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  1. Way to go Seattle--knew you could break 80 tonight. Great Job!!
  2. Seattle has been knocking on that door for a couple of shows now. Maybe tomorrow night!
  3. Cascades did not cut out the props--they hadn't even arrived by the time they performed--the amp did but they did not use it very much last night.
  4. Sorry for that--- but this was my first time to post a review and did not realize there was a certain place it had to go.
  5. Here is my take on the Wichita Falls show. I have more of a personal take on it because this show was hosted by our Band parents. I have worked on this show all year long and prayed every night that everyone would come here to this small town and just really enjoy what they are experiencing what these corps have to offer. We had a few glitches to handle the day of the show--the biggest one was the loss of one of our top corps--The Cadets--of course this was not our fault they were not going to perform and I felt like everyone at the show understood--no one came up and voiced their displeasu