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  1. My "least favorite" championship show is Garfield 1984, partly because West Side Story is over, partly because the show is not particularly attractive on paper, partly because much of the show was not all that clean on the night (I think, though, that he hornline was on it), and partly because the show failed to live up to the buzz following them all year and is not particularly worthy of a Golden Anniversary show. As far as "Shouldas"... Naaah. YMMV, of course.
  2. BD played a drum solo in 1987, not 86 (that was the Channel One Suite championship year), that was comprised of "Echidna's Arf (of you) and "Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?" I personally don't think his stuff would translate well toi horns, but YMMV as always. I'd like to hear someone do Grainger's "Lincolnshire Posy" up right. The whole show. A few corps have plyed "Lisbon Bay," mnost notably Avant Garde and 27, but I'd love to hear all the funky weirdness in his orchestrations translated into brass and what he called "tuneful percussion."
  3. Yeah, but the past couple of pages have been about some guy's hairy back. And not even photos of said hairy back. ....They can choose not to beg... Tom Shea Knights 83-88
  4. Anyone going to post some old corps photos? That would be great. Tom Shea Knights 83-88
  5. Madison 74 is one of the screamiest shows I've ever heard. fantastic. That show seemed to lay a lot of the groundwork for the sheer unadulterated power of the next year.
  6. The "tabula rasa" theory is interesting (and would explain why Alliance scored so well on Friday). But nobody fell as far as fast as Geneseo, and the argument doesn't quite pan out for me. The slides I have of that show give no indication of any kind of aberration in their performance. But I thought Suncoast was quite good that day.
  7. Now THAT's funny. Tom Shea Knights 83-88
  8. In 1977, Oakland finished in 15th place, yet had the highest-scoring drumline in prelims--extraordinary. (A guy I marched with in the 80s had seen them and said they scored so high because "they had Exposure {I assume he meant Exposure to Error, but maybe they marched nude from the waist down...}out the ###.") The "back-seat visual" concept pops up with two other top drumlines-Spirit and Bridgemen. It finally sunk the Bridgemen, but didn't keep Spirit from anything but winning DCI. Hmmm...... ETA: I guess we can unfortuantely put the 27th Lancers in there as well-but it seems like they had t
  9. Really? I was watching Phantom all the way, because I was such a Phantom Phan, and didn't even notice Madison at retreat. But what a night. Tom Shea Knights 83-88
  10. In 83 it was the Cavaliers. In 84 it was Valley Fever and Boston. In 85 it was Boston, Florida Wave and Avant Garde. In 86 it was the Crossmen and the Colts. In 87 it was the Canadian Knights. In 88 it was the Glassmen. Interesting downward trajectory, eh? I personally loathed and wanted to beat the Marauders every year from 86 to 88, but they were never quite our competition. Tom Shea Knights 83-88
  11. LancerLady, Memphis Blues in 82 still did the funniest thing I ever saw in drum corps (or at least until Pee Wee showed up with VK in 88): the marching band parade in Bye Bye Blues. I saw that at Whitewater and laughed my ### off. Great keyboards that year for MB3, painted gold if I recall, too! Two great tales of controversy in 82, straight outta the Midwest! First, after two blistering performances at the night show in DeKalb, after they announce Cavies in third, Joe Bruno slows down and gets all dramatic, and Phantom starts to leve the field. Then he announces it's a tie and I start to boo
  12. That was my first year (83), and we stayed at Coral Park, near a highway. we were told it rained every day at 4 and by gum, it sure did. I remember very little about the week, but I hated the Orange Bowl. Ugly building, ugly neighborhood, ugly feeling after being shafted all 2nd tour. How, he wondered, does it stack up to Jackson ten years later? Tom Shea Knights 83-88
  13. I think everyone was pretty flummoxed that evening. That night, after I had aged out the previous day, I ended up sitting, for scores, with Rosalie Sward, the woman who had brought me to Geneseo and the Knights to begin with. (The previous day, the "Finals" edition of Drum Corps World had printed a profile she had done on me for the folks who stuck with the small corps instead of moving on, so we were all feeling pretty heady.) Then Garfield got announced in fifth, etc., and then the place went up. I went to the pay phones and called my Dad at home, and he couldn't believe it. As I was talking
  14. Well, yeah. Liferaft Earth is jazz. Trilogy (you forgot Trilogy) and Karn Evil 9, 2nd Impression I guess are prog, but the Piano Concerto is modern classical. And First Circle is jazz. So, classical jazz. Your mileage may vary, of course. Great show, no matter what we call it 20 years later.
  15. Phantom Regiment 1978. Period. The best ever, IMO. SCV 1975. Madison 1988. Boston 2000. 27th Lancers 1980. Bridgemen, "banana" era. Freelancers 1980-1984. Everyone is correct, the red and the black was classy as ####. Chicago Blackhawks. Montreal Canadiens.
  16. Best season ever, in my opinion. All those great "concept" shows...Top down. Garfield's great Bernstein show (the best show of the decade, and their great mold-breaker), BD's classical jazz show, Suncoast's original show (Holy ####! Horns! Bass drums!), all the way down to my Knights and the Superstar show, the best small corps show of the decade. Great memories. "Whicker." "Drums Along the Philo." Good times.Great year. The Knights had so many perceived image problems that year, i.e. corps that kept beating us who we thought were inferior to us, wahh waah waah. Argonauts were in tht camp
  17. I loved it...a great place to age out. Tom Shea Knights 83-88