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  1. I think there's a reason there aren't a lot of young guys in the top corps... experience. If you were a CEO for a big company, would you hire a guy that just started that seems to have the goods, or would you go with the guy that has proven success and the experience to back it up? Plus those people at the top are at the top for a reason. Most likely those spots won't open up unless that person is either going elsewhere, doesn't want to do it anymore, or is no longer wanted. I believe those under 40 and 30 in world class corps are probably on the staff as a technician. When I marched with The Cadets there were people that were teaching that had only aged out a year or two prior. But were they heads of the staff? Absolutely not, nor should they have been. I would say that if you looked past the top 12 and into open class, I'm sure you would find the staffs and those running them are either young or young to teaching in the activity. That is not to say that experienced instructors aren't teaching the lower ranked corps. To protect the anonymity of a friend, I know a guy that is an assistant head caption of a Top corps in DCI. He is in his upper 30s but has been working with drum corps and music education for years. He has worked with several corps, including his alma mater I believe since he aged out. It was not an easy road for him to get where he is, but he is incredibly deserving and I feel that he will probably be the head caption instructor of a corps somewhere soon if he wants it. My point is that I don't think that staffs recycle as much as it appears, because we all know about the people that are being recycled. There are plenty of other people that are grinding and working their way up through the ranks. Sometimes that takes a lot of time, but there's a reason. Teaching a top drum and bugle corps is incredibly difficult. I have a load of respect for those that have the talent to do so.
  2. OMG you are 100% right. For some reason I connected that name to someone completely different and feel pretty #### stupid right about now. Wayne was awesome! He was a great guy and really enjoyed when he was working with us.
  3. I think Saktig makes a lot of sense. He clearly still loves The Cadets, but I don't know if he would really want to leave his job at Crown. He seemed really happy to be there. Then again, a lot has changed with The Cadets so perhaps the things that he was told was enough to bring him back. They definitely need him and that might be enough. Dillon was with our staff for a little while in 2000, but didn't get to work with him a lot. I know this won't happen, but I'd love to see Matt Harloff come back to The Cadets. Donnie has obviously worked with them a lot over the years but I think it would probably be more likely that someone trained under Donnie would come back as opposed to Donnie himself. I do think we will find out about the staff sooner rather than later. If it is a good staff, I would think they would want to announce that before the camps to get more talent and build excitement. The later they wait, the less of an impact it will make.
  4. If indeed true, why didn't Aungst become Director once GH was gone? He was with the corps at the time and they needed a director. That's the one thing that makes me a bit skeptical of the rumor that Aungst is going to be the next Director. As for Scott, I don't really know much about him. Why is he no longer the director? Was it intended to be temporary? Lastly, I would have no problems with Aungst as Director. When I was marching, I always had the feeling he was the #2 guy. He was usually running ensembles and certainly knows what he's talking about. He was a good guy based on the interactions I had with him.
  5. Wow, that's crazy if true. I'm okay with that decision because it shows that they are aware changes need to be made. I would prefer option #2 because Aungst knows his stuff and why let go of the strongest part of the corps and essentially start over? I just hope Bonfiglio has a plan or already has a short list of candidates. Worst case scenario is the people Bonfiglio wants don't want to be part of the staff and we're back to square one. A very risky move that could pay off or put The Cadets in an even deeper spiral. For what it's worth, I also heard this rumor from someone I know fairly well and doesn't tend to spread rumors. It could be a rumor but there's certainly a lot of smoke at this point.
  6. If they are hurting financially, how on earth are they able to offer free camps? Did a donor step up or is it something else?
  7. I would think we would hear about changes sooner rather than later. They started advertising for 2020 before 2019 was even finished and that doesn't come across to be as them wanting to take their time. I think they would like to lock in their staff fairly quickly and hopefully make some big hires. No fees for camps is pretty incredible, but bringing a better staff will really help build some excitement and hopefully some more talent. While I would love to see Saktig back I don't think it'll happen. I just hope that whomever they choose is someone that can write complex drill. I am probably of the few that believe that a show can still be successful with good drill instead of staging. People like visual wow moments, and staging doesn't do that as much as awesome drill can. There's no doubt that staging is currently winning, but I don't think its THE reason. I think a great show idea with drill can still win, but it needs to be a balance. It's also a way to stand out. When I was marching one of the reasons I wanted to be in The Cadets was to do awesome drill. I don't see why they need to lose that identity, but they do need to regain it. Hopefully they can bring someone in that can bring that level of excitement and complexity back.
  8. Not getting my hopes up this time. There had better be significant changes. 9th place is not acceptable and they shouldn't behave like it is.
  9. I agree with that. The corps members are busting their tails out there, but they were not given moments that make the crowd want to stand up and cheer. There's something that this design team did that really makes me feel like they don't get it. Early in the season, they actually had a really great moment in BOTW when the entire horn line came in strong. Instead of feeding on that, they took that moment away and catered to the judging panels by throwing in multiple dynamic changes. As a result, they absolutely ruined that moment in the show. For the "story" the original version seemed to fit as well as it felt like a huge moment for the character. Changing the music also changed the moment and ruined that as well.
  10. I totally agree. I also think this staff may be wanting to put too much of an emphasis on a story instead of entertaining. Coming from a Cadets alum, I really wish they would get away from the preachy messages. As a drum corps fan, I like drum corps to give me an escape from real life and just entertain me. THAT is what I want my Cadets to be. A corps that puts out an exciting product that makes me want to smile, stand up and cheer and forget about real life if only for a few minutes. I don't think that's asking too much. Some of my favorite shows of all time had zero story line but made me feel something.
  11. Darcie did an interview early in the season talking about things they wanted and did not want. Two things stood out: 1. Wanted an engaging show with emotion and a story. 2. Wanted fast paced drill (not her exact words btw) Neither of those visions happened. The show's story is hard to follow and many people just don't get it. Plus there are very few moments that make the crowd want to stand up and cheer. A lot of this has to do with the decision to fire the drill writer. Obviously it's hard to achieve #2 and I'm sure it also played a role into #1. While it had a huge impact on the end product, I still put a large chunk of the blame on the design staff. They knew what they were getting from him. They took a risk by expecting something out of him he had yet to do. They should have gotten rid of him in the fall. Was there literally no other option? I think not. As for the percussion/brass performances: Drumline is a non issue, so that's good. Brass is totally different. Book is not inspiring, but I don't see that as big of an issue as I do the execution. There are technical issues that have not improved not to mention musicality and phrasing. Either 1. the members aren't good enough or 2. the brass staff isn't good enough to identify the issues or fix them, or 3. There is a disconnect between what the staff wants and the brass members understanding what they are being taught or why they are being taught in the way they are. Regardless of reason, ultimately the blame has to be placed on the staff. I believe a good staff will elevate the performers no matter how good/bad they are. This staff for whatever reason isn't getting it done. You can blame it on the writing, but the performance of the writing isn't even close to being flawless. If they were executing the music at a higher level, then I would probably put far more blame on the writing. I won't speak of the guard because I don't know even close to enough. All I will say is that the drill design probably hurt them the most. I don't know if I can say the staff is the issue or the writing is the issue. The reflection on this season needs to be serious and change has to come in some areas. Drill absolutely needs a world class makeover. Design staff doesn't need to be fired, but they seriously need to look in the mirror and get a better product on the field for these members. Brass staff needs some change as well, but I am not ready to say they need to clean house... at least not yet.
  12. I used to take offense to it, but I really don't any more. To some people, loyalty isn't a value that they hold to them. It doesn't make them bad people or anything, it just doesn't mean as much. In '99, a lot of people joined The Cadets for one reason and one reason only: they won the year before. I think that's what added to some of the anger in '99. We weren't in the run for the title and some people just couldn't accept it. Going back to the previous discussion, I believe there was a trumpet player in '99 that left in the middle of the summer and she joined BD that same summer. I don't think we found out about it until we saw her in a BD uniform later that summer. Moving from one corps to another in different seasons is one thing. Doing that during the same summer I take issue with.
  13. I don't think I knew about the BD one, but I specifically remember marching with a mello player in 99 that went to SCV in 2000. I can't speak for either, but I kind of understand their decision a little after how rough '99 was. I know I would have been kicking myself had I done the same. For those of us that remained loyal, it certainly paid off. I don't even mean by winning: that show was so much fun to perform and the attitude of the corps and the summer in general was about as different as they get. Also goes to show how much of a difference show design can have on a group of performers and their mental state. I truly feel for this year's corps.
  14. It goes to show how much impact a poor show design truly has on a corps. It doesn't just hurt the corps this year. They are going to have to make some massive changes next year in the staff or else they are going to be feeling the sting for years. It really hurts because last year was such a positive step. I would never have guessed that this year would have turned out like this. I had questions about certain staff positions but thought they would improve, not digress. As a brass player, I'm disappointed in the staff's ability to make these performers better and clean the music. I'm not even a staff member of a corps and things I've heard a month ago are still there and still not fixed. I just do not get it. Hopefully they can do what they can to bring an elite staff to this corps or else I fear they'll be at the bottom half of finals yet again next year.