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  1. Should judges who been convicted of said offenses be allowed to adjudicate DCI events?
  2. Check out Mackey's September 6 blog entry on his new Percussion Concerto. You can browse the score, check out the solo part, even listen to excerpts. Bluecoats anyone? John Mackey blog Great Mackey quote....“After countless percussion concertos have worked so hard to prove that drummers should be seen as more than just rock stars, I’m pleased to report that the last movement of my piece is going to ruin it for everybody.”
  3. Ralph Hardimon wrote the book, not sure if he was caption head. Sweet, sweet book.
  4. It's interesting that Joe Allison is on the panel tonight. He is never afraid to shake things up a bit numbers-wise. Take a look at how he scored things in Columbus. I believe he is one of the main reasons Bluecoats beat Cavs and Devs the other night in Centerville. He might make things very interesting if he ends up judging DCI finals again.
  5. Funny, Cavies go from 1st in Percussion to 5th.
  6. Cassella is geting all of the pub, but I believe Ancona is the one driving the program.
  7. Drew was teaching at Avon HS (Indy) this past week, I would imagine you could reach him there.
  8. I will be taking a set of 3 congas (calf) outside this summer. Is it going to be a nightmare keeping up with the pitch, tuning, etc... Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. I seem to remember Glassmen mounting a doumbek on the side of each of their snares a few years back. Anybody have any idea what type of doumbek they used (plastic heads?) and how they mounted it. Or maybe somebody else has tried it with success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gracias. Allegro