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  1. For many years, if it would not have been for the magic of "Aunt Nellie", there would have been a ton of "Wardrobe malfunctions" on the field.......especially after tempos got said, so glad they are returning to the uniform.........I hope that they have the guts after this year to "stay put" with it, and buck the "costume" trend....................
  2. It is a credit to them that they came back year after year, through thick and took until 1999 for them to become a finalist again, but they never gave up, and the organization and members showed great pride every year, and earned the respect and admiration of audiences as well.
  3. I have an early DCI question. Just prior to the formation of DCI, there were a few eastern corps that had some strong competitive success.......Blessed Sacrament, Blue Rock, and St. Rita's Brassmen. I heard rumors that when DCI was formed, there were some corps who were opposed to the new organization. I do not have confirmed info, but I believe that these three corps may have been among them. Blessed Sacrament does not have a 72 season listed, so it looks as though they stopped competing, even though they were still respectable competitively in 1971. Neither St. Rita's or Blue Rock co
  4. I do feel for those that would have aged out to miss their last season(s). However, as others have stated, this is a throws people curves, and they have to face things. We wouldn't have a drum corps season if the continental US was under attack from a foreign invader....guess what....we are...the invader is simply invisible. For those who still have the urge and means to march, but have aged out, they can march with a DCA corps. I do think that those members who have paid corps most or all of their fees/costs...the corps should be mandated by DCI to refund these folks. "
  5.!/Obituary Somebody posted this yesterday on social media...............tragic................ RIP, Davey Tucker...........marched in Spirit, Cavaliers, and Blue Devils..............age 28
  6. Some experts today came out and said that they believe that it will be the middle of 2021 at the earliest before an effective vaccine happens for the masses, as things continue to be tested out. If that is true, say bye-bye to the 2021 season.
  7. I do get your point. I wanted to clarify something though......the corps that were DQ'd for overage may have only had one individual pointed out that was overage (in the Bridgemen's case, they were ineligible, as they were going to turn 22 during the season, but they never actually marched someone who was 22......the other 3 corps did........and I know for a fact that two of the corps dq'd had more overage members than just the one that they were caught with (and one had a large number).....I won't go into it, but one had 3 and the other one had alot.........
  8. I do think that it is good when members can present their views to staff/administration. This has happened forever. In recent times, though, I wonder if it happens far less frequently. I can tell you...for example, uniforms......there are uniforms today that are presented, where back in the day, we would have said, "we aren't wearing THAT", and that would have been the end of it. Today, I think more is forced on the member and there is little or no feedback. Even money was "negotiated" at times back in the day. In my 2nd year, I was not going to march. A member had a problem, and I got
  9. That definitely happened, as I spoke to someone involved who was from Purple Lancers.
  10. It is certainly not insignificant. They gave us until 3 PM to prove that the member was 21 and not overage. At that moment, we had nothing, due to a misplaced birth certificate file (which they did track down much later), and the member had nothing that proved his age on him. It would have been interesting to see what would have gone down had we not proven his age by 3 PM. Those who filed the claim certainly had no proof....but they went forward anyway. If the 1980 Cadets had been disqualified, it is safe to say that the corps most likely would not have recovered; I do think the corps wo
  11. 1982............he was on the percussion staff starting in 1979..............
  12. There was a 5 corps battle for the last 3 spots in DCI finals.....Garfield, Guardsmen, North Star, Blue Stars, and Troopers. All were good, so it was up in the air. I was on staff at Cadets....we had 18 brass in May, and 56 when the season started...........a successful recruiting trip to Mississippi and Louisiana answered our prayers. The kids that came were both talented and hard working. It was a miracle. We did fill a few blanks mid-season, and one of them was the horn player who's age was challenged. He did look old, and he also had played with a DCA corps for a few years. North S