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  1. The Bridgemen 1980 (that GUARD groovin' to In the Stone) SCV 1987 (still possibly the best opener in DCI history) Officially old.
  2. Star '93 I don't care how many times I watch it, when the camera zooms in on the member crying at the end, I lose it.
  3. Cadets 93 On A Hymnsong Cadets 99 City of Angels Cadets 2001 Vide Cor Meum What can I say, I love a good Cadet's ballad from years gone by.
  4. Saw this show in Atlanta and loved it, just not sold on the white panels at the end...thats my only complaint.
  5. Let go? Is that what you call it when the caption head resigned? Do not be fooled by Mr. Newell's post as he is just hiding behind the computer and trying to cover his own butt as well as the rest of the board's. Its obvious there is more to the story than meet's the eye. PR is doing just fine and then Rick Valenzuela is added to the mix and suddenly Adam wants to leave.....yes leave, not be "let go" as they would like us all to think. Coincidence? I think not. So many big names have left other organizations (i.e. Jeff Fiedler, April Gilligan, Jenifo LeSeth, Mitch Rogers, etc) but they have been treated with RESPECT and given credit for their efforts and next thing you know they are back on the scene and doing the wonderful things for which they are known. If its such a personal matter between PR and Adam, then why is a member of the board (of ALL people) making it publicly known AND giving incorrect information. Its bad enough that PR is losing the best part of their visual design they've ever had (and probably ever will) but right after winning a championship and the manner with which it was done is just unbelievable. While they may have won DCI, Phantom Regiment has definately lost respect for the individual.
  6. 10) Cadets 1987 9) Cadets 2000 8) Phantom Regiment 1996 7) Star of Indiana 1990 6) Cadets 1995 5) Phantom Regiment 1991 4) Cadets 1989 3) Star of Indiana 1993 2) Santa Clara Vanguard 1988 1) Phantom Regiment 2008
  7. Love the Cadets, but was dissapointed with this first run through. The third section where she talks about "Looking for the man of my dreams..." and then they play a very Boston Crusader-ish type ballad just didn't flow with the rest of the show well to me. The opener and closing was awesome, just worried about whats in between for now.
  8. Who is going to win? Probably Blue Devils (after the Atlanta show I still have no IDEA why). Who SHOULD win? CAROLINA CROWN, no contest.
  9. I have always had an appreciation for Crown, but this year you guys have really turned me into a Crown Fan! You guys were my absolute favorite of the night in Atlanta, and I didn't feel my two favorites (Cadets and Phantom) were even close. Thank you so much for your originality. This show is outstanding and still has so much potential. Phenomenal doesn't even begin to describe the guard...there are no words to describe how great you are. Keep up the great work!
  10. Not even close...I'm going with '88 (which should have won gold). Will always be my favorite drum corps show ever.
  11. 10) Cadets 2005 9) Cavaliers 2000 8) Cadets 2000 7) Phantom Regiment 1996 6) Star of Indiana 1990 5) Cadets 1995 4) Phantom Regiment 1991 3) Cadets 1989 2) Star of Indiana 1993 1) Santa Clara Vanguard 1988