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  1. Random selection of our 2003 show. This was my age out and was glad to see it though! I forget sometimes how many notes we played. Way underrated drumline and hornline.
  2. Some good looking changes here! I'm glad Micah is still around. Solid work with their percussion section.
  3. 2018 Vanguard and 2013 Crown are two of my favorite shows of all time, so it's tough sledding for everyone else. I'll go with: 1. 2018 Vanguard 2. 2013 Crown 3. 2016 Bloo. I loved this show too!
  4. It was a crazy year, for sure. The Blue Devils and Bluecoats were both incredible and in different ways. It was going to be all about the numbers and math. Bluecoats needed more GE love and they didn't get it. It is crazy that Bluecoats were above Blue Devils in both GE and Music and still lost. I'm glad i wasn't judging, that's for sure. Crown and SCV were both very close too. I was a little surprised Crown didn't beat SCV finals night - the energy from Crown was second to Bluecoats in the stands. The crowd ate up Crown in a very special way during that performance. Regardless, it's hard to be too upset by any of it. I believe the Bluecoats had the best show, and a show we will remember for a long time. I believe they should have won, but it's impossible to be too upset because that Blue Devils show was incredible, and it has been a LONG time since I've felt that way. It was an amazing year of drum corps.
  5. Probably not so much the 0.05 difference, but the ranking. Vanguard's percussion section was the best percussion section, every night.
  6. I think show designs have only gotten better through the years. While I do love some older shows, I wouldn't want DCI to go backwards.
  7. I agree. It was one of my favorites all season, and it was only magnified live during finals week! There were a lot of great ballads this year, and I'm not sure which is my favorite, but I really enjoyed these finalists' ballads: Bloo, Crown, Cavies, BK, Blue Stars, BD.
  8. Thank you Bluecoats for another incredible season. From my first viewing at the tour premiere on 6/20, I knew this show would contend the entire season. I was excited to watch every chance I got on Flo. Being the year I got to watch all 3 nights in Indy, it was truly special. This was one of the most entertaining shows in DCI history for me, and it will hold a special place in my heart forever. Thank you designers, instructors, and performers for making 2019 a memorable season for thousands of drum corps fans. Keeping doing you! BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  9. I was wondering that same thing. I can’t find this Ellis short film.
  10. Bump. Walked around the northwest side of the stadium a bit and didn’t see any signs of warm up stuff going on. Is anyone in Indy right now and seen where corps are warming up?
  11. We are in Indy for the first time and wanted to watch some lot stuff tomorrow. Where are the warm-up zones? Specifically color guards? Thanks, and happy finals week!
  12. I agree. The margin of victory is going to be very small. When BD has been ahead, it's been even smaller.
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