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  1. Many are addressing the increased costs for the operation of the corps.....certainly a significant concern......though I agree that the corps will figure out how to get through. However, the impacts on individual members of the corps could be just as concerning. If suddenly it costs a member double or triple what it cost not long ago just to get to rehearsal, that could be a "deal breaker" for kids who saved and planned for x amount of dollars to march, and suddenly it is much, much more......some simply might not be able to do it.
  2. Long time DCI/DCA and band judge Joe Allison has passed away. RIP Joe..........
  3. I was just wondering how much impact airfares will have on the 2022 season. Airfares have GREATLY increased since January; in some cases, double, triple, and even quadruple the fares of just months ago. Yes, there are still some discounts offered, but not nearly as many. Those who travel to audition camps and rehearsal camps have to be impacted. I wonder if some corps will allow members who fly to simply show up at move-ins, which literally could save them not just hundreds, but perhaps thousands in airfare. I am also wondering if this will impact spectators who travel to big shows and nationals via air, especially when people go to look for deals that just are not there. Also, just "roughing it and drive" is no longer economical either, due to the huge increase in the cost of fuel. I would be curious to know how many members who have had to withdraw due to the huge increase in costs to get to auditions/camps, not to mention added to the cost to march.
  4. The 165 limit is to accomodate three full 55 seat buses; it is actually more economical to fill every seat. If any of the corps have buses that are fewer than 55 seaters, than the adjustment can be made accordingly. Eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) props would be helpful....there are corps that literally had a semi just to carry those, and I know of one corps that was begging for money to stay afloat that also spent $80,000 on props that same year. The World oil situation is severe, and I don't know what the answer is there short of taking every step to max our own oil production, and greatly stepping up electric car production, and try to bring down the costs of those vehicles as well. At this juncture, it would be unfair to tell a kid in the pit, who has traveled for auditions and paid fees just like everyone else, that you are cutting back so they are out. Future considerations? Absolutely, especially if you can cut out one truck.....I think that 10 people (or less) total instead of 20 is a reasonable reduction goal. If our government does not do all that they can to reduce fuel prices, not just corps, but our entire economy is going to be slammed.......all forms of vacation/leisure travel are going to be impacted, including corps excursions, as people are just going to stay home. I just hope and pray that a maniacal leader can be ousted before starting WW3 (one that nobody will win).
  5. Question.......some years ago, unless I am delirious, I believe that there were a good many corps that participated in some sort of "fuel consortium".....there was a vendor, and they were able to purchase gasoline in advance at a certain price (and that stayed the same even if fuel went up) I wonder if that is still around? It would be a great thing for them if it was..........
  6. Thanks for your reply. I feel your pain, and I believe what you say. As an outsider, initially I thought that it was just a family squabble over name/rights to the corps' name and use of name. However, after reading the judges' comments, and then looking at the tax filings.......it didn't take much to figure out what was going on, and you reiterated that as well. Although I didn't personally know your father, I think that perhaps there is a solution somewhere down the line. With the court verdict and the consequences, it is highly likely that your sister will not be able to continue the foundation, regardless of name. The IDEA of the foundation, and sponsoring a few individuals to march, is not bad; especially in these days with high costs to march, and some or many talented young people being priced out of the activity. Maybe a charity that resumes that cause, in the 27th name, which is properly run, gives more and uses the vast majority of funds toward the scholarships, would be possible, and one that the alumni would unite under. Your Dad would like that idea. Your sister would either come around (hopefully) and realize the error of her ways, or she would not. I can say that good will always eventually prevail. Thanks again for your response, and I wish you all the best.
  7. Hello.......thanks in advance for taking the time to answer these questions. When the "Foundation" was formed by your sister Denise, please tell me what concerns you had after the "Foundation" became active. Did you indicate those concerns to her, and what was her response? The "Foundation" still exists, just under a different name. How do you feel about that?
  8. It's all about demonstrating questionable ethics involving the running of a scholarship foundation. The judge also pointed this out. You disagree with a differing opinion, and that's your perogative. The end.
  9. Exactly what I read.....far, far more than a squabble over a trademark name........the judges made their decision........but other than being out $$$, the individual remains the CEO of a major corps.
  10. He was a great director who gave all of himself to the corps and all "his kids"....I was one of them............RIP Robbie.............
  11. Actually, Denise took additional actions on 1/29, since this thread was started, and now expects money to be raised through the foundation, not for scholarships, but to pay for the legal verdict that was a direct result of her actions. There could be additional consequences for these actions, and someone has pointed out that an additional investigation may be taking place. This is about far more than a dispute over a trademark/name. It is about possible unethical and perhaps criminal behavior by someone who is now a CEO of a major corps witn an over $2 million budget and the checkbook. People have expressed their opinions of her actions, and you have the right to express yours. Certainly the moderator can close a thread, but for what purpose here? To censor any new information?? To brush info under the rug and pretend there is nothing to see here?? If you don't wish to read any more info on this, you don't have to, and you also have the full right to express your point of view....but to quelch others in discussing something that is ongoing.....I don't know.......
  12. Agreed. I think it is safe to say that the "Foundation" is likely over (though I am all for giving kids scholarships.....but not as a front to somebody's yearly and pricey August vacation.........I would be curious to see what the IRS has to say about the tax writeoffs.......
  13. From what I have heard, the siblings who filed the suit reached out several times to work together with the other two siblings, but Denise wanted to do her own thing with no regard for their input/feelings. The suit was filed after all other efforts failed, and they could not stand by and watch her run the foundation in the manner that she did, all under the 27th name, which she had zero legal authority to do. A judge and jury made a decision and it was upheld in appelate court. Her declaring that the decisions were "wrong" mean nothing. Her foundation, unless a miracle happens, is done......she is not going to get donations of that level to cover her court verdict....for her to ask of these funds through the foundation (not for it's expressed purpose of monies for scholarships) is not only unethical, but may be illegal as well. I read this on a Mass. website.....I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me that the actions qualify for all three here. I think that it would be a good thing if the winning plaintiffs would consider developing their own charity in the 27th name, and actually use most of the funds (minus reasonable expenses) for the benefit of scholarships. The Non-Profit Organizations/Public Charities Division has jurisdiction to investigate complaints that involve: misappropriation of charitable funds; fraudulent or misleading solicitation; and unethical behavior by charitable employees or board members. The AGO generally does not become involved in governance disputes within nonprofit organizations.
  14. Unfortunately, some important evidence is left out of the "statement" above. I would suggest to take a look at the tax returns for the Foundation, and also refer to the judge's comments about Denise using foundation funds to pay for her trips to DCI, lodging, car, airfare, meals, and even throwing parties. For example, in one particular year, the intake of funds for the foundation was nearly $15,000. They awarded $2000 in scholarships. However, much, much more than that is indicated in "other expenses" (the "other expenses" schedule was not made public in any year, from what I can see). Also, actual LOSSES were declared in recent years; from what I can see, in order to take to balance of the account down. If you are awarding scholarships in the amount of $1000 each, why would you have in excess of $20,000 in the account? Where is this money now? The statement above actually indicates that the main purpose is to pay the damages that the defendants have to pay, and is thus not in line at all with raising money for scholarships at this time, which is the stated purpose of the foundation. Frankly, the trademark/name was of little significance here (including the plaintiffs). What WAS at issue was gross misuse of funds for individual purposes, not the intended purposes of the foundation.
  15. That explains some things....our capes (1978 Crossmen) were long and RED (lined in white)....no wonder the mosquitos declared war on us in prelims......lol.....
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