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  1. SCV or Bluecoats didn't have it as bad as Cavies. I think the count was 35 kids out with covid, 12 kids in concussion protocol at the same time. Not to mention a hand full of kids out with various other things. Cavies also had a music copyright thing at the beginning of the season that prevented them from doing the ending. Who knows what could have been.
  2. Before their covid/concussion breakout Cavaliers were in 5/6 place. two weeks of less than full practices and missed shows hurt their progress. I predict Cavaliers will be in the top half of finalist in 2023.
  3. I was around as long as Tom and knew nothing! Tom is a great guy, very passionate about his craft and strives to get the most out of his team every season. One of the absolute best percussion guys in the business.
  4. Yes, But this is different. You have a bunch of vaccinated kids that test positive for covid but feel fine. They stay in Q and practice their parts, improve along with the rest of the corps while while eating and showering separately.
  5. Some of you think Cavies have been sitting around in Covid protocol like sick little puppies. NO, They are crushing it on the practice field. I have no idea how all these new judges will score them but, your going to see a great show!
  6. Cavies had 34 people out with covid they are down to 20. And, they have a great new ending to their show!
  7. If Cavies can clean up their feet, they will be a Monster this summer.
  8. Free Hand and Pyware, Hands down. Sparky Polastri He was the king of Hand and Body movement!
  9. Drum corps level instruction without the thrill of competition! Rustic cabins =Bring a blanket, matter fact bring two and a hoodie and sweats. No travel to worry about?! We look forward to the travel! I'm kidding of course. PC2022
  10. Moe was an awesome guy. If you ever had the privilege of sitting down and talking with him, you'll know he was an encyclopedia of drum corps knowledge and incredibly funny. Rest in power my friend.
  11. I was going to say almost the exact same thing. Those of us who have watched live drum corps for decades have seen quite an evolution.
  12. Boston definitely has a team to win a championship. Gino {brass} and Collin {percussion} know how to win caption titles, the guard has proved to be the best the last two competition seasons and the visual staff has won a Caption title too. If they put together the right show at the right time, they'll be receiving their first rings.
  13. Also, long standing volunteers can't just get a call and hop on tour. You need a BGC and all the necessary paper work.
  14. They were my late uncle George Thomas favorite corps. Great Staff, Awesome talented kids. I haven't liked some of their shows but, every year brings new hope.
  15. We had to pack that truck like Tetris. 16- pink benches, 20-16ft back drops and metal base, 1big heavy metal table(bass feature), And, A rotating door Packing the truck sucked but we got it down to 43 minutes. There were 4 of us Me(in Charge), Baby Jesus ( because he had hair like Jesus) She-Ra (because was Strong) and Lance Bass(because he
  16. I was there at Canadian Nationals with you. I didn't think the Offensive Lions would beat us. It took me a long time to get over that.☹️ I got hazed in the Oakland Crusaders.
  17. I drive an, Escalade I'm dying. The price of gas will be down by the middle of May. We have gone through this before. The Us only buys 2-3% of its oil from Russia. Most of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico and a small percentage come from Saudi Arabia and South American countries.
  18. It seems like folks are so afraid of Trolls and Armchair Experts that they just don't post. These prediction threads used to be filled with opinion and prognostication. Maybe 2 years without judges scores hurt? I hope this drum corps season brings a change in judges thinking. I hope the shows that get crowds on their feet are judged more favorably. My predictions for San Antonio, I don't care what you think. (write your own predictions) Bluecoats Crown Boston Blue Devils Santa Clara Cavaliers Cadets Blue Knights Mandarin Blue Stars Phantom Crossmen Opinion fueled by: Black Coffee, Push-Ups, a moderna booster shot, That kid I rolled with in Jiujitsu last Thursday And my love for Drum Corps.
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