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  1. Stop: feeling like you must have stages,, winterguard uniforms, trombones, sousaphones, no hats, overkill electronics to be competitive (then again, it feels like GE is being scored more for this "stuff" than actual content or even sometimes use of it so?) Start: having difficult drill while playing (thank you to some corps this year for still doing that) and go back to some type of corps identity Change: judging - if electronic balance is bad or has issues, why does this not impact the music or GE scores? I have other things in mind too (possible split up of World Class into 2 division types... more traditional v/s anything goes...aka summer BOA/WGI which is where it's going... but I'll stop there
  2. truer words have never been spoken. it's horrible. the only thing worse are the recordings from 95
  3. live by the electronics die by the electronics right? well no... because when anyone is unbalanced (which happens more often than not) or even having electronic issues affecting sound or popping/cracking, etc. do the scores reflect that. Also no. Why I have no clue - this is still a competition right? or is it?
  4. I get what you're saying but you can't compare DCA corps and shows to something like Cadets, Phantom's, or Madison's 90's - early 2000's style shows. apples and oranges I still feel like some of those shows would bring crowds to their feet... they just wouldn't score well because they aren't playing the "game" now and therein lies the problem imo drum corps has evolved (right or wrong) to WGI outdoors
  5. is it time to split the world class division into 2 different ones? older style drum corps groups v/s WGI/BOA anything goes groups? sound crazy I know but...you have Cadets, Phantom, Madison, groups like that who have won but aren't keeping up with the (crazy) trends. The crowds today can still be wowed by fast tempos good music crazy drill without having spandex on props and half the corps mic'ed call me crazy old school whatever that's fine, but it won't be much longer before woodwinds come into play... then I think it's time for the 2 divisions honestly because at that point drum corps is basically summer BOA/WGI ready for the backlash to my post from some in 3...2...1...
  6. visual, guard, and percussion folks I get... but I guess I was referring to more overall show design
  7. it's amazing the activity has changed so much that the only way to stay relevant is to go out and look for WGI designers and wear WGI costumes. Not bashing where things are in the activity, just stating fact. Personally I don't like it however - the Cadets are what got me into drum corps. Fast tempos, amazing drill, awesome music with lots of mellophone runs, etc. it's not like that anymore.
  8. while cool this is just another thing that will cost more money when we need to level the playing field more the membership fees are already out of hand things like this would probably just increase them more
  9. agreed - hoping with the new direction cadets back off from voice some - I enjoyed last years show but would have enjoyed it more without it personally. they were good but it seemed more forced in the show than providing more elements of show benefit
  10. very true... I can't imagine his adrenaline during all that though - that would be something to experience... just not anymore with the rule change
  11. in their defense they were probably out of oxygen from that drill lol
  12. I second this... also watch the percussion judge and how he narrowly escapes death multiple times lol