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    fan since 1985 SCV Magic Pants, "Pride of OK" Mellophone '81-'83
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    Blue Devils, SCV (be still my heart), Cavies, Madison
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    '93 Star/'03 BD/'10 Phantom
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    every season
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    Adair, OK
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    -computational number theory
    -working with developmentally disabled individuals
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  1. I'm wondering if this will get rained out because of the hurricane storm that's moving through the area.
  2. Section E Row Z Seats 10 & 11. Weather says heat advisory this afternoon and early evening.
  3. Is this correct stadium address? College Boulevard Activity Center 11031 S. Valley Pkwy. Olathe, KS I remember last year somehow we got to wrong address.
  4. Looking forward to the show tonight! Came up from OK and taking KC cousin. Did the same last year. Then back to OK for Broken Arrow TOC show.
  5. This was comforting information to read. I wish the new board and the corp the best. I think the OP's question was a fundamental one, not trivial. If the answer had been "They were handed a piece of paper from DCI with names of people they must appoint to new board or else" then that would not have been comforting.
  6. We are going! Visiting from OK. In morning going back to OK and to Broken Arrow TOC show.
  7. Yes. When I heard it live in Warrensberg, MO I was a giant goosebump.
  8. I loved when BK did this a couple if years ago https://youtu.be/9YA_Y5ejfKE
  9. You all missed the Sid & Marty Krofft Tripout Moment when Ted Cruise tells everyone he's not voting for The Trumpster. Meanwhile people from Colorado decide to finish their show?
  10. Oh my it has cooled off. Maybe cause I'm still sitting in my car with the AC on. Looking at my apiary lights, listening to NPR Rep.convention coverage on radio, and reading "Live from BA" comments. Life is interesting, and good.
  11. I'm ready you guy's reviews. I worked outside till noon today. I think that us why I just couldn't handle the heat tonight so I didn't go to the show. Saw Warrensburg then Bentonville though.
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