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  1. You and your friend ... both good baritone players, decent marching skills, showed a lot of class on the field ... Thanks for some really nice performances. I enjoyed them very much. Best of luck to both of you teaching at your new corps.
  2. Happy to have been of service to you, Mr. TSRTS13. You've given me a few chuckles, too. Yeah, well, I fixed the typo. Details, details ... Fortunately, I have also always been able to laugh at myself. That has saved me a few times, too. Have a good life, DCP-ers! Carry on.
  3. "Et tu, Brute?" Hmm ... "What goes around comes around" ... ? May those who quote this as truth think about the fact it then must also apply to themselves ... I'm sorry ... I don't know you, but I know where I can find the name that goes with these initials ... I've been known to pay pretty close attention to details in my life ... it has actually saved my life a few times ... I really wish you and everyone else here only the best. I cannot tell all of you how sad all of this makes me. The more I read, the more I think ... change can be a good thing. I will be signing off DCP now
  4. Welcome, Mr Lance P, to DCP. It is good to see an official presence from my favorite junior corps from NH on these boards. Welcome, also, Ms. guardmomx2. I am truly sorry to see that there are people from this corps who are hurting. I can only tell you what I am "in it for" ... so I will ... I am a drum corps fan. I am a nameless face in the crowd. I am "in it" to enjoy a good drum corps show. I am "in it" to support the people who march ... whoever they are, wherever they march, whenever they march, whyever they march ... I am "in it" to support the people who help them accomplish
  5. Not off topic at all ... precisely "on" if you ask me. This is a great story ... and a great lady. Thanks for posting
  6. Thanks for posting these files, particularly the middle one, which I had not found, yet "Sounds Spartanesque ... and new." ... I like it!
  7. After listening to some of his music, I have to agree on all counts. I am a brass guy so wind is what I always hear first. Here I can pick out the voices. All brass sections should have some very juicy parts. Mellos ... wow. (Think they would let me play a mello? I could dye my hair... what's left of it.) Playing it again a couple of times, I can see that the front and percussion are going to have some great work, too. Some interesting special effects in the pit. Marimbas ... again, wow. (No chance they would let me at one of these.) The arrangers certainly have some wonderful stuff for
  8. Aw, shucks. I copied this list from DCI's info, which I know can change. Not sure if I will catch you in Brockton as "Saturday Night Lights" (also from DCI's schedule) is actually on a Sunday, which is not a good night for me. All will depend on the time of the show. I do plan to be in Nashua and Manchester, though, so I will see you then.
  9. Always a good idea to bring your own, I say. Unless, of course, you have already dropped it. God Bless the child who has his/her own handbasket.
  10. Ouch ... too quick on the submit post button here. Moderators, if you can, please correct my typo in the topic heading. Thanks!
  11. From http://www.spartansdbc.org/ "Spartans' 2008 show is…"METALLIC SOUNDSCAPES" Musical metallurgy are two words that most aptly describe the Spartans' 2008 production: 'Metallic Soundscapes.' Through sight and sound, we will explore the various ways in which metals can be manipulated. From the clanging of iron and light ringing of bells, to the bending of sheet metal and resonant sounds of blaring brass, this year's production will be a new and exciting direction in both concept and sound for the Spartans! Our production will be based exclusively on the music of John Mackey. We will op
  12. I second that emotion. Best of luck to everyone at Velvet Knights for a great season in '08!
  13. This is great news! From my seat in the stands, I have much admired the work of the many new and returning staff members who are coming together this year at Citations. It looks to be an exciting year for this drum corps ... and for this drum corps fan. I am really looking forward to seeing what they bring to the field this summer. Best Wishes to everyone at Citations for a great run starting in 2008!
  14. I have just posted an illegal video clip of Brand X's show last year ... sorry, I can't tell you where it is but I don't want to break any of the rules here ... so I'll just give you the review as best I can ... it's the part where the battery plays with the metal spoons on the paint cans ... the use of the graduated sizes and partially emptied cans is pure brilliance on their part of the percussion staff ... then it goes into the big backward company front ... wow, I haven't seen this done so well since the old 3,453rd Saint's GuardBlasters ... no one does this as well at Brand X ... th
  15. Well ... I have it from a very unreliable, unsubstantiated source that I would never trust in a million years that this will not be a problem ... they are only playing on their old G Bugles while they are waiting for their new line of C Flutes to arrive ... man, when this happens it will just be music this old drum corps fan's ears ... and the new headphones that they are going to handing out to the audience so that they may better enjoy the sweet sounds of the new violins and cellos in the pit ... great news! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to seeing Brand X on the field nex