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  1. In my humble opinion you should xxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. BUMP anyone still think the Christmas Nazi's can pull off a 90 or better??? yeah right.. and the cavies are going to win their 7th title this year....
  3. nah.. we just need to get the woodwinds and plant them in the ground and hopefully they'll turn back into Trees.
  4. this season IS OVER!!! i knew pretty much at what i saw in san antonio that this years cadets show was weird, but VERY entertaining, and was the best product on the field.. here is what i'd like to see #2 Tie BD and Phantom #4 Cav's #5 Bluecoats #6 Madison #7 Crown #8 SCV #9 Boston #10 Blue Knight #11 Colts #12 Crossmen
  5. i'm wondering how much longer we'll keep hearing these people complain about the narration in bd's show.. please.. for the love of GOD!! FIND SOMETHING ELSE to complain about!! for the last time.. IT WORKS with their show.. how else could they describe that the show is a reverse of a dance derby??? NOBODY would have gotten that idea... and apparently some STILL don't, probably cause they're too busy complaining about the narration and not paying attention to whats being narrated.. Good luck picking a show next year???? wow.. ... and what GREAT IDEAS do you have for a show???
  6. then technically Phantom shouldn't have gone to the Tour of Champions last summer.. :P
  7. they are getting better i believe.. but.. its a little late... someone said they were an extremely young corps this year. and i remember watching in san antonio.. it really looked like a bunch of rookies out there.. yeah, they sound loud, but it wasn't anything like last year, and the marching technique, or lack thereof... i saw two or three guys/girls out of step, phasing everywhere in the feet.. and my buddy said that he attended a vanguard rehearsal two weeks ago and said that the information the staff was giving them just wasn't very good information.. this show could be a lot better, and score a lot better, but this years corps and this years staff just didn't have it together when they needed to.
  8. I heard most of the blue devils are getting over their "illness" they had for about 2 weeks. and its showing.. that 3 point gap is now a 2 point gap.. Cadets Cavaliers Phantom Regiment AND Blue Devils are coming to Foxboro to tear the roof off. My Finals prediction: Cadets/Blue Devils - 98.8 Cavaliers/Phantom - 98.4
  9. I just think its funny that after each major show, DCI would post a message on the front page about Cavaliers on top at San Antonio, Cavaliers on top at Murfreesboro... but yet.. nothing about Cadets end the Cavaliers undefeated season bid and Win at Indianapolis.. i guess DCI forgot to tell the judges to let the cavaliers win in Indy... DONT DENY IT!! Things i've learned this season. slotting happens... people don't like vocals... DCI loves the cavaliers and apparently the cavaliers show is so easy a bunch of high schoolers can memorize/march/play the first 30 seconds of their show, in San Antonio.
  10. hey im just bored.. like i said ... just sparking a bit of controversy.. ya'll should know by now that im not a serious person.. i'd like to see them post the results of the poll after it was f-ed with just to see the crap he was trying to pull..
  11. well no crap man.... im just saying that dci wants their poster child to be the cavaliers...
  12. just sparking some controversy! was the poll ever really rigged?? is that story just made up so that cavaliers would get to go on last for two consecutive nights at two important shows.. dci wants cavaliers to win... and i wouldn't be surprised to see them pull a fast one on all of us with the voting poll.. hey it may not be much.. but it still gives them an advantage.
  13. NO MORE BUS ACCIDENTS!!! NOT COOL!!! thank God they're all minor accidents.
  14. I just heard that they're scrapping the show.. now they're going to be playing Ragtime, and only Ragtime...
  15. no... you got banned for accusing some aged out member for getting kicked out of BD because "gibbs found his weed pipe" and in the process making a total ### out of yourself.
  16. for the last f-ing time.. nobody is going to listen to you.. cadets or bd... about you or anyone else wanting their narration to go... i think both work well after seeing the shows.. it helps the cadets, and its a major part of show design for the blue devils.. dance derbys without announcers.. HA!!
  17. this is definitely the general consensus as i've talked to many people while at the san antonio show.. the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning... it is coming through a little bit.. but needs more to compete for #12..
  18. their show has many good effects.. but its kinda weird how everything is placed within the show.. just my opinion.. and about their visual package.. dirty dirty dirty.. these guys need to stop with whatever they are changing in the show and focus on foot timing, being in STEP, interval spacing, etc... its really taking away from their show right now..
  19. saw them in san antonio.. this show is weird.. VERY weird and ..... I LIKE IT!! all except for that the door in the middle of the field kinda gets in the way of drill when not being used.. favorite part is the "twilight zone" theme in the end.. it wasn't as together as their early season apd.. but its still my favorite lick in their show and btw.. the should have beaten the cav's in san antonio.. i would have put cav's in the mid 90's... cadets are the real frontrunner in my opinion
  20. i was at the show tonight, and i can only guess that the 6th place in brass came from dumb mistakes, i heard a euph come in the wrong spot while everyone was resting.. personally i thought the drums and brass were off the charts!!! i did think that the music ensemble was kinda off.. sounded like some phasing between brass and field battery.. .. but thats just what i heard.. who knows what the music ensemble judge heard.... so.. im calling it right now.. if you place 6th or higher in brass then its ok.. cause the top six all have SICK HORNS!!! very good year to buy the finals CD
  21. you mean that terrible sounding high note... <**> i was there.. and it was not "all that" surely they have someone else that can play that note in the cavaliers........