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  1. I’ve seen a few clips here and there but not the whole show. Hearing great things though. Think they have more to add to it to potentially pass Phantom and make the Saturday show?
  2. Hi All - I let life take over since returning from Finals last August and have little idea what has taken place in the off season. Would love a high level recap/list of headlines before the 2019 season kicks off. Thanks!
  3. Are there any Open Class corps that plan to move to World Class next year?
  4. Perhaps this is mentioned somewhere in 509 pages of comments but is the member that stays backfield during the whole performance an alternate or a member that got injured and can’t march the show? I noticed they do participate for about 1 minute of the show so assume that can’t be an alternate, right?
  5. I can’t wait to hear the crowd reaction when they take the field as well as when their placement is announced during scores. Job well done!!!
  6. What a fantastic season SOA!! So proud of what my hometown corps accomplished this year. It has not only been fun to watch the performances, but almost equally as fun to read all of the positive comments about the production from viewers on this forum including those from SOA fans but also just drum corps fans that didn’t expect this. If there was an award for most improved corps from 2017, I think SOA would take it. I’m hopeful they can carry that momentum into 2019! I’ve followed this corps closely since the early 2000s and there have been some bumpy years, but those make years like this that much more exciting.
  7. Should we expect any corps to add anything new tonight? Wasn’t sure if that happens much any more. If so, any thoughts on who and what?
  8. I couldn’t figure out how to do two quotes in one thread but another commenter mentioned the max time is 13 minutes. If the above time is accurate, I need exactly 51 more seconds of the Sustain.
  9. This is sooo true!! It would be fantastic to see both on the field together at retreat, maybe 2019!! So proud of SOA this year. They really surprised a lot of us, in a good way.
  10. There were 4 cymbal players on the field so I think that means yes.
  11. 1st year I’ll be there all 3 nights.....I can’t wait!!
  12. Just returned home from the show. Some thoughts while they are still fresh: I haven’t read through this thread but was it an off night for soloists for many corps? I’ve walked on the field and the turf is insanely thick - that was evident in watching many corps struggle with their props. Favorites for me include SCV, Crown, Boston, Blue Devils, Mandarins, Spirit, Pacific Crest. Guards are amazing this year!! The long walk from the warm up in the Marshaling Yard to the MBS for the corps is very long. Some have commented it will get shorter next year but it won’t. The construction in the GWCC docks this year doesn’t make the trek any longer. Disappointed in the crowd, not as in to it as I hoped (except from Crown on). I was right on the 50 in Section 237 and I couldn’t believe how empty it was until the top 6. Food prices are great but the service horrible in the Harrahs Club. 15 minutes wait for a hotdog, out of salads, tasteless pretzel. Unless you wanted chips with nacho cheese or ice cream you were out of luck.
  13. Any update on the symbol player who got injured during the show? I felt so horrible watching them in distress on the field but relieved when they got up. Hoping the injury is minor and they can finish the season!