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  1. Hey all Just wanted to alert everyone of something just in case you might had missed it. I almost did. I double checked and there was nothing in the brochure I received with my tickets about this. But las week I just happend to notice on the DCI web site last week (under the Providence '05 link) that there is a $25 per vehicle, $50 for an RV parking at Gilette stadium. I just called DCI office (Monday) and they put me in touch with Missy, the DCI events coordinator, to verify this information. My question was is the $25 for a parking pass for the entire event or is this something you have to pay everyday (Quarters, Semis and Finals). She told me that the $25 parking fee is per stadium entrance. This is outrageous, but looks as if we have no option, so if you are driving to the stadium make sure you have enough cash to pay $25. 00 each time you come. I don't remember what I paid in Denver last year, but I know it wasn't this much! Anyway, just thought I would make a few more people aware of this in case you had not seen or heard this information so you have enough cash to pay for parking and still eat or by souvies!