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  1. scores are up DIVISION I 1 The Cadets 78.950 2 Phantom Regiment 76.900 3 Carolina Crown 74.100 4 Spirit from JSU 71.450 5 Southwind 62.250 6 The Magic 56.750
  2. I'm calling a 4+ point jump for Phantom, but Cadets will still take 1st.
  3. I still have the large screen going, and its just as smooth as the small one.
  4. I dig the horn blast treatment of "America, the Beautiful".
  5. Pioneer is coming onto the field right now.
  6. 1987 Santa Clara Vanguard. Pictures at an Exibition, Baby! The person below me is listning to...
  7. DCI is again streaming video for season pass subscribers tonight! I missed the last one, so I can't wait!
  8. In other words, don't even try to make people stop bashing. Some people just won't.
  9. I am a drummer from Hutchinson, KS, and I am a hardcore drum corps fan. I've been reading these boards for quite a while, and now I want to start participating.
  10. I think the blue hardware makes the drums look cheap. But BDB's drums are HOT!