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  1. 92 without a doubt for me. That was the year I really learned about drum and bugle corps. PBS was showing the top 6 live and I recorded it and watched live. Little did I know how many times I would be watching that tape and geeking out over every single corps. I was officially a DCI fan for life after that season. So perhaps I'm a bit biased on the '92 show since I've seen it so many more times than '91. I liked '91 but really loved the intensity of the '92 show and felt it was a lot more entertaining. That closer was absolutely on fire.
  2. Denise knows what she's doing and also knows the importance of making sure the right people are in place. She has an extensive business background and has said that is one thing that separates herself from many other DCI directors. I cannot imagine she doesn't understand the importance of a 501 (c) (3) or doesn't know what needs to be done to get one or the challenges involved in it. If they would need to hire a financial expert to get it done, then I don't doubt they would do that. This is business 101 stuff and if someone like Denise couldn't figure that out, then she is a complete moron. She doesn't come across as a moron to me. In time perhaps I'll be proven wrong. But this time I think I'm right. I just think they deserve to be given the opportunity to show they can do this.
  3. I also watched the Facebook meeting they had last weekend. It appears to me that Denise is doing a LOT of the work. Not just the front of the house, but the back as well. They said she has been constantly putting in 12 hour days trying to get this done. She used the term "lean and mean". They are saving a lot of money by not filling in staff at multiple positions and those people that they do have are busting their tails to get things done. To me, it sounds like the admin is establishing a work ethic that mirrors The Cadets ideals perfectly. It's only going to be that much easier to get the members locked in if the admin is practicing what they preach. I think the road will get easier for the admin, but right now they appear to all be on the same page in that there is a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. I do think the right people are in place.
  4. It is Thursday night. He's just going a little senile. :)
  5. The good news for The Cadets is that they owe GH absolutely nothing. This is YEA's mess. I watched the full meeting the new Cadets staff did on Facebook and was incredibly impressed by them. I feel like for the first time The Cadets are in good hands and feel very optimistic for the future. They aren't just looking at this year but the future of the organization and are saying and doing the right things. It will be an uphill battle as they have a LOT to take care of. They made it clear that The Cadets have zero debt and all donations that they receive go towards this current season. They are making an effort to be as transparent as possible with the alums and I am really appreciative. They didn't divulge anything about the show (as they are dealing with copyrights as everyone is). But they did make an effort to stress that this year will feel like The Cadets and I'm good with that.
  6. I would certainly be in support of it. But if I've learned anything about the Bluecoats design team these last few years is that I expect a complete departure from last year. As successful as last year's show was, I expect a complete 180 from last year. A show like Pink Floyd to many would feel like an attempt to recreate something special from last year. It wouldn't surprise me if they went with a story show or a completely aggressive concept just to separate themselves from last year. They've surprised me these last 4 years with terrific shows and have no doubt next year they'll do it to me again. Unfortunately last year's show was so special for me it's going to be hard to top it.
  7. Nice move for them to include the comment from DCI supporting The Cadets in 2020. At least the corps can move forward now as its own entity. Now as donors and supporters we need to step up and support this corps. There is still a lot of work to be done but its a good start.
  8. Finally... a show announcement! If they don't play "Roundabout" it will be a travesty.
  9. Only things I've heard is the show is very fitting for The Cadets. One of the pieces had some very fast tempos. I really hope nobody leaks anything The Cadets (or any corps for that matter) doesn't want out yet.
  10. I would like to see just a bit more emphasis on drill this year. I know staging is the thing right now, but I LOVE it when a corps has a challenging visual design.
  11. I would agree with that. We just need to remember that every era is different from the one before it. Some incorporate more of something and some actually incorporate less. All it takes is for someone to do it and be successful. If any corps were to go heavy into drill and win I guarantee you would see more and more corps doing it. It is definitely the Cadet in me talking... you are right about that. But when a corps does really cool drill people notice. Blue Stars had some really cool visual moments this year with drill. It's just a shame that it happens less than it used to.
  12. I said it last year and I'll say it again this year. With so many corps putting emphasis on staging, they can separate themselves by focusing on drill. By doing that, they can also appeal to a different performer that actually wants to march drill. Adding elbows and visuals while doing drill can actually make The Cadets unique. The key is to do it in a revolutionary way that doesn't come across as 'going old-school'. Drill is one of the things I LOVE about drum corps and it makes me sad how drum corps is moving away from it. Drum corps is always evolving and evolves with someone pushing the envelope having success as a result. If The Cadets (or any other corps for that matter) ends up making some incredible drill (and maybe adding visual moves during the drill) and has success as a result we will see more corps doing it. I think judges would credit corps if it increased the difficulty factor. I have no idea what The Cadets are doing, but it certainly sounds like they are moving in the right direction. I am really impressed with the staff coming in and sounds like they are getting some more talent as well. I think the brass will be MUCH better in 2020 and the percussion will be just as good (if not better) as well. I hope with April's return the guard will be back. The show itself is my biggest concern. I hope they have a design team that will create something where the talent of the members can thrive. If the idea is garbage it won't matter how good the members or the staff are that have been selected. I have hope in the 2020 version of The Cadets which is certainly more than I've had the last few seasons. I'm not expecting them to compete for a title, but I don't think it's crazy to think they may have the pieces in place to break into the top half of Finals.
  13. I remember when camps weren't even $100. Gosh I feel old.
  14. Perhaps its my Cadet training, but I cannot even imagine stopping a performance due to rain. It never happened to me in high school/college/drum corps. That performance is great, but it doesn't show me that that grit is being taught. It shows me that the band directors/staff are allowing them to own what they're doing. They are teaching it in a way that makes them enjoy what they have. When you are doing it for yourself and not because you have to, you perform it no matter the obstacle. IMO you can't teach work ethic and hard work, but you can teach in a way that allows that mindset to grow within the performers