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  1. I apologize...the tickets have been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  2. my apologies... tickets have been sold. Thanks for your interest.
  3. Yes! Sorry for the delay. I have two others interested, so whoever responds first can have them. I can transfer the tickets directly to you from Ticketmaster via your email address and I'll need your first and last name. You can pay me via PayPal using my email address or you can mail me a check. Thanks, Chris Barr
  4. Hi, Sorry for the delay. I have two others interested, so whoever responds first gets them. I can transfer the tickets directly to you from Ticketmaster via your email address and I'll need your first and last name. You can pay me via PayPal using my email address or you can mail me a check. Chris Barr
  5. Thank you for your interest...sold on July 21
  6. cbarr4

    3 Prelims Friends of DCI Tickets for sale

    Kevin, I need two tickets for prelims, Thursday night, if you might be breaking up the lot. Thank you, Chris Barr
  7. "The Rose Bowl" Those words evoke visions of grandeur, of history, of champions being born. Yes, the setting in Arroyo Seco is beautiful, and the lore is alluring, but alas, it is all an illusion. The only thing the Rose Bowl is good for is New Year's Day aerial shots from the blimp when it is jammed with football fans. Being jammed in there on the old bench seats was bad enough, but the 1982 addition of seat-backs effectively eliminated all leg room and pass-through room. DCI should have known the Rose Bowl was no place to hold this great event after the post-season Tour of Champions in 2004. I was there and I was not happy with the experience. One of the worst aspects is that most of the corps' housing and practice sites are farther away than they may appear on the map if you consider the clogged roads getting to Pasadena. The stadium itself, in spite of renovations over the years, is hopelessly antiquated. The too-few and too-long tunnels in and out of the stands surely weren't meant to be conduits for human beings. They become as jammed up as the SoCal freeway system. Once you are in your seat, if you are in the middle of a row (The Rose Bowl must hold the Guinness Record for the longest rows of seats in the world) you better be catheterized because you ain't going nowhere! A two-and-a-half hour football game can be endured, but seven hours of drum corps? Then there is the buzzing of the lights. It is more than an annoying distraction between performances. It can ruin a ballad or a solo. It was even a constant annoyance during the quarterfinals program at the movie theater I attended. Drum Corps gives us some of the best sound in the world. The buzzing lights alone should have been a deal breaker for this venue. The list goes on, but I won't elaborate. Even though it looks like DCI finals will be in a wonderful new facility in Indianapolis for a long time to come, I am reminded of my favorite stadium ever for DCI finals: Arrowhead in Kansas City in 1988 and 1989. The stadium remains a favorite of NFL players and broadcasters 35 years after it opened. What they didn't know when they built it was that they were building a perfect concert hall for DCI. The sound and the viewing angles are fantastic. I have often thought that Arrowhead's great acoustics added to the beauty of SCV's legendary "Phantom of the Opera." Kansas City is the geographical center of the country. The parking lot is huge. It is big enough for all the fans AND all the corps, too. Located at the intersection of two freeways, there is no easier access anywhere. I remember DCI finals logistical nightmares like Orlando and College Park, and I wonder how much research DCI did or if they even cared about the people who had to find ways into those places to support the activity. An arrangement that makes sense to me from a life-isn't-fair-but-let's-compromise standpoint, is to alternate between Indy and Denver. Two great stadiums, one city quasi-east, one city quasi-west. Ah, if only the world were perfect and I got to make all the important decisions about my favorite diversion. Chris
  8. cbarr4

    Selling ONE Finals Ticket

    This ticket is sold. Thank you.
  9. Single Seat, Club Level Section 12, Row 18, Seat 5 Make me an offer! Face value ($125) or LESS, I will pay shipping. Please don't respond through this forum or its messaging system. Email me at Thanks, Chris Barr
  10. cbarr4

    Foxboro Tickets for Sale

    Finals: One-- CLB12,Row 18,Seat 5--$125 One-- Sec 205,Row 27,Seat 16--$35 Semifinals: Two-- CLB30,Row 15,Seats 13&14--$100 pair Quarterfinals: Two-- CLB30,Row 15,Seats 13&14--$80 pair The pairs stay together--otherwise, pick and choose. E-Mail me at: Please include "Foxboro" in subject line. Thanks. Chris Barr
  11. cbarr4

    Pittsburg Reviews?

    I was there, but I am not qualified to do in-depth analysis. Great stadium to watch drum corps. I was late, only saw the four shows after intermission and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Blue Knights and Glassmen both have impressive guards this year with beautiful flags. The Blue Knights show is loaded with stuff for fans of battery features. The Blue Devils show is entertaining but rather one-dimensional in my opionion. I think each of the movements included the classic Blue Devil soprano solo/duet scream feature. Fun show, though--you will want to get up and dance with them. The Cavaliers show really has it all. I was dubious that they could sell a show with a Chicago theme, but then I was dubious that they could sell 007 last year. I was wrong both times. This show is an emotional roller coaster ride with some atypical Cavaliers moments where they actually seem to be aiming for audience reaction and applause, particularly in the second movement baseball section. And IT WORKS!! They effectively ripped my heart out at the end of the big fire scene then had me grooving moments later to the "Sweet Home Chicago" sendoff. A very well-rounded program with amazing drill design, well played and well executed. Looks like a winner to me. I can only imagine what they will do to improve it between now and finals.
  12. I am not sure of the exact sections, but good seats are selling on eBay for near face value.
  13. Please contact me at if you can sell me a single seat in the club level for Saturday night. Thanks, Chris