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  1. Nice move for them to include the comment from DCI supporting The Cadets in 2020. At least the corps can move forward now as its own entity. Now as donors and supporters we need to step up and support this corps. There is still a lot of work to be done but its a good start.
  2. Finally... a show announcement! If they don't play "Roundabout" it will be a travesty.
  3. Only things I've heard is the show is very fitting for The Cadets. One of the pieces had some very fast tempos. I really hope nobody leaks anything The Cadets (or any corps for that matter) doesn't want out yet.
  4. I would like to see just a bit more emphasis on drill this year. I know staging is the thing right now, but I LOVE it when a corps has a challenging visual design.
  5. I would agree with that. We just need to remember that every era is different from the one before it. Some incorporate more of something and some actually incorporate less. All it takes is for someone to do it and be successful. If any corps were to go heavy into drill and win I guarantee you would see more and more corps doing it. It is definitely the Cadet in me talking... you are right about that. But when a corps does really cool drill people notice. Blue Stars had some really cool visual moments this year with drill. It's just a shame that it happens less than it used to.
  6. I said it last year and I'll say it again this year. With so many corps putting emphasis on staging, they can separate themselves by focusing on drill. By doing that, they can also appeal to a different performer that actually wants to march drill. Adding elbows and visuals while doing drill can actually make The Cadets unique. The key is to do it in a revolutionary way that doesn't come across as 'going old-school'. Drill is one of the things I LOVE about drum corps and it makes me sad how drum corps is moving away from it. Drum corps is always evolving and evolves with someone pushing the envelope having success as a result. If The Cadets (or any other corps for that matter) ends up making some incredible drill (and maybe adding visual moves during the drill) and has success as a result we will see more corps doing it. I think judges would credit corps if it increased the difficulty factor. I have no idea what The Cadets are doing, but it certainly sounds like they are moving in the right direction. I am really impressed with the staff coming in and sounds like they are getting some more talent as well. I think the brass will be MUCH better in 2020 and the percussion will be just as good (if not better) as well. I hope with April's return the guard will be back. The show itself is my biggest concern. I hope they have a design team that will create something where the talent of the members can thrive. If the idea is garbage it won't matter how good the members or the staff are that have been selected. I have hope in the 2020 version of The Cadets which is certainly more than I've had the last few seasons. I'm not expecting them to compete for a title, but I don't think it's crazy to think they may have the pieces in place to break into the top half of Finals.
  7. I remember when camps weren't even $100. Gosh I feel old.
  8. Perhaps its my Cadet training, but I cannot even imagine stopping a performance due to rain. It never happened to me in high school/college/drum corps. That performance is great, but it doesn't show me that that grit is being taught. It shows me that the band directors/staff are allowing them to own what they're doing. They are teaching it in a way that makes them enjoy what they have. When you are doing it for yourself and not because you have to, you perform it no matter the obstacle. IMO you can't teach work ethic and hard work, but you can teach in a way that allows that mindset to grow within the performers
  9. Ahhhh. Makes perfect sense why I missed it. Don't blame him a bit for leaving. Also explains why he didn't include it in his resume lol.
  10. I think there are right times and wrong times to do a throwback show. I truly feel 2020 is not one of those times. They really need to do something that looks forward next year and not backwards. Time to innovate. I really want to see something new and pushes the envelope. Bringing back a classic show is nice, but has been done a LOT from The Cadets. As far as encores go, I am okay with them playing something from the past. There's nothing wrong with that, although whatever it is needs to be exciting. The Cadets need to market themselves and make them a group that fans want to follow and kids want to join. We know what they can be, but a lot of younger fans see them for what they have been these last few years.
  11. Any idea if Shaw is bringing most of the brass staff from SCV with him? Very impressed with the staff changes PR has made. 2020 is looking like it could be an even more competitive year. Corps like PR and Cadets getting stronger is a good thing for DCI. Not sure how far either corps will move up, but I think both will be drastically improved.
  12. "Hated the narration" is a massive understatement. I know I have given this show some grief, but that is ONLY because of the narration. It was completely unnecessary. Not only was it unnecessary it was overload. That corps was so extremely talented and the drill writing is fantastic. Horn line.... wow. It's a shame that when many of us look back on this show (myself included) the first thing that is remembered is how bad the narration was and not how great this corps truly was. That is a serious design flaw.
  13. I suppose this is Cadets 2019 stuff, but I agree with that. Not sure if you heard earlier versions of the show, but the tag made a little bit more sense (and just mean a little). The horn line used to hit the chorus strong, but instead went technical with dynamics in perhaps an effort to appease the judges. As a result, they killed an awesome moment that the fans actually liked. Then it went into a gospel feel and then went into the tag. I guess that was an effort to fix it, but it seemed to break it as it made even less sense. I thought they should have eliminated that whole tag completely after cutting it down. I don't think anyone that is still around had much to do with that, but I could be wrong. Obviously they made pretty drastic changes so kudos to the admin for identifying the issue and not trying to put a band-aid on it and hope it just fixes itself with time. On to 2020 and it's already killing me that we probably won't know a thing about this corps or program until next year.
  14. Three words: "Heart and Soul" If they just got rid of the dude saying "Do better" that production would have been a million times better. If removing one thing improves it, then it is far from the "worst of the era". IMO, I'll take "Do better" dude over ANY of the narration in "This I believe". Both are garbage, but at least one is in the category of music.