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  1. Glad you liked the show! Just one correction for you. The guitar notes are not prerecorded. The guitarist is live on either an acoustic electric or electric guitar with a wireless connection to our speaker system - 100% authentic musician and skill.
  2. And on July 14 in Millbrook, AL :)
  3. Due to an overwhelming positive response to the corps this winter, we have decided to further expand our horn line over our initial goal for the 2017 season. We are adding an additional 4 baritone and 2 tuba positions. We are looking for talented musicians to join us at our next camp on March 24-26 at George County High School in Lucedale, MS. If you think you have what it takes, then we want to hear from you! Send a message to our recruiting manager at for information on how you can audition for one of these positions. Video auditions are available, but you need to act
  4. No argument there! Even with our TAMA endorsement, they are a bit too expensive at our current stage of the game :)
  5. Here's a small correction: Southwind uses a TAMA battery but not Kanstul horns. Horns are King.
  6. Southwind is based out of Mobile, AL and being evaluated by DCI for Open class for 2015.
  7. That's a great idea! There's a 'donate' button on the website. Every little bit helps.
  8. Southwind is in Mobile, AL.
  9. You are correct! I marched Southwind in 1991 and we toured mostly with Cadets. I saw that show nearly every night for the entire summer. We always hoped he would get the girl and on Finals, he did...
  10. This means they're still kicking. Hang in there SW!
  11. Just to finish this thread... Mike Loeffelholz, director of Southwind has posted the text of the email he recently sent to members, alumni, and friends. I've posted it here. ********** Dear friends, I am sorry to inform you that Southwind will not field a competitive drum corps for the 2009 season. Although we have made great strides in board development and community involvement, we are simply not financially ready for such a commitment. We could put a corps on the field, but we could not guarantee the quality experience that our students, alumni, and fans have come to expect. As we work
  12. Sorry dude, just respecting the corps and its director by not posting his email. I will say that Southwind will not be fielding a corps in 09. They are not folding, just want to get their finances in order and are looking towards 2010. That's the summary. Good luck to Southwind. I made a donation last week. All of you should do the same to your favorite corps.
  13. Fry Session - a time when the entire corps came together where members could "air-out" any conflicts that had with other members and staff. Usually mid-field on the 50 at whatever field we were practicing. Good times...
  14. Our food crew made a Salisbury Steak-kinda-meatloaf thingy. Basically it was layers of frozen hamburger patties covered in brown gravy and baked in a giant aluminum pan until it was warm. The most enlightening thing was that the patties had "grill" markings on both sides ....BUT there were no grills on my tour!