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  1. I think pretty much anyone in the senior/alumni corps activity knows who Frank "Curley" Gangarosa is. He marched with the Auburn Purple Lancers in the 50s, Syracuse Brigadiers in the late 50s, Rochester Crusaders in the 60s, Rochester Phoenix in the 70s and has helped in the support area with the Empire Statesmen and Mighty St. Joes Alumni Corps. He has been a strong supporter of our activity since the 1950s and knows people from virtually every corps that you can think of and has been a familiar figure on the sidelines and in the stands at shows for years. He has had some pretty serious medical issues and has had to give up his apartment and move into a nursing home. He also has given up his car because he can no longer drive. He is at the Kirkhaven Nursing Home, 254 Alexander St. Rochester, NY 14607. He does not have a phone, nor can he be summoned to the phone, but really love to hear from his drum corps friends by way of a note or card. Also, if you're in the area he'd welcome a visit as well.
  2. I've been in and around the drum corps activity, on and off, since 1956 [yes, I said 1956!]. I've seen and been a part of some memorable moments throughout this span of time. However, I witnessed something on retreat last Saturday night that I've never seen before and I will remember for the rest of my life. The Reading Buccaneers Drum Corps had just regained the title with an incredible performance and the Empire Statesmen Honor Guard had been named best Honor Guard for 2012. The corps on retreat were being dismissed starting from the tunnel end of the field. When it became time for the Empire Statesmen to leave, I wheeled the Honor Guard towards the end of the field and prepared to march off. Just then, out of the corner of my eye I caught a flash of blue and black coming rapidly from my right side. It was the entire Buccs Honor Guard hustling in single file from their position further down the field to get in front of our Honor Guard to "present arms" and salute us for winning best Honor Guard. It was a sight and a gesture that will remain in each of the Empire Statesmen Honor Guard member's memories for a long, long time. Thank you Bill and the entire Buccs Honor Guard for doing this and congratulations, again, to the Buccaneer Drum and Bugle Corps for yet another incredible championship.
  3. Can anyone please let me know how to order a 2012 DCA patch?
  4. Hey Tom Peashey-You know the question!! Will this year be the year?
  5. Mario-what a great story-people like Bob Bellarosa are why we all love this activity and cherish the time we spend with drum corps people regardless of where or when they marched. I met Bob in Syracuse at the NY State contest in 1957-anyone remember the "barracks",at the State Fair, that they housed all the corps in with the metal bunks with no mattresses? I was a rookie with the old Summerville Shoremen and was diligently trying to get the scuff marks out of my white bucks with white polish, sitting on the steps of the barracks. All of a sudden a guy with a New York city accent showed up and said "Jeez, kid, in the big corps we have rookies polish our shoes". I said "I'm a rookie, but these are my shoes". He then sat down next to me and chatted for a couple of minutes. He actually talked to me like I was a veteran, told a couple of jokes and favored me with that great smile. I had no idea who the heck he was but when a walked away, a couple of older guys from Summerville said-"wow, you know that guy--that's Bellarosa". They were really impressed that he and I were sitting there talking like old friends. He was the first of a long line of drum corps characters that I've met over the years. There is something absolutely unforgettable about Bob Bellarosa and I'll miss knowing he's not there anymore. RIP "Kid"
  6. Does anyone have DCA videos they'd be willing to sell? I'm looking for before 1998 specifically. I just bought the last DCA tapes from Gary at the Thunderbirds and wonder if anyone has more they'd like to sell. DVD or VHS-doesn't matter. If you'd rather-you can email me at grichardson@rochester.rr.com.
  7. Gary, I'd like to get the 1999 DCA with Brigs and Kilties, the 1997 DCA, both vol 2 & 3. I'll pay you with paypal. The tapes would be shipped to Rochester, NY. If you want-you can email me at grichardson@rochester.rr.com Thanks,-hope to meet you in person in Sept. Gary Richardson
  8. Gary, I want to order several VHS tapes from you. How do we procede? Gary Riohardson Empire Statesmen Mighty St. Joes
  9. Yeah, Andy, I was referring to the competing corps-some of whom still bring an Honor Guard on the field-Hurricanes, Buccs, Cabs and usually Empire Statesmen. I know there are others too, I just don't remember. I do know about the Alumni Corps doing Color Pre's-I was part of a really nice one with St. Joes last year. BTW, I can't think of an Alumni Corps without some sort of a color pre either.
  10. As I understand it, there will be something new at the end of this year's Alumni show. It sounds like it will truly be a fitting finale to the show with plenty of in-your-face old fashioned drum corps stuff we all love-even a Color Pre!!!! I hope that plans are in place to include this part of the show on the DVDs. Last year we were promised, faithfully, that Honor Guard entrances at Pre Lims or Finals would be included on the final DVDs----you all saw how well the video people followed through on that. I didn't see one American flag on last year's DVDs until they were visible behind the drum majors on retreat. Maybe this year it will be different.
  11. Don't forget the Commonwealth Edison Knights of Light from Chicago and the Detroit Edison Lamplighters from Detroit. Both sponsored by the local power company [i guess that's kind of a corporate sponsor.]
  12. This just in! The Immaculate Conception Golden Cadets have merged with Our Lady of Perpetual Help Scarlet Consonants. The new corps called the Our Lady of Perpetual Conception Beige Lancers marched the Memorial Day Parades [6] with 87 brass and 28 percussion [or was it 28 brass and 87 percussion?--one or the other]. The corps voted not to enter DCA this year because of too many family commitments. They will celebrate the 9 month anniversary of the merger on Labor Day, at several local neo-natal centers in the area.