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  1. SCVdrums

    Sioux City, IA - July 10, 2018

    Mandarins were on fire tonight. The crowd loves this show. Blue Stars are great too, but Mandarins resonate. Caught ensemble block this afternoon, very good. Colts seemed to have some technical difficulty tonight. They we're announced as the encore, but that fell through for some reason. Genesis has a powerful group and a great quality of sound. Colt Cadets have a nice show. Was really impressed with River City Rhythm. Overall, a great night for drum corps in Sioux City.
  2. Mr. Boo, I did recognize your posts as simply having a laugh. While context is always tough, your light-hearted fun always comes through crystal clear. Thanks for all you do.
  3. To the OP, All sarcasm aside (and there seems to be a lot of it), thanks for posting. Defintely interesting, funny, and entertaining. For some of us on the "outside", it is a treat to see some of these guys in a casual atmosphere, telling stories, and doing a little drummin'. Not all of us got to hang out on tour with these guys, and while the "mystique" may have worn off for you long ago, the magic of this activity and those involved is still there for some of us. Again, thanks!
  4. SCVdrums

    Star of Indiana 1993

    Best show ever.... and loved Cadets and it doesn't matter... Can't we all just get over ourselves?
  5. SCVdrums

    Booing and the Cadets

    Plain, simple, to the point. ANYONE who boos, laughs at, jeers, or jokes about a corps within earshot of the kids, their parents, or other fans trying to enjoy their experience at championships is a classless loser. You are entitled to your opinions about any corps' performance, their staff, their program etc. BUT to do it in the crowd and in a manner that's makes it audible or obvious to performers is grounds for dismissal from finals. Get a life. <**> <**> <**>
  6. SCVdrums

    ATTENTION: Academy Honks

    This and other posts are sounding just a little jealous of a staff and BOD whom seem to be running their corps the right way. I think fans from some other corps are eagerly anticipating this corps falling on its face in one way or another. So they tour regionally, big deal. That might be a better idea for many of our struggling corps. Would staying closer to home for much of the season have kept one of our many now non-existent corps from folding? I don't know, but it may have helped a few. Would I get to see all the corps I can now? Probably not. But a limited tour ending with a trip to finals would probably be just as rewarding for the kids. And cheaper as well. It might be interesting if everybody did that and "slotting" wouldn't be a factor. To all the staff, kids, and volunteers for all the corps, THANK YOU for everything you do. To all the posters of flame bait, to people who are reading this at their job today, and to anyone else who fails to remember that these are KIDS we're talking about here.....LIGHTEN' UP!
  7. SCVdrums

    Cadets morale?

    a little observation about Hrothgar15... "Methinks he doth protest too much." I say he's jealous........... really, no kidding.......... the staff of The Cadets has forgot more about drum corps than he'll ever know!
  8. Things we SHOULD be talking about..... 1. The quality of shows from top to bottom is outstanding..... 2. These are KIDS doing this stuff, performing at this level, working this hard, and grasping these concepts, also some great educators out there! 3. The celebration of the ACTIVITY....whether you like a particular show or not....what an wonderful thing for kids to do! Thanks to anybody who reads these forums and has marched, voluteered, staffed, housed, whatever for drum corps. You are truly outstanding people. (LoveFest officially over) I am RElearning that in our society, we mock what we don't understand. If you don't like it, fine. But to trash any corps or show with words like hate, disgusted, or worst is really sad. This is not the CSO, these kids are not getting paid, and if you feel so strongly about it, start a corps, design a show, arrange some brass and drum parts, buy some busses, hire some staff, and do it your way. You don't HAVE to watch. Nothing much changes from complaining....
  9. SCVdrums

    Cadets Guard Clip from the Ballad

    they simpy have to get the mix levels vocally and instrumentally..... but MOST importantly, to pull off two minutes of chord progressions, every student has to understand the nuances or ebb and flow of the entire piece. They are close as they really climax at the end of the clip. BUT, slow music is harder than fast music. slow NOTES are easier than fast NOTES, but the opposite is true when making MUSIC. This type of ballad is hard to communicate to the audience because of it's pure simplicity. They will make this more effective with phrasing, not drill. And it takes EVERY performer having a complete understanding of what needs to be communicated emotionally and how that relates to AIR. They will get it, they're too good not to. Once they completely "get it", I think you'll find that the audience will too. Congrats to all corps on a wonderful season!
  10. SCVdrums

    Cadets changes

    Yes, there is the possibility that, although BD, Cavies, 'Coats, and Phantom all have outstanding shows this year, Cadets could grow this show into a DCI title winner. They seem to be on a slow but steady train to perfection, much like last year. Of couse, at which time the big bang expansion will cease, the universe with swallow itself whole and all that will be left is a very dense compression of matter.........on a pink bench...... Good luck to all corps.....remember, our future and the future of the universe in is your hands.... It's just drum corps....
  11. SCVdrums

  12. Anyone ever just fall in love with a show.......again! 1980 Bridgemen "In The Stone" is FREAKIN' AMAZING! No WAY! a corps of Bb's recreates THAT sound....... Just had to share... That is all....
  13. SCVdrums

    Places to eat in Madison

    meals are served by the pitcher across the street at the gridiron...... Play some golden tee, throw some darts, and tip a few....... you'll forget you were even hungry.... :P
  14. While I have too much respect for the activity and its participants to EVER think about telling people I marched, the activity is different from other sports, symphonies, or any other groups. There's always a situation at finals or any show where you may be talking to a buddy that's marching that year or on staff or selling souvies or whatever and someone else comes up and you feel it it comes!!!! "You march?" And you know that person didn't mean anything but what he or she said and you also know that person probably won't harbor any preconceived notions about you when you say "umm, no." It's still tough. After attend several finals, regionals, small shows, camps, and being aquainted with many members and volunteers...... When that question is asked, I STILL want to just crawl in a hole! I feel like I've got a valid opinion on many aspects of the activity. But I don't even discuss those in front of FMM or CMM. It'd be like telling a Vietnam Vet what your thoughts are of the Vietnam War while you ran to Canada.....I know, a little extreme, but just an example. Anyway, yeah, NEVER say you marched when you haven't. Most corps members don't care one way or another. And respecting the activity that those that took part in it may cause you to squelch your ego a little, but it'll be OK
  15. SCVdrums

    Impact BD specs in pit

    Hey guys, What would you suggest for that big impact BD one sees in the pits of corps? I'm looking for that extra umph! Ideas on sizes, tunings, etc. Thanks in advance! Eric