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  1. I was at the show with my brother who lives here in Denver. He said the yellowed grass was likely due to the professional lacrosse team that plays there (the Outlaws, maybe?)
  2. It's funny, because when the mic started cutting out I wondered -- given the out-there nature of the show -- if it wasn't intentional, and supposed to sound space-aged. At least that's what I'd be telling the judges in critique...
  3. Only because they'll reserve 12th for Blue Knights, like they always do.
  4. I agree. I was really impressed with what I saw out of Crossmen this year. Hope they're able to keep building!
  5. That's my thought, too. The ending drill felt a tiny bit incomplete to me, like they're holding a little back.
  6. I would guess it's to limit exposure to error. If the voice is recorded, that's one less thing that can be affected by fatigue, sickness, etc. The recorded voice is going to be the same every time. Plus, most of the time I've heard singing in drum corps, it's been somewhere between terrible and decent, but never great. Use a recorded voice and you can get exactly what you want, evey time. That's my guess, at least.
  7. OP, I trust you've voiced your concerns directly to DCI by now, and that you're just venting on DCP, right?
  8. FYI, if anyone is traveling up here on I-35 from the south, allow yourself extra time. I got up here this evening, and due to road construction just south of Owatonna it took me an extra hour. 59 minutes to travel 7 miles, to be precise.