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  1. Kelly's 99.9 Kohr's Bros 99.9 Mack's Pizza 99.9 Buccaneers 79.9 Caballeros 79.5 Bushwackers 77.8 Fusion Core 77.2 Hurricanes 69.2
  2. I see a rare flip from Prelims to Finals happening for 1st. In fact, when is the last time that has happened? Prelims (razor thin between 1st thru 3rd) Cabs Bucs MB Fus CV C2 Bush Gold Sun Hurcs Finals (still close, but by about 0.5) Bucs MB Cabs Fus C2 CV Bush Gold Sun Hurcs
  3. Reading Show Bucs 94.5 Cabs 94.0 Fusion 91.8 C2 91.0 Gold 84.9 WS 84.5 Bridgeport Show Bush 85.2 Sun 83.8 Hurcs 83.7 WR 75.0 Sky 74.6 Excelsior 73.0
  4. It looks like it might be one of those years where captions are not necessarily lined up with placements, or even close for that matter. 4 or even 5 different Guards could win the caption this year. It will be exciting to see which Guard brings the best effort/show to the field by Prelims and Finals.
  5. I think scores will be lower than other years. Seems like this is happening a lot this season. Buccs 92.65 Cabs 92.10 Fusion 91.85 C2 90.00 Bush 84.05 White Sabers 83.90 Hurcs 82.90 Sky 75.00
  6. From the love blog: 01. 98.500 Cadets 02. 98.450 Blue Devils 03. 97.500 Santa Clara Vanguard 04. 95.450 Bluecoats 05. 95.300 Carolina Crown 06. 93.275 The Cavaliers 07. 91.825 Blue Knights 08. 91.550 Phantom Regiment 09. 89.225 Blue Stars 10. 89.050 Boston Crusaders 11. 87.650 Madison Scouts 12. 85.450 Crossmen
  7. I LOVE reading posts where people still get enraged from shows that happened 45 years ago. I wonder if my friends and I will do this when we are old. Oh, wait that's right. We already do. :)
  8. I agree, +2.5 is nothing special, but is 3.25 dramatic? It has to be at least melodramatic.
  9. Not calling anyone out for that. That's the whole point of a discussion board for a competitive activity. I was just kind of agreeing with others on this thread that you seem to get overly aggressive in replying to people who see things differently. That drives people away from participating. But, of course you're free to continue to comment anyway you want. Some people thrive on stoking the flames.
  10. Not that it really bothers me, but I think *these* kind of comments might be why some people get all sassed up when they read your opinions.... "That's ridiculous, and completely wrong… ...Moving at two speeds...fast and ballad...isn't displaying a variety of skills, or a variety of tempos, or musical styles. It's actually pretty dang boring. Moving fast for the sake of moving fast isn't anywhere near as difficult as it's made out to be. Not even close. …At the same time, Bucs have several spots where they are moving just for the sake of moving. It's either not musical, or contributes little to the effect they are trying to generate. Again, variety...in this case variety of effect.... ...This idea that the hardest show wins is absurd to the point of stupid… When all you do is move fast, is that really effective or demanding? …Beating the audience over the head with one or two for eleven minutes, no matter how hard, is bad and ineffective design. …Bucs won brass playing a *substantially* easier brass book, and got beat in music ensemble. …As for your edit comment, harder doesn't necessarily mean better, even when achieved. Only better means better. Crap that's hard and performed well is still crap. We've seen both from many corps over the years." Surely you can see how it would be hard to not think you were talking about the Bucs to most people reading them? If that was not who you meant, then yes, I think some people, myself included, are misunderstanding your intent and do not have very good "reading comprehension". I'll go to the library and work on it so I can keep up with you. Dangit!, I was trying to be completely objective and well-reasoned! I'm not very good at this formal debating style. ;> Let me give it another try.... Some people like to have it both ways and then call out anyone who questions their opinion. They are the only one who is informed and well reasoned and somehow, even in a very subjective activity like drum corps, they have a monopoly on knowing what is *right*, or even the proper way to argue a point. Of course, I wasn't referring to anyone in particular in this thread. Just some other posters from another forum. How was that?
  11. Was a bit surprised by the results of the Wayne show. Who wasn't? So the Secaucas show has most of the corps from the Wayne show, minus C2, CV and Bush. This has the top 3 from Wayne going right back at it just 7 days later. Not a bad way to see where things stand at the midway point of the season. Having seen Fusion, Cabs & Bucs at WW and Wayne, I feel like I have a good feel where these corps are now and where they are headed. Here's what I predict for Saturday..... Buccaneers 86.10 Caballeros 86.00 Fusion 84.80 Hurricanes 77.90 Sunrisers 73.50 Skyliners 72.00 Windsor Regiment 71.80 I have a feeling that Bucs aren't going to just lay down and are definitely not done, as some may be thinking or saying. 10 year runs don't end with one loss. Cabs looked pretty clean at Wayne. Bucs had more performance issues tan did Cabs, and I think they are still getting in the way of having their show be as effective as it probably could be. Fusion seem to be really enjoying themselves on the field, and that is definitely coming across to the audience. Than being said, I think the Bucs seemed to have more "early season" issues than did Fusion or Cabs at Wayne. I can see them gaining more ground over the next several weeks than either Fusion or Cabs. It will be very interesting to see how things shape up by the time Scranton rolls around. I'm looking forward to that show more than I have for a long time. How cool would it be to see two heavyweight corps like the Cabs and the Bucs go toe to toe for 12 rounds this year, each corps winning rounds along the way? Kind of reminds me of when I last marched in the 90's, with Empire and Brigs duking it out all season. Of course, there is the rest of the top 5 also looking to take a shot at these two. Minnesota must be watching all of this with a lot of anticipation. With no head to head comparisons, I guess we just have to wait until Prelims day to find out where they stand in the mix.
  12. I give those that are actually doing the work to make Championships happen the benefit of the doubt. It's easy to say one place or another would be better for any number of reasons, but until a viable committee steps up and puts together a better option and bids on Championship weekend ($1 to Jeff Ream), I think Rochester is the best option. From what I have heard, the facility expenses fro Rochester are WAY, WAY, WAY lower than Annapolis , and the level of cooperation is far higher. Are there better choices that are more centrally-located on a map to all of the DCA Member Corps? Sure, but it's just not that simple, and let's be honest, that can't be the first priority.
  13. But Fran, no one remembers who won the division for the first half of the season.
  14. Bushwackers. I think they are a darkhorse for Top 5, which could really upset the apple cart.