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  1. Only marched DCA. I turned 22 during my first year in drum corps.
  2. I tend to like "modern" drum corps who like to do things a little differently, push the envelope, whatever you want to call it, but these guys were just awesome. Next time, let your wife take care of the baby when these guys are on. (Don't tell my wife I said that ) Thanks for the honest review. The everyone-was-great reviews are a waste of everyone's time. Keep 'em coming.
  3. I think it's funny that people would complain about a corps being too good. I don't go to drum corps shows to watch bad drum corps. I want to see good drum corps. So, good for Bucs. Some of you make it sound like the scores that Bucs get imply that all the other corps suck which is clearly not the case. It just says that the Bucs are better.
  4. For the record, I have no interest in starting a new corps! Just curious about the process. Regardless of size, every corps obviously needs equipment, facilities, staff and membership. I'm curious about some of the things that might not be so obvious. For instance, how much insurance coverage and what kind, do you need to be a 501, any other items or advice that people who have done it can offer. Particularly anything that made you say "I didn't realize that was going to be a problem".
  5. I'm not a new member but I couldn't decide where else to ask this question. I tried the search function but it was mostly useless. I'm sure there have been threads on these boards with info/discussion on getting a new corps started. Can anyone point me towards those threads? Thanks!
  6. You never know Chris. In the years I marched Bush we had members flying in every weekend. Chicago, Canada, Germany. (yes, he worked for Lufthansa)
  7. I'm not trying to side with either bush or hurcs here. I'm just curious how can you make that judgment if you didn't see the corps?
  8. are you saying that the california corps are potheads? LOL!!!
  9. When you post the latest list for 2008 standings, can you start it in a new thread so we don't have to wade through 10 pages of garbage about the merits of the tick system to actually find something about 2008 scores. Thanks.
  10. It seems to me, that it's pretty clearly a question of motivation. With the proliferation of hand-held communication devices and ubiquitousness of wi-fi, there is no reason that if it was important to the powers that be to have the scores up as soon as they are available it could easily be done. Forget about the bother of updating the dca website, they could post it here and cut out the step of contacting the webmaster. Anyone could post the scores here on an offical thread. The bottom line is, if it was important to DCA, they could do it for nothing. I think if they could just get the scores on DCP quickly, people would give them a break about taking a day or 2 to get the recap on their website. Disclaimer, I'm not saying DCA sucks or that Glen isn't doing a great job. As a web guy myself, I can appreciate the work that goes into keeping a site updated.
  11. Just checking to see if I can successfully post from my phone.
  12. $39?! Why didn't you drive around the block a couple times. I had to walk a bit but I parked for free... disclaimer: if you're a special needs/wheelchair person, please disregard my statement! :)
  13. I had a great time at the BBQ. Thanks to everyone who helped put it together. Good stuff from all sections but look out for this snare line. Pretty bad ###. Keep it up Bush!
  14. The Bushwackers are pleased to announce that Steve Rinda will be returning as Visual Caption Head and Drill Designer for the 2008 season. Steve Rinda joined The Bushwackers in 1997 and quickly earned a reputation for being a gifted brass player and marcher. He also earned a spot in Bushwackers folklore that year by climbing and then falling out of a tree in August and breaking his leg…..and then marching well (albeit painfully) at Finals. Thanks to Steve, it has become a tradition at Bushwackers to ask members to refrain from climbing trees as Finals Weekend approaches. At Bushwackers, Steve rose though the ranks until he took on the role of Visual Caption Head in 2005, and in 2007 he also became the Drill Designer for The Bushwackers. Steve is well known for his accomplishments with the Upper Darby Marching Band, and he currently teaches American Government at Perkiomen Valley H.S. and marching band at Daniel Boone H.S. in the suburban Philadelphia region. Brian Law will be returning to assist Steve Rinda as one of the members of his visual staff. 2008 marks Brian Law’s 36th year in the activity as a performer, instructor, writer, truck driver, and administrator. This long time Bushwacker began his marching career in 1972 with the Keystone Regiment. He has marched, designed for and instructed many bands and corps over the years. He has been judging band and colorguard since 1988, including 5 years with M.A.A. and 7 years in N.J.A. Stay tuned to http://www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information, please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/
  15. The Bushwackers are pleased to announce that Rob Stein will be back in 2008 to continue his great work with the Bushwackers Brassline. Rob’s strengths in both music and visual have been great assets to The Bushwackers since Rob joined the staff in 2005. And, along with Key Poulan (Brass Arranger) and Joe Exley (Brass Caption Head and Music Director), he will be part of the trio of Blue Devils alumni who will be collaborating to maintain and enhance Bush’s reputation for having a first-class Brass program. Rob is a graduate of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, holding both a Master's degree in music education, and a Bachelor's degree in trumpet performance. As a music educator in both the private and public setting, his experience includes extensive work with drum corps, marching bands, jazz bands, wind ensembles, pit orchestras and private lesson studios. Rob is also the co-founder of "Standing 'O' - Marching Arts Specialists", a business that specializes in musical composition and services for marching bands. Rob started his drum corps career marching with the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle corps for 6 years, spending 4 in the brassline, and 2 as drum major. Rob finished aging out with 2 years at the Concord Blue Devils playing upper lead trumpet. Rob has been a consultant for many schools in the tri-state area, and is currently writing musical arrangements for the 2007 outdoor season. In addition, Rob is a consultant with Dynamic Marching, based in Carmel, Indiana, and is a judge for both Cavalcade of Bands and USSBA marching circuits this season. Rob is an elementary instrumental music teacher in the East Windsor Regional School District in East Windsor, NJ, and is also a member of the adjunct faculty for the school of music at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. In 2005, Rob joined the Bushwackers staff shortly after returning from DCI Finals, and he has been a highly valued member of the team ever since, both on the field and off. We are delighted that he will be returning to do more of his great work with the brassline. Quote from Rob Stein: "It has been an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this organization over the past few years. I'm really looking forward to the coming season and aiding to put out another outstanding product by the Bushwackers!" Stay tuned to http://www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information, please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/
  16. The Bushwackers are thrilled that Scott Marshman will be returning as Colorguard Caption Head in 2008. Scott has led The Bushwackers Colorguard to “Best Colorguard” titles at DCA Championships for the last two consecutive seasons. Scott joined The Bushwackers in 1982, the first year of competition for the young drumcorps, and it was soon obvious that he was much more than just great performer. Young Scott developed as a performer, instructor, and writer at Bush in the years that followed, and we are very proud of what Scott has accomplished at Bush and with other organizations. Scott Marshman was a member of the legendary Conquest Winter Guard, and he marched with Spirit of Atlanta. In addition to what he has done at Bushwackers and with other drumcorps, Scott has done amazing work with several high school bands and winter guards (most notably the Alter Ego Winter Guard), establishing himself as one of the top Colorguard writers and instructors in the country. Besides being a great writer and instructor, one of Scott’s strengths is that people enjoy marching for him and working with him, and the staff that has worked with him to win two consecutive Best Colorguard titles will be returning to accomplish even more in 2008. John and David Vega became known as “The Wonder Twins” when they joined The Bushwackers in 1997, and experienced Bushwacker guardmembers were amazed by the skills and abilities of the two high school students. John and David left The Bushwackers for a time to work with another New Jersey drumcorps, and when they returned to The Bushwackers in 2003, they had added writing and instructing to the list of things in which they excelled. John and David marched Alter Ego Winterguard of West New York, NJ - Emerald Marquis of Wakefield, MA and St. Ann's of Neponset, MA, and they have taught various high school bands and indoor colorguards in NJ including: Memorial High School, Nutley High School, and Marlboro High School. John and David have worked with Scott Marshman almost constantly for more than 10 years, and this enables all three of them to “pool” their creativities and skills into a unified product. Richard Beck Kim made an immediate impact with his skills in dance, art, equipment work, performance, and inspiration when he joined the Bushwacker Colorguard staff in 2006. Colorguard is part “hey…..look what I can do” and part “theater”, and Rich’s work has greatly enhanced both aspects of the Bush Colorguard. Richard Kim attended The Boston Conservatory for dance and theatre and later received his BFA in Visual Art from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University with a double major in painting and sculpture. He continued his education at Massachusetts College of Art where he received his MSAE in Art Education. Rich taught South Brunswick from 2000-2003 and won WGI Independent World medals with St Ann's from Neponset, Massachusetts and Blessed Sacrament from Cambridge, Massachusetts. He currently writes and is a technician for the award winning Pride and the Passion, King Philip High School Colorguard (MA), Sacred Heart Colorguard (MA), and East Brunswick High School Winterguard (NJ). Stay tuned to http://www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/
  17. Enthusiasm about the 2008 Bushwackers season rose to new heights when Bushwackers Percussion Caption Head Bob Cizmarik was named Percussion Arranger and Percussion Caption Head for the 2008 season. In Bob Cizmarik’s first season as Bushwackers Percussion Caption Head, the 2007 Bushwackers percussion section was largely made up of people who had never played together, and Bob’s teaching and mentoring resulted in a cohesive unit that performed well and enjoyed the experience enough to be excited to come back in 2008. Bob Cizmarik is a gifted writer, and giving him the responsibility of writing the parts will insure that the quality of writing will be at the same high level of quality as Bob’s teaching and mentoring. After aging out with the Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps in 1999, Bob went back to Ohio, this time on percussion staff for the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps. He has since been involved with various junior and all-age drumcorps, high school, college, and independent outdoor and indoor percussion groups. Bob Cizmarik is currently Director of Percussion for the highly ranked and nationally respected Upper Darby High School Marching Band and Indoor Drumline in Drexel Hill, PA. Now that “senior corps” has transformed itself into “all-age corps”, writers and instructors need to be equally talented at working with young people and seasoned veterans. Bob Cizmarik is one of those unique guys who have proved that this can be done, and The Bushwackers are awfully happy that he’s part of our family. The Bushwackers Open House and first rehearsal of the new season will be on November 24. Please set that date aside if you are interested in marching a spot in a Bob Cizmarik drumline. Stay tuned to www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information, please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/
  18. The Bushwackers are delighted to announce that Joe Exley will be returning as Brass Caption Head and will also be taking on the role of Music Director for the 2008 Bushwackers. Bushwackers alumnus and Late Nite trumpeter Al Chez was one of the people who recommended Mr. Exley to The Bushwackers, and Joe worked as a consultant to the Bushwackers in 2004. He was appointed brass caption head for the 2005 season, and in 2006, he led The Bushwackers Brassline to the High Brass Award at the DCA Championships, a title that The Bushwackers had not earned since 1993. Joe Exley’s drum corps experience started when he earned a spot in the Phantom Regiment contra line, but after one season, Joe was recruited by the Blue Devils to be part of "The Line" (BD's legendary contra section). Joe marched two seasons with the Blue Devils, becoming a member of BD's Hall of Fame upon his ageout. Joe then took a few years off from drum corps to complete his graduate degree in music performance at Northwestern University, studying with Rex Martin, Arnold Jacobs, and Gene Pokorny. Joe reentered the activity working as a brass instructor and consultant for several DCI finalist corps as well as a designer and adjudicator for high school bands. Joe Exley lives as a professional tuba player in New York City, constantly performing with groups across the country, often appearing regularly with as many as 10 groups at any time. Recent engagements have included performances with Howard Johnson’s Gravity, as featured soloist with NYC's Downtown Chamber Orchestra, and leading his own ensembles including his funk/jazz band "Tuba Love" and his world music group, the "Xuba Trio". During the summer of 2007, Joe became a father of a beautiful baby girl. The Bushwackers are thrilled for the Exley family, and we wish them all the best. Stay tuned to www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information, please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/
  19. The Bushwackers are excited to announce that Chris Rivera will be the Front Ensemble arranger for the 2008 season. Chris attended Western Connecticut State University until 2002 majoring in percussion and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education. During his time at WCSU he was a member of the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Percussion Ensemble, as well as serving as musical director for several productions. In 2005, Chris earned a Master of Arts in Music degree (in Music Theory) from the University of Connecticut where he served as a graduate assistant teaching honors music theory. He has performed with groups/artists such as Dave Samuels, Arthur Lipner, Janis Potter, Gordon Stout, Nebojsa Zivkovic, Leigh Howard Stevens, and the New Haven Symphony. Chris is currently teaching at Trumbull High School (Trumbull, CT) where he serves as percussion caption head, coordinator, as well as the wind and percussion arranger. This past season, the THS Percussion Ensemble achieved 8th place in the marching open class at WGI finals in Dayton Ohio. And, in addition to winning the MAC open class championship, Trumbull High school has won the best percussion award (marching band) for last 2 years in a row. Chris uses Vic Firth sticks and mallets exclusively as an endorsed member of the Vic Firth education team. We welcome Chris Rivera to the Bushwacker family and look forward to showcasing his work in front of DCA audiences this summer. Stay tuned to www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information...please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/ or email us by clicking here.
  20. The Bushwackers are pleased to announce that their Brass Arranger in 2008 will be Key Poulan, an innovative composer and arranger whose work is well known in DCI, DCA, marching band circuits, and in concert halls. Key Poulan has been the brass composer and arranger for the Santa Clara Vanguard since 2003. Key was a member of the Blue Devils baritone line in 1983, and he has spent more than two decades composing and arranging for a wide variety of groups such as Spirit of Atlanta, Spartans, the US Naval Academy, and Millennium (in Italy). And, Key’s marching band arrangements have won several national titles at the Bands of America Grand Nationals Championships. Key Poulan graduated from Marshall High School in Marshall, Texas in 1980 and received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from East Texas State University (currently Texas A & M - Commerce) in 1985. Like Key, The Bushwackers have spent more than two decades striving to push the envelope in both quality and creativity on the field of competition. The Bushwackers are excited about what they will accomplish with this collaboration, and they welcome Key to the family. Stay tuned to http://www.bushwackers.org for more exciting announcements from The Bushwackers!! If you're interested in marching, checking it out, or even just getting some more information...please fill out a membership form at http://www.bushwackers.org/member/
  21. The Bushwackers would like to thank all the fans and supporters who helped make this drumcorps season both possible and enjoyable for so many people. Drumcorps is the epitome of a “team activity”, and we depend on others in every aspect of the activity. When you support any drumcorps, you support the whole activity. The Bushwackers tip their hats to all the people who supported each drumcorps behind the scenes and in the stands. Without you, the thrilling summers and performances would not be possible for any of us. The Bushwackers would also like to thank each person who volunteered time and effort to host the competitions. We hope you got a chance to take some time to enjoy the shows that you ran so well. The traditional way for a drumcorps to say “thank-you” is to perform a great show. The Bushwackers are already making plans for how we will say “thank-you” to fans and supporters in 2008, and if you would like to be a part of that, go to www.bushwackers.org for information on how you can get involved.
  22. I did Bush 92 then a year off in 93 and have been here ever since. 94-present = 14 consecutive
  23. soon... http://www.redbullpark.com/index.html Bush, Cabs, Fusion, Sky, Sun, wouldn't even need to find rehearsal space. We could all stay at our usual spots. Practically across the river from the greatest city in the world.
  24. The Bushwackers are in need of a truck driver for the 2007 season. This is a paid position. No CDL required. The truck is a leased pick-up truck pulling a 28ft race trailer. The candidate should be available for late Friday night travel on long trips. Hotel room provided also on long distance trips. If interested, Please contact director@bushwackers.org
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