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  1. Yeah, but if there are no ties in the subcaptions, there could be a tie when they are all added together... This is unlikely, but has happened multiple times in the past. That doesn't mean the judges are bad, it just means two or more different corps performed at equal levels, both with different strengths and weaknesses.
  2. And, after watching the performances, what if a judge feels that two groups are at an equal level of achievement? Does this mean the judge is not qualified?
  3. I agree that every other corps had the choice to make a complaint. I'm not sure whether anyone else said anything, but I would think that after their performances, all the other corps directors probably said something to the show coordinator. I'm not against Hopkins decision, as I could see the issue being a potential hazard. However, he made way too big of a deal out of the entire situation. He should not have let the entire corps set up before calling them off the field. He should have made that decision the second he saw that hashes were hard to see, which I'm sure was well before the corps took their position. The corps could also simply have gone to the endzones during the process. The fiasco he created out of a seemingly small situation was a huge waste of time, and he should take the penalty for it.
  4. I ordered tickets for Portland, OR, it looks like they still have some available. For those who have been to the broadcast before: How full does the theater generally get? Is it more or less or the same amount of people as Classics Countdown? Thanks!
  5. Yes, I agree, they're not getting paid as much. But the Div. II directors that I have talked to love what they're doing. The kids couldn't be having more fun. So what exactly is your problem? After reading so many of your posts, I didn't really see your point. Would you rather have Div. II die? When someone who really wants to be in the activity doesn't get into a Div. 1 corps would you rather they sit at home, away from what they love? All of the members AND staff love what they are doing. If the directors feel they aren't making enough money, it's their business to complain. Yet for some reason they don't. If they don't have a problem with the money they make, what's yours? Just watch and enjoy the shows, no matter how many people attend.
  6. I'm doubting you'll ever see drum corps on a mainstream gambling site, but I'm sure many people have privately bet on drum corps in the past.
  7. For those of you with the webcast, how's the quality? I'm thinking of subscribing to this show, but I don't want to waste $14.95. Is it worth it?
  8. 4 point jump in one night for Fever? Did they make some huge addition or improvement to their show or is it just inconsistent judges/judging?
  9. Agreed. I think PR and Cadets will compete against each other on the 26th, which isn't too far away. Sadly we won't get to see the whole top 6 together for a while.
  10. No, Cadets are at 79.800, which is over a point above the Cavaliers and Bluecoats. It'll be interesting to see how PR, BD, and SCV do tonight.
  11. Sporting activities are much different. When you look at the Spurs, you know that much of their team will be the same next year. They will still have Tim Duncan and many other of the players that make the team so great. In drum corps, you're looking at keeping 135 members, many of who are age outs. The make up of drum corps' change every year, and it's a game of who is the best at featuring their strengths. You can't make predictions, even with sports, until you know what players are on which team, and in sports, you generally have this information much sooner, hence the earlier predictions.
  12. Nothing new. Cavaliers were at 81.3 on June 22 in 2002.
  13. Wow. They sound excellent, especially for the time of year that it is. I'll definitely be cheering them on to win high percussion and maybe even 1st place. Oh, and it's on the Pearl site, not the Yamaha site like the original poster said.
  14. Yeah, but I'm not quite sure how Academy's schedule will work out. I think their score will jump up quite a bit because of the long breaks they have for all-day rehearsals. They make severals stops to rehearse during the summer.
  15. Or this could mean that the normal inflation exists and Regiment is just far greater than BD and SCV :P. Anyways, I agree and I think this will be a very interesting season. Great job to SCV for an extremely strong start. Keep it up.