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  1. I have an individual performance VHS of a Cincinnati Glory from finals in 2000... I am trying to get it converted to Digital before the VHS tape breaks.... but no company will do it since it is copy writed. They did say if I get a letter from DCI saying they could do it, then they would... Just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting such a letter from DCI before?
  2. Thank you!! I'll probably still hear Ralphie anyways, but its good to know what its supposed to be.
  3. Sorry for digging up an old thread but I just got the 2017 Finals Audio... and I am trying to figure out what the audio is, right after the guy says "GET HER!" what does the woman yell? To me it sounds like she is saying RALPHIE!! But I cant see how that would fit into the context of the show. Does anyone know what she says? Loved the show, thanks!
  4. I made the mistake of sitting in the 2nd row on the 40 for the Nashville show.... I had to watch the Blue Devils and Cadets with my hands over my ears because of the amplification of the brass line. Amps have ruined sitting down low and getting your ears pinned back by the hornline. Had it just been the pit and soloists amped, I would have been ok with that. But when you amp the hornline the whole show it ruins the show. BD and Cadets were certainly not the only ones to do it, they just had it turned up more than any other corps.
  5. How is the quality this year? Do they get the amped stuff ok? Just wondering if it is worth getting these prelims downloads, or waiting for the Finals ones (if they ever release those). Or wait for the CD's?
  6. The Bundle is there... $25 Anyone downloaded any of these yet? Just wondering how the quality is before I spend the $$$ I bought them last year and the Crown voiceover stuff was bad...
  7. Eversince they launched the Mobile site for my iPad, I have not been able to stream any on demand shows through my apple TV. Cant figure out if it is just me or not. I tell it to play through the Apple TV, then it just sits there on a black screen. If I turn the Apple TV off, the video immediatly starts through the iPad. Hope this does not break the live stream for tonight...
  8. I hope the camera crew realizes that we do not need a shot of the narrarator every time he talks. He is not doing anything important... just give us 1 shot the very first time. In the theatre, everytime he talked, they cut to him... we get it... he is on a stage and talking. And I agree with you, I had Bluecoats over Crown.
  9. It worked on my iPad last night, and I used my Apple TV to watch it on the TV. I think the High Camera did not work on the iPad, but the multi-camera view worked great.
  10. Yeah, the sound is pretty quiet, but I just go into iTunes and turn it up by 50%. The amplification is pretty loud, and it goes in and out in Crown's show for parts of the narration. Otherwise, they sound pretty good.
  11. I dont have tickets for sale, but I am pretty sure the 50 is in the middle of the row, so that would be around seat 12 or something... at least it is for sections 140 and 640... dont know about the other levels.
  12. I think it is ok to boo during the scores announcement. To me, that is booing the judging of the corps, and I am absolutely ok with booing during that part. As paying fans of this sport, we are allowed to show our displeasure with the judging. I would not boo at the end of a corps performance. If there is a show that I do not like, I just will not react at all at the end of the show.
  13. I am looking for 2 tickets to finals night... preferably in the Red or Blue sections. Will pay for shipping, or can get them from you in Indy (we have tickets for Thursday and Friday). You can contact me at jeff.hinton at
  14. The live broadcast time schedule is normally posted on the main DCI site... here is the link for tonights live stream...
  15. I think the live broadcasts still use Flash. As of last year, I was not able to watch those on an iPad.