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  1. He was a great arranger. RIP Ken Norman.
  2. Jeff was an alumnus of the Crossmen, and then served as the corps' director. He was involved with several other corps as director, administrator, instructor. He was well-liked by all. RIP Jeff.
  3. It is with sadness that I report that Gary Caffery passed away this past week. Gary was a member of the Crossmen hornline from 1977-1981, and was an incredible lead soprano soloist. He was well-liked and respected by everyone in the corps. RIP Gary.
  4. Brian Law passed away this morning. He was a charter member and baritone soloist for the Crossmen, and later on the Bushwackers. He was an instructor for the Bridgemen, and other drum corps, and also won the DCA baritone individual championship multiple times. He also instructed many band programs and also served as a judge. Brian worked well with everyone and brought a positive vibe with him. Though he struggled and lost his battle with cancer, his spirit remained intact. RIP Brian.
  5. It is with sadness that I post that Rob Muller passed away this past weekend. Robb was a marching member (keyboard perc.) with the Bayonne Bridgemen, and then went on to their staff, as part of a team that won multiple DCI High Percussion titles. Robb also instructed/arranged for the Cavaliers, the Colts, the Bluecoats, the Reading Buccaneeers, and the Westshoremen., and Star of Indiana/Brass Theatre. He was a judge for DCA. He also was involved with many high school and university programs. Robb also had a long time position with the Minnesota Vikings involving game day production. RIP ROBB..........
  6. Frank Patrisso, 95, sadly passed away on 3/26/21. He was the last living "original Cadet", as he marched in the original Holy Name (Garfield) Cadets in 1934. I never met him, but I heard about him. He was present for the Cadets 85th anniversary. RIP Frank
  7. Frank Gerris passed away this past week, from COVID19. Frank was a designer/instructor for the Hawthorne Caballeros, the Hawthorne Muchachos, and several other corps. RIP Frank
  8. Dave Bandy passed away a few days ago. Apparently he was found in his apartment in Hawaii....no word on cause.............Dave was a visual designer/instructor for multiple corps over the years. He designed the visual program for the 1980 Garfield Cadets, and played a key role in the corps rise back to finalist status. He was well-liked and respected by all who knew him. RIP Dave..............
  9. For many years, if it would not have been for the magic of "Aunt Nellie", there would have been a ton of "Wardrobe malfunctions" on the field.......especially after tempos got faster....lol................that said, so glad they are returning to the uniform.........I hope that they have the guts after this year to "stay put" with it, and buck the "costume" trend....................
  10. It is a credit to them that they came back year after year, through thick and thin......it took until 1999 for them to become a finalist again, but they never gave up, and the organization and members showed great pride every year, and earned the respect and admiration of audiences as well.
  11. I have an early DCI question. Just prior to the formation of DCI, there were a few eastern corps that had some strong competitive success.......Blessed Sacrament, Blue Rock, and St. Rita's Brassmen. I heard rumors that when DCI was formed, there were some corps who were opposed to the new organization. I do not have confirmed info, but I believe that these three corps may have been among them. Blessed Sacrament does not have a 72 season listed, so it looks as though they stopped competing, even though they were still respectable competitively in 1971. Neither St. Rita's or Blue Rock competed in the 1972 DCI Championships (Whitewater), though they both were competitive and beat corps that were finalists. Perhaps traveling to Wisc. was an issue for both 72 and 73. Blue Rock did go in 1973, but didn't qualify, as they were slipping competitively. Does anyone know more here? Perhaps the new "touring model" that was evolving, made it difficult for corps to travel out of region to compete. It is rather sad, as here are 3 corps that were all clearly quite competitive just as DCI was forming, but faded after the formation.
  12. I do feel for those that would have aged out to miss their last season(s). However, as others have stated, this is a pandemic....life throws people curves, and they have to face things. We wouldn't have a drum corps season if the continental US was under attack from a foreign invader....guess what....we are...the invader is simply invisible. For those who still have the urge and means to march, but have aged out, they can march with a DCA corps. I do think that those members who have paid corps most or all of their fees/costs...the corps should be mandated by DCI to refund these folks. "Oh, well....that's just the way it is....we don't have it......we spent it", are not going to be acceptable answers, and members could pursue legal action. If they already spent the money, they should have to liquidate assets to pay their bills and these refunds. I find your comment about "only full time college students be offered this opportunity" to be quite discriminatory. Drum corps has already become a "rich kids sport", as many young people are simply priced out of the activity. In this case, you could have a case where "rich mommy and daddy" are paying 50K+ per year for a member to go to college, also paying most or all of their corps fees, and you are blessing them with another year due to the covid cancelled season(s).....but you are not for the kid who graduated high school, could not afford to go to college, lives in his/her parents' basement, and worked very hard at a low/minimum job for 3 years to earn every penny needed to march....but you won't extend them..........really?? I think adding a "no props" rule and keeping it in place for awhile would be helpful. It will encourage corps to be frugal, and help those that must be in order to survive, and put emphasis on performances. One thing for certain.....the days of 2+ million dollar budgets are over....and corps management that puts the blinders on regarding this will find themselves bankrupt quite quckly......those who are already making plans to get by on 500 - 800 K may have a shot at survival. We will likely be in a depression when corps returns, and DCI would be wise to start planning for that now........an attempt to make it affordable to march, and affordable for fans to attend shows. ....the current "country club" approach is not going to survive; that money simply will not be there.
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