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  1. Are you out there?

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    2. BDCorno


      You take PayPal? Too late for mailing unless you’re in soCal, could meet you and pick up tix at Lucas Oil

    3. hockeycaps


      I do Paypal. I will be arriving in Indy on Wednesday afternoon, so can meet up at Lucas or somewhere else. Do you need a prelims also? Look forward to meeting you. Call me tomorrow or Monday, if you want. 

      Kevin White


    4. BDCorno


      No, not needing prelims but if I find anyone looking I’ll send them your way. That email is your PayPal? Verifying total of $228? Can send tonite. I arrive at 0 dark thirty Thursday morning and will be around town most of the day except for mid afternoon to catch BD run at Colts. My cell is 909-815-1616. David. Thx. 

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