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  1. I don't have access at the moment. Check out, in the news tab.
  2. New York State Field Band Conference announced the season cancellation last night.
  3. I think they did that in 81 also if memory serves me.
  4. Is that a story that you can share?
  5. No worries. 84 and 86 was no Danny Boy.
  6. We, 27th Lancers, played Danny Boy in 1985.
  7. HAHA. I'm from New York so I always appreciated that accent. I hadn't heard the accent in person for so long. When I went to a 27th Lancer reunion in 2017, fell in love with the accent all over again!!
  8. Like I said, it was a vague memory and I can't even actually remember what the apology was for. That was definitely a crazy day.
  9. It was in the middle of our 2nd song. It wasn't just windy - a crazy storm came through. I don't remember the booing though. I have a question - I have a memory of Troopers drum major apologizing to us - maybe for someone breaking our ranks??? Does that ring a bell?
  10. The do-over was due to a crazy thunder storm that popped up in the middle of our show. I don't remember booing. I have a memory of the Troopers drum major apologizing to us, maybe for Troopers members breaking our ranks????
  11. In 1980 at the Bayonne show, Long Island Kingsmen won brass over 27th, Crossmen and North Star.
  12. Hello. Would anyone have videos of non finalist corps from 1980? I've seen Blue Stars, Troopers, Seattle Imperials and Freelancers. How about some other corps?? Thank you. Hope everyone is safe during this pandemic.