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  1. 27th Landers (safely getting planes to the ground singing Danny Boy) Star of Indians (Bollywood Actors) Suncoast Mound (Where pitchers stand at Tropicana Field) Blur Knights (lack of clarity in the ensemble) Flue Devils (Cuban Fireplace suite) Bluecoals (at the bottom of that fireplace) Madison Snouts (play like pigs) Blue Stare (people in La Crosse WI look at you too long) Carets (14K gold cummerbunds) Caroling Crown (they go around the neighborhood singing Deck The Hall) Spit it of Atlanta (idk)
  2. Now when you see the Madison Scouts this summer, you’ll know you’ll be seeing the “Men of Madison” for the last time. Everyone will know it’s the end of one chapter and 2020 will be the beginning of another.
  3. Anybody know what Ford Field will and will not allow inside the stadium? Purses/umbrellas/etc.
  4. They were depicting a scene from the movie John Q. Unfortunately, the only photo shown in ANY story on this is the one. I’ve seen ZERO video of of this show, not even of this part of the show. It’s being taken out of context. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t insensitive, but it’s out of context.
  5. It takes huge news like this to get me to post on here again. So DCI has released a statement, but their site has crashed because of it. Has anyone seen it? What does it say? Can you paste it in here?
  6. I have 2 still! If you can find 3 others somewhere else, you're all set!
  7. I have 2 tickets for Finals Saturday night, section 445. I'm stuck at home with a family illness and can't get into Indy. I can email them and get a payment through PayPal. PM me if interested.
  8. I have 2 tickets in section 445. PM me if you're interested
  9. Looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers did it! Yeah, I know, this is a 9 year old thread.
  10. 53.9. Legends 65.0. Spirit 66.3 troopers 67.5 Xmen 68.3 Boston 73.7 Cavs 77.5 Carolina 79.0 Cadets
  11. Legends was great! So much more improved than last few years. Killer drum solo!