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  1. Any thoughts on how this percussion book would stack up these days in terms of field and effect scores? Would the musciality of the book and skills required still hold up well? Let's assume finals clean and copious amounts of modern body movement factored in too 😊 To this non drummer modern books are, while just as impressive in their own right, less easy to simplify-and-approximate-via-tapping-hands-on-knees than days gone by, that's for sure!
  2. I think 95 pushes 92 as one of the strongest top 12s of the 90s. Would be interested to know how much of the finals placements people feel were due to performance on the night versus strength of design?
  3. I think 88 pushes 92 closes in terms of overall entertainment across the top 12! Lots of corps have strong years. For those that were there, was Arrowhead a good finals venue?
  4. Yay, keep these great posts coming! Random recollections... To a teenage brit, the 93 broadcast was initially dissapointing. It seemed less glossy, not such a grand scale, and with the rain, less American! Watching with some older friends raised on 80s jazz, the top 3 lost them - "they're playing warm ups"! Was this Curt Gowdys most error prone year? Loved the BD interlude with the notes on the screen. Can still hear that mellos and alto section now! Cadets running tenor break Phantom blew the house down with FOEG then were quite messy standing up again.
  5. Love these threads! Some fantastic contributions! I vaguely remembering hearing or reading nearer the time that Regiments show suffered towards the end of the season as people were expecting the fireworks associated with 1812 but as the show cleaned up it felt increasingly sterile. Watching back now it feels low on excitement and some interesting arrangement choices made. Any insights from those those involved? Think it's also a well known thing from the time that there was a 'step too far' backlash from fans and judges alike to the final big tarp that Star raised? The video camera
  6. Acoustic Diminishment Where use of a prerecorded soundscape segues into brass and percussion in such a way that the latter is left seeming shallow or pale in comparison.
  7. It’s the halfway point in the season, and as performance levels rise and execution begins to crystalize, but the mid-season changes are not yet all in. As a casual fan who tends to watch several corps back-to-back rather than fixate on any one corps, variety and distinction is important, which probably shows through here. I thought it might be interesting to some to put some more rambling speculation and commentary out there. Bluecoats For me this feels like the most ‘professionally’ put together show. That’s not slight on the other corps, but more arou
  8. When watching shows over the years, increasingly I'm reminded of the phrase 'the more things change the more they remain the same'. One aspect of DCI that is changing incrementally each year is the importance of the month of June! Id say it's a safe bet that these kids have more capacity to perform and learn quicker than ever before, but these shows are of increasingly complexity, and getting drill, equipment, and music onto the field is far from the full story. Into the mix now, throw sophisticated sound and set design, layered choreography, and the detailed logistical considerati
  9. I’m on the wrong continent to attend shows in person so this review is based only on online viewing and listening. As such it focuses more on the design “what” elements than the performance “how”. I’ve been meaning to have a bash at for a few years and I finally found the time. I hope this rambling collection of opinions makes an interesting read for some! Crossmen After the first few of minutes of this year’s Bones you could be forgiven for thinking it was a mix up in the running order and Regiment were on the field, and not just because of the classical slant to th
  10. There seems to be a growing recognition that the creative possibilities opened up by A&E do present a threat to the ongoing balance between spectacle and competition. The balance is something that the judging system has tried hard to preserve over the years. At one time it was concern over shows becoming too technical to entertain, now if anything the smoke and mirrors production aspects have become the key element for competitive advantage? It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine these design conversations this winter… “The mic’d ensemble playing those runs wo
  11. Does anyone collate stats on membership age and experience profiles for corps each year? If not, they should! It would make interesting reading...
  12. How far do you need to go back? If you watch stuff from the early 90's I don't see it being any cleaner or individual technique being any stronger (at equivalent tempos). If you go back to the early mid 80's I'd say the same. On the footage I've seen from the 70's the individual quality of technique wasn't any better then either. Can someone quote a year we can go and watch where the drill was noticeably tighter than it is today? Certainly the shows I remember as being really tight have benefited from a rose tinted memory when I've gone back and watched them!
  13. interesting topic. IMO xmen 91 is one of their best ever shows but I wonder if it's better than PR92, even though PR92 is, imo, a long way from one of PR's best. 92 like 91 was a very strong year, and though the show may have been off finals night and not the package it might have been, my understanding is that PR still had a very strong corps that year. If the two shows had been judged side by side it might have been interesting...but then with that mode of though I guess the most recent shows would always outscore comparative shows from yesteryear hence making CC 06 the winner in that sen
  14. in the pantheon of great corps snare drummers, how good is he? To a non drummer it looks very similar in complexity and speed to what Nick Angelis was doing in that snare solo in Blast.
  15. The general perception of you guys from across the pond has been one of a nation of gas guzzlers. Now before you all jump on me I should say that this is very much the word on the street. We've seen the traditionally large and inefficient cars (when compared to whats typical in Europe) and your more ingrained car culture, and we have drawn our conclusions from that. That said over the last couple of decades I think it's obvious to anyone with half a brain the the two continents are moving more in line. We now have a lot of the same cars on the road etc. Though you guys still seem to be too
  16. Aas has been said listen to the recordings can sometimes give a different impression to what happened live. My overriding memory of BD 96 was just how tight they were ensemble-wise. It's by no means my favourite BD show but I remember being very impressed with how tight everything seemed - especially all those shot notes - side to side and front to back. Cadets 96 is a good show imo, but not one that sticks out for ensemble strengths in the same way as BD's did. My main memory from that year was Cadets coming out with a noticeably louder sound (for Cadets anyway). IIRC the staff had made a
  17. I think it was mainly a marketing ploy to get people talking about their show and the corps in the close season that year. It worked! The apperance of the piece in the show is by its very nature very debatable. the show concept was something about listening with your eyes so using that piece made sense in theory but you could argue equally validly that what they put on the field was just silent drill at the top of the show and bore no relevance to the original piece.
  18. That's it exactly. When you watching the whole package then a lot of show's have enoughtinterest in the overall package to compensate, but from the perpective of just listening and having an ending that has caused you to leave handprints in the steering wheel and sent you 50 mph over the speed limit without realising - I think that aspect has been squeezed out of shows in recent years. By hook or by crook...I just want goosebumps at the end of a show. Always have, always will!!
  19. Hmmm...92....that or 95 are two of their better ones but not branstormers..imo. Not if you compare to some of the Cadets, Regiment, Vanguard, Devs or Madison endings around that time. Great show 92, but does the last 30 seconds of that show rock you in the same way as say Madison 95, Dev's 92 or Regiment 89?
  20. True, and a loud ending isnt necessarily good, but the point in question is that those barnstorming endings that really set the crowd on fire now seem to be fewer and far between.
  21. There have been many fantastic reviews on this site this year (thanks to all those people) and one of the recurring themes has been the subject of the choppiness of some of the arranging. As someone with a background in the visual side of the activity I can appreciate why that evolution has occurred, though with my 'fan' hat on I can't say that I really like it. Anyway, what I've not seen too much mention of is the impact these segmented arrangements have on the endings of shows... I still love getting the DVD's through to paw over, but the release of the CD's is pretty much a non event f
  22. I am looking for someone with graphics/design expertise who may be willing to volunteer their services for one, but possibly a range of design projects. We are only a small group based in the UK but have some intersting plans and are looking to develop a range of t-shirts with innovative styling in the first instance. This may suit someone within the activity who is looking to build up their portfolio ready for a career in design or someone with experience just looking to do a good deed. Here is an opportunity to see your designs out there being seen and worn! If you are interested please