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  1. Minnesota Brass announced they are doing Soundsport this summer, not DCA.
  2. Or, any A class corps decide to move up to Open Class.
  3. I discovered the same thing yesterday. Neither are listed at any shows this summer. I believe Govies show had both of them listed as competing, but now neither are listed.
  4. We gave our all. We have nothing left to give. Goodbye. 27
  5. I saw on Facebook that Erie Thunderbirds are not fielding a corps this summer.
  6. I understand he will be marching in SCV this summer.
  7. I bet they will now that they have a season under their belts.
  8. I joined in 81 but the best explanation I have was "Internal Strife"
  9. L.I. Kingsmen were 16th in 1980 and looked to be on their way to becoming a finalist.
  10. It's early. Hopefully later on in the year will be easier to sell them.