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  1. I understand he will be marching in SCV this summer.
  2. I bet they will now that they have a season under their belts.
  3. I joined in 81 but the best explanation I have was "Internal Strife"
  4. L.I. Kingsmen were 16th in 1980 and looked to be on their way to becoming a finalist.
  5. It's early. Hopefully later on in the year will be easier to sell them.
  6. Wasn't the Columbus show rained out last year?
  7. I am a 27th Lancer alum, however, was unable to do the 94 show. They did accept non alumni.
  8. I believe there were a few Long Islanders in C2. Maybe they'll come back to Sun.
  9. These uniforms and props and flags looked amazing on the field.
  10. 1976 Crossmen and 1984 Les Eclipses were both DQ'd.