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  1. I guess I'm not sure the point you're raising... are you suggesting that there is a single corps that doesn't consider the audience in its productions? Sure, there are some that don't hit the mark, and sure, some are trying to evoke something different out of the audience than pure glee, but I would be surprised if audience reaction didn't matter to any of the corps or their designers.
  2. I'll be enjoying Quaterfinals in theatres, then flying out Saturday morning for Finals. All said, I'll be gone less than 24 hours on the whirlwind trip.
  3. I'm digging Vanguard's echo of their late 90's uniforms (though I hate their DM uniforms), I like Crossmen's addition of capes, and Blue Knight's white plumes have grown on me. My overall favorite uniforms are still Mandarins, Colts, and Bluecoats. Pac Crest has the most improved uniform from last year. As for things I'm not digging, I think Madison's new sashes are frumpy looking, even though I like the overall idea of adding some red to the jackets. I think Boston took a minor step down, as did Phantom, and I think Glassmen have a hot mess on their hands after the classy uniforms they've had since the late 90s.
  4. Blue Knights' is "I Go On" from Bernstein's Mass.
  5. DCI's just testing the market. Hard for me to fault them for that. Either they're going to sell those seats out and have the prices justified, or they're going to scare away enough fans and leave some money on the table. If it's the latter, they'll have to re-adjust their strategy, and the market will probably normalize. Something tells me they found those seats selling out incredibly fast, and believe that they can make more money off of them next year. I'd rather spend less money for those seats, but if I was in DCI's postition, I can't say I'd do anything different. They're charging a premium price for a premium product. What company with preservation on the mind doesn't do that? As for me, I'll have to give it some thought. Part of my decision will be based off of my experience this year, and whether or not I can justify that kind of coin to get the very best seats in the house or not.
  6. I think this show is just further proof that you can never accurately compare scores show-to-show. There's just too many variables. I think about the best you can hope for is looking at spreads, and even that is an inexact science.
  7. Nope... I believe it's the the last 15 corps of QF, with glimpses of the other 7 corps.
  8. An alpenhorn would certainly seem more fitting, but regardless, I think it's a pretty cool color. Kinda digging the pop bottles in the pit, too. Cavies have been pretty good at bringing some interesting colors and timbres to the field throughout the years.
  9. Oh, and I'll be at the Colorado Mills theatre in Lakewood. I've actually never been to the live theatre event. I'm always either at championships or on my way the night of QF, where this year I'll only be going out for Finals night. I'm looking forward to checking it out!
  10. I can check with the tech guys here at work (I work for the company that does Fathom Events), but I believe it IS being broadcasted in HD. Even if it's not, the bother is certainly for archival purposes. In a few years, whether it's Blu-ray, digital downloads, or something else, DCI and its fans will certainly be happy that they started to record in HD, and will probably wish that they had started doing it earlier.
  11. Sadly, yes... It happens all the time, if not more so than it does here. I think it's especially common in rock and hip-hop. At least here, the vast majority of us here can find common ground on the skill and hard work of the performers, because most of us have been members before. That is a double-edged sword, though. A lot of us think we're "experts" on the activity, when reality, even having marched, that's not the case.
  12. So, is your point is that DCI corps should keep pulling these moments out the linen closet year after year? I think it's great that Blast! found popularity with a mainstream audience with these classic pieces of drum corps repertoire, and I think it's a great formula for building a buzz with first-time viewers and reviewers, but I know that I wouldn't dig seeing these every year as a drum corps fan.