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  1. Spirit of Atlanta appears they will also attend the show in Indy.
  2. Curious if most corps perform their 2020 production in 2021 or which corps go back to the drawing board.
  3. Not surprised but so disappointed. Curious if 2020 age outs will get to perform next year, similar to how NCAA is handling seniors for spring sports that had seasons cancel.
  4. I have to disagree with you. Your idea that designers shouldn't focus on what 4-5 cymbal players do to create visuals should then just be applied to everything the rest of the battery does with the drum sticks. Why not just let them play the music and not do all the other gestures they make with the drum sticks? Cymbals create a lot of visual interest IMO. I'd rather see their action on the field versus more mallet players (I appreciate the front ensemble, don't get me wrong, I just think the size could be reduced so that a cymbal line on the field could be achieved). I also initially asked what year corps stopped having a cymbal line. Can anyone provide this insight? Would be real curious to see when the last year was for Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Cavaliers, etc... had a cymbal line.
  5. I’m not one to typically follow the percussion section as close as others when watching performances but I’m always drawn to cymbal lines. Curious which corps have one and those that don’t, what year was their last? Was SCV the only Finalist corps in 2019 with one? I wonder why corps choose not to have cymbal lines. To me, a slightly smaller front ensemble is worth having more active members as part of the drill on the field - more GE opportunities with how to interact the cymbal line in the drill and within the rest of the battery.
  6. I have to disagree. His interview with The Academy drum major and Phantom Regiment drum major bright tears to the eyes of many. His interview with the star Boston Crusaders color guard member was wonderful. I think the interviews are fantastic - it really helps connect the audience with an individual member of this activity in the moment like no other.
  7. Been enjoying all the commentary from the ATL airport but now about to take off for Indy, can’t wait to join the show!
  8. Concessions at LOS is quite shameful to be honest. Poorly managed, over priced, poor variety. Everything is what you’d expect at an old bowling alley - lukewarm, flavorless hamburger patties, stale nacho chips with bright yellow ‘cheese’ sauce, and chewy chicken tenders. What they have done at MBS in Atlanta will hopefully catch on at other pro stadiums. They have really set a very high bar both in terms of food options, customer service and pricing. For Finals week I recommend eating a hefty meal before you go in, whatever time that may be, and then hopefully only want to snack once there.
  9. Yes, they did. Another reason why I’m confused for the open position
  10. I was in the same section as you, row 7. Agree on the Harrahs Club - disappointing the bar and food not open. Guess numbers from last year didn’t validate opening it. Though I agree, overall the venue nailed it - great food, very reasonable prices, clean bathrooms, friendly staff, very easy to get out and little vehicle traffic. I’ll be at Indy all three nights and can’t wait to see all the shows again!
  11. Just saw on Facebook Crossmen have an immediate opening for an electric guitar player....with just two weeks left. What happened??
  12. Worst performance time by far is Spirit. How sh**y. So far from Phantom.
  13. The route for the corps from the GWCC Marshaling Yard on Ivan Allen Blvd to MBS changes slightly this year in that they will come down Northside Drive and cut through the Home Depot Backyard where they have time for a final warm up. Convenient for fans in that this is literally right outside the stadium. I recommend Pre paying for parking to reserve/guarantee a spot. While not too much happening there is a private event at the GWCC that has bought out two parking lots reducing the availability of spots overall.
  14. I’ve seen a few clips here and there but not the whole show. Hearing great things though. Think they have more to add to it to potentially pass Phantom and make the Saturday show?
  15. Hi All - I let life take over since returning from Finals last August and have little idea what has taken place in the off season. Would love a high level recap/list of headlines before the 2019 season kicks off. Thanks!
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