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  1. Looks like someone is selling old drum corps photos on Ebay. Don't know how to post a link. Just go to ebay and type in "marching bugle photos".
  2. Standard Oil was called Sohio in Ohio not Boron. So this is probably not in Ohio. Judging by the attire, tams, pastel colors and the collars I would guess it is a Canadian group of some sort. But I would doubt it is drum corps as several people are out of step. Notice the white sleeves on the left side and triangular emblem. Some mothers did a lot of sewing to make these uni's... the good ole days!
  3. Drum Corps...better than a stick in the eye!
  4. Glassmen 1975 Staff Announcement By chance while walking down the halls at the University of Toledo wearing my Glassmen jacket, someone called out "Hey Glassmen", it was Joe Thomas who became our brass instructor that year. Joe, who worked with or marched Blue Rock, was doing his PHD work. IRC on infant response to visual stimulation or something like that. He was a nice guy. The corps did not field for the next few years after 75. I never knew what became of him.
  5. I like the "all boy battle" LOL BTW could the Cavies and Scouts be called "Boy Bands"? Back on topic it is a great rivalry, but I see Madison coming out on top.
  6. Amazing, that was the show that I was thinking about, what an incredible ending.
  7. All's well that ends well, which means that problems do not matter so long as the outcome is good. With respect to a drum corps show, do any of you have thoughts about a show that started slow or had issues but the outcome was good? Can a good ending resurrect a lackluster design or performance? Any thoughts?
  8. I use to like Drum Corps back when I marched but I'm older and crabbier now.
  9. Would have been my first show with the Glass City Optimist in 1969 playing an old Ludwig baritone, one piston. Must have been American Legion or VFW because we were on the third starting line behind the Chicago Cavaliers and the Marion Cadets. We had about 45-50 people in the corps and referred to ourselves as the rinky dinks. Marion was a pretty big time corps in those days. The field was covered in straw because it was mostly mud. I was told not to play so they could tic me for cracked notes. Learned to "play" baritone and march in time just a few months earlier. Even though I sucked I still got the greatest thrill marching that show.
  10. June 22, 1969 - Cleveland's Cuyahgo River catches fire August 18, 1969 - Woodstock