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  1. Seeing those again is great muscle-memory comfort food. But bear in mind that it was always the DCI house organ, and DCI did what it did to please DCI.
  2. Apparently, anything that was saved to photobucket is paywalled now, which is some ########. take them all to fb.
  3. How about not using stupid "Show titles" that have no meaning in a linear sense and just playing a show that kicks everyone's ###?
  4. Look how spread out around the country they are. I've never worked at a non-profit or served on a board, but is that common? That sounds like an invitation to the left hand not knowing what the right is doing, all jokes aside.
  5. I'd vote for my corps, but no. Illiana Lancers, every year. They were tiny and analog but they just let it fly and teed it high. Their energy and support for each other was great every single time.
  6. So what happened in 1975? Just kidding. I always like to ask anyway.
  7. Yes, we got shafted in 1983. That was my rookie season so I can't speak for what happened in 82, but the rumor finger has always pointed to wanting to personally punish some staffers. 83 was not quite the same, but there were politics going on with other corps, and we were left out because we were expendable. We hadn't been a finalist so it wasn't too jaw-dropping when we didn't make it. That said, and even though we didn't improve as much as we should have on 2nd tour, I will say to my dying day that we should have finished 9th at least. Bcs some of the corps that made it in that year were ab
  8. Phantom's Stravinsky medley in 1978, Jeremiah from Garlfield in 1985, and T.O. from BD in 1982.
  9. Swampscott (North Stah), Revere (Lancahs), and Boston (BAC) are all within about 12 miles of each other, and Malden, home of the Diplomats, is in there as well.
  10. I've been saying for a wile now that this is all a push for BOA and WGI to take DCI and morph it into BOA Summer Division or somethng stupid like that. Good for Bando$ and their parent$, I guess, and the instructors and arrangers who get phat paid off those bandos.
  11. I have them on Beta and dubbed to VHS. My dad bought them for me on Beta as a birthday present since that was my rookie season. I have all 25, from Garfield to Pride of Cincinnati. Whether I can FIND them is another story.
  12. I wish you'd all stop talking about me this way. It wasn't me. I was only 9 and I didn't march until 1983. (When we beat Cavies in every DCM show, at least.)
  13. SOME SAY there was a bargain made with the two bottom-finishers at Finals in 82 to clean up in 83 or you're out. (Doesn't really hold water.) SOME SAY there were certain Geneseo staffers who were not well-liked by the judges. SOME SAY it was simply a matter of the corps peaking too soon. Some say a lot, don't they?
  14. Supposedly, the merger between the QCK and EK was only supposed to last 1 season, as there were logistical and creative problems from the start. I remember talking to an EK staffer on the phone about it at the time, and he wasn't particularly complimentary about the IL contribution. The show that resulted was MOR anyway. The corps was "The Knights" until 1988 when we moved base of operations from the town of Geneseo to Bettendorf, IA, which was one of the Quad Cities, hence the name change. 88 was the last year we made Top 25. Bringing the corps onto and then off the field for that Semifinal
  15. Phantom 1996, absolutely top of the list. Garfield 1985. Suncoast 1984 (I know, I KNOW)
  16. Phantom 1996, absolutely top of the list. Garfield 1985. Suncoast 1984 (I know, I KNOW)
  17. SCV 1980, although it's not as asymmetrical as people think. Garfield 1982 and 1985. Phantom 1989. Star 1993.
  18. When I was DM (in 1988) I never wanted to be last(with one exception, the Knights' home show, when I tricked the VK DMs into thinking they were last, then snuck in behind them. The crowd went wild.), and Joe Bruno twice told the crowd "You can applaud the first guy in, it's all right." I do remember having to sign a paper agreeing to cut out the monkeyshines at retreat. If I were contest director, I'd leave the slow walk as is, but politely ask him to bring up the rear or not be surprised at any negative consequences.
  19. Two from the 80s stick out for me: 27's brilliant, monolithic, game-changing rendering of "Niner-Two" from 1981, and Spirit's epic production of "Blues In the Night" from 1983. Spirit played BITN better in 84, I think, but the massive scope of the number is what sticks out for me, the same with 27.
  20. It was 1985. I remember watching from the side after we finished. "Do they really have a KEYBOARD?" We did something similar in 86. We played rock that year, so our drum guy, Pat Petrillo, got Simmons to give us a pair of pads and Korg gave us a sound board and we miked the marimba. We took the voluntary 2-point penalty in DCM shows until DCI informed us that we risked disqualification at every show. It got us a little bit of publicity, which I suspect was the point.
  21. Madison 81 is the beat park-and-blow concert maybe ever. Madison 88 is the best ending ever. No matter how you slice it, it comes up Madison. Are you kidding?
  22. In 1988,Quad City Knights scored a 27.5 on June 19th in Normal. We topped out at Quarters with a 70.0. A 42.5 point makeup. Close. We finished 23rd after Semis.