little differently, push the envelope, whatever you want to call it, but these guys were just awesome. Next time, let your wife take care of the baby when these guys are on. (Don't tell my wife I said that ) Thanks for the honest review. The everyone-was-great reviews are a waste of everyone's time. Keep 'em coming.
  3. I think it's funny that people would complain about a corps being too good. I don't go to drum corps shows to watch bad drum corps. I want to see good drum corps. So, good for Bucs. Some of you make it sound like the scores that Bucs get imply that all the other corps suck which is clearly not the case. It just says that the Bucs are better.
  4. For the record, I have no interest in starting a new corps! Just curious about the process. Regardless of size, every corps obviously needs equipment, facilities, staff and membership. I'm curious about some of the things that might not be so obvious. For instance, how much insurance coverage and what kind, do you need to be a 501, any other items or advice that people who have done it can offer. Particularly anything that made you say "I didn't realize that was going to be a problem".
  5. I'm not a new member but I couldn't decide where else to ask this question. I tried the search function but it was mostly useless. I'm sure there have been threads on these boards with info/discussion on getting a new corps started. Can anyone point me towards those threads? Thanks!
  6. You never know Chris. In the years I marched Bush we had members flying in every weekend. Chicago, Canada, Germany. (yes, he worked for Lufthansa)
  7. I'm not trying to side with either bush or hurcs here. I'm just curious how can you make that judgment if you didn't see the corps?
  8. are you saying that the california corps are potheads? LOL!!!
  9. When you post the latest list for 2008 standings, can you start it in a new thread so we don't have to wade through 10 pages of garbage about the merits of the tick system to actually find something about 2008 scores. Thanks.
  10. It seems to me, that it's pretty clearly a question of motivation. With the proliferation of hand-held communication devices and ubiquitousness of wi-fi, there is no reason that if it was important to the powers that be to have the scores up as soon as they are available it could easily be done. Forget about the bother of updating the dca website, they could post it here and cut out the step of contacting the webmaster. Anyone could post the scores here on an offical thread. The bottom line is, if it was important to DCA, they could do it for nothing. I think if they could just get t
  11. Just checking to see if I can successfully post from my phone.
  12. $39?! Why didn't you drive around the block a couple times. I had to walk a bit but I parked for free... disclaimer: if you're a special needs/wheelchair person, please disregard my statement! :)
  13. I had a great time at the BBQ. Thanks to everyone who helped put it together. Good stuff from all sections but look out for this snare line. Pretty bad ###. Keep it up Bush!
  14. The Bushwackers are pleased to announce that Steve Rinda will be returning as Visual Caption Head and Drill Designer for the 2008 season. Steve Rinda joined The Bushwackers in 1997 and quickly earned a reputation for being a gifted brass player and marcher. He also earned a spot in Bushwackers folklore that year by climbing and then falling out of a tree in August and breaking his leg…..and then marching well (albeit painfully) at Finals. Thanks to Steve, it has become a tradition at Bushwackers to ask members to refrain from climbing trees as Finals Weekend approaches. At Bushwackers, Ste