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  1. We were in Sheffield in 1984. Came in 3rd place.
  2. Making finals there in 1981 with the Long Island Kingsmen. It was a miracle that we were able to field a corps that year. Bonus - a video surfaced of us from this show. As far as I know, it is the only video of Kingsmen from 1981.
  3. This past summer at the Sunrisers show, besides the 3 competing corps, there were several exhibitions: The Kips Bay Drumline, The Free Players, Tri Valley Brass, The Saints Brigade, and the Sunrisers Alumni Drumline. It was a pretty well rounded evening of music showcasing different levels of abilities!!
  4. The Sunrisers had a recruiting table at the Brentwood NYS Field Band show this past Sunday. I believe they will be at several more shows on Long Island this band season.
  5. NY and NJ start after Labor Day. And, I'm not 100% sure but I think schools in New England as well.
  6. I loved competing in Allentown. Not so much at DCI Canada with the 55 yard line. And the baseball stadiums - Pittsfield, MA and Waterbury, CT, not so much fun either.
  7. Cool. Cincinnati Tradition vs. White Sabres. 😜
  8. I believe Hurricanes are doing a similar show.
  9. Had no problems with the parking pass last year. Bough mine again for this year. Very worth it.
  10. Box 5 will be streaming. See the 2019 predictions thread for details.
  11. I went to Winston Salem too. It was a nice stadium, but I agree that the weather and ticket prices did no favor for DCA.