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  1. Jim...if you need to wear a mask then I totally support that. I don't know you or your personal health considerations (nor is it my business). That said the is not a "one size fits all" solution here. if masks truly worked to the extent some would try to purport then why (for one example) are states releasing criminals? Should they not be given masks to wear instead?
  2. He is not the only one not wearing a mask. I know of at least one other but I bet there is a lot more.
  3. I can’t speak for all alumni but I thought your comment was pretty darn funny. Unfortunately there’s always someone who has a dulled sense of humor and misses stuff. I personally am very excited to see how the ruffled collars and around the wrists on the corps proper translate “from the box”! From what I understand they’re sowing in battery operated LED Christmas- type the really small ones places like Walmart sell.... into the ruffles. Green, red and white flashing! Hell- if the Bluecoats can use skateboard Ramps on the field then why not strobe/LED lights? I do wonder though- b/c they’ll going on earlier due lower placement - how the effect will be with the sun still being up.
  4. That’s a fair statement Chris( is that your name- if not sorry) though I do believe it cuts both ways. My interaction with current admin and staff have been limited due to where I live; however, when I have interacted f-t-f I was treated with either a mild neglect or outright “you’re an alumnus? So what don’t care” by both staff and sr. corps mgmnt. I’d chalked it up to the late July/early August “tour burnout” that can creep in. The more I’ve read-talked to other alumni in the last couple years it has become my opinion that this is more a reflection of the sentiment “ we just want your money and not a conversation with you”
  5. Provided there’s a plan to move forward then yes it may be time to reboot. In my opinion the first call should be to Jim Mason (again). Since he “left” * cough cough * the product has certainly regressed.
  6. . I’ve spoken with a few fellow alums from different decades and to a man the love and support is there for current brothers; however the acute frustration with what many believe - including me- of a substandard product from a design perspective is all too prevalent in any discussion.
  7. He's entitled to share his opinion..whether you or others disagree or think he's a grumpy old dinosaur. I'd bet money that someone who marched in the 50/60's was complaining about the changes they saw in the 70's and 80's and how things had moved from a military focus to more of an arts focus. In a way it's good to have disagreement and folks who think it was better back in the day (hell I've been known to be one of those)- makes it fun!
  8. Had no idea their staff were such fans of the group Journey.
  9. I somewhat remember the show after we were placed above Star. Why? B/c we had a better run the next night.. go figure. The other thing I remember (randomly) was their members were falling out during retreat from (what I heard) was food poisoning Overall both corps had excellent shows that year but everyone knew from the beginning that it was Star's title to lose. As for those 2 nights in June..meh...DCM was a strange beast. CM
  10. Tes- take of your tinted sunglasses and don't presume to know me or accuse me of giving up. You don't know so don't presume you can pass judgement. What I DO know is that your same old schtick of "everything is going to be fine" and/or "if you don't embrace this year's corps then you are not a good brother" --- or any year's corps for that matter as you've been spouting the same stuff for at least 2 years now--- is tired. That is all I will say to you regarding your comment. I won't get into a public pissing match with another brother. That being said- make no mistake I've earned the right to cheer as loudly as possible for my brothers but to also be - as all have who have worn the superman suit - critical. I - for a long time- as one of those dinosaurs people talk about on here. I don't care for everything going on now; however, I'm enjoying enough of the things to come back. I also come back b/c of friendships and brotherhood I developed. What I saw last night in the theater ( and by all accounts throughout the season ) here in VA made me very sad. I saw at least two corps "out Madison" the Madison Scouts. That is just not acceptable and should not be acceptable to anyone who has worn our uniform.
  11. Henry7184- I'm not discounting what you are saying at all. I remember a time when we were competing against those in top 4-5 not too awful long ago. I'm out of the loop and far removed from the corps inner workings. It just feels like much more distinct foresight is needed in design to be able to "play the game" as it stands now. It is winterguard on a football field for better or worse ( another discussion ). We need to embrace that better ( and I dont' mean just adding electronics or violins or trombones or tarps ). I mean we need to think as far outside our comfort level as we can to come up with the same type of ideas as a BD or Coats; and then try to figure out how we can make it Madison. Last night was the first time I saw any show this year other than snippets on youtube. What I saw was showmanship, wailing/ screaming high brass, power and finesse from the drumline and attitude from the guard. In essence- what attracted me to Madison since 1987. All of this wrapped up in an exciting - dare I say avant garde- package!! Thing wasn't Madison... it was coming out of Canton, OH. This is just one example of how far behind Madison comes across from a design and overall package standpoint.
  12. it's ridiculous that we are back to focusing on the possible score of another corps as to whether we make finals...and don't give me that b.s about politics either. This season falls squarely on the shoulders of the design team. edit-- I suppose this statement comes across as a bit harsh. I have nothing but respect for the men in the superman suits this year as I do every year; however, they were not given a vehicle to capitalize on the forward momentum of last year. The goal posts in this activity are changing every year and I don't think we are doing a good job of staying on the front side of the curve.