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  1. All staff too, I still wore mine in 13 but the normal DCI Staff passes are useless and the wristband is everything
  2. I fully admit this is one show that would have been aided by G's.
  3. Here are the mock ups for the New Atlanta Stadium from Deadspin, take note of the second one... Deadspin
  4. Dark Side of the Moon by Lovatt Cooper (Brass Band)
  5. I was lucky, my glasses are for long distance vision, had one rehearsal with 'um on and said screw it... no contacts, vision was good enough to make out what was going on the podium, so I stopped using them except for on the bus and non rehearsal situations. BTW... they make prescription sun glasses, get them, they shalt be the greatest thing ever.
  6. In the original flyer it said 30'x30', which plugging into Pyware makes from some cramped space when you get above 10 people, with the 50 upper limit this looks like the size of a guard floor, so it can be used in the winter circuit, grow the activity in the winter, latch on to the winter circuits where there is already a space and time to preform in.
  7. None, but it appears having Boston in the Top 8, and Boston not doing TOS gave the G7 the chance to do it's MIM thing. They couldn't just go off on their own with the likes of Blue Stars in the top 8, bad move, Boston said no, they needed someone to say no to TOC. So now they can go off and said well, this isn't TOC anymore, and, well, look at this thing we got over here to take over the shows.
  8. This is at least interesting, in terms of Soundsport (SoundSport?). I wonder how many independent groups would form, or if it will be dominated by Scholastic groups, or if even, say Cadets, Crown field groups as part of their programs. BTW, I'm at least interested in forming an independent group, anyone else have the thought, or did you just go to reforming old Corps?
  9. over/under at 10:20pm Eastern, and don't push like wilbon
  10. The Funny part is that after a search of the web I can't find anything that says who they are
  11. from bD: What is a decibel? The perceived psychoacoustical loudness should double with every 10 dB increase, so 178.9 dB is more than 32 times as loud as a rock concert (nearly 2^6 = 64), and nearly 8 times as loud as a jet engine at 30 m dB: What is a decibel?
  12. The following order of appearance for the 2010 Drum Corps International World Championship World Class Quarterfinals was determined by averaging the scores earned by each corps at the DCI Premier Events in San Antonio, TX (July 24 & 25), Atlanta, GA (July 31) and Allentown, PA (Aug 6 & 7). Since Jersey Surf did not perform in San Antonio, the score of the corps’ performance on July 24 in Warrenton, VA was used in place of San Antonio. A coin toss determined the order of Colts and the Academy since both corps had the same score after averaging. Pioneer - 3:30 PM Cascades - 3:47 PM Jersey Surf - 4:04 PM Teal Sound - 4:21 PM Mandarins - 4:38 PM Pacific Crest - 4:55 PM Crossmen - 5:12 PM Spirit - 5:29 PM Intermission - 54 minutes - 5:46 PM Big, Loud & Live 7 begins - 6:30 PM Troopers - 6:40 PM Colts - 6:57 PM The Academy - 7:14 PM Glassmen - 7:31 PM Madison Scouts - 7:48 PM Blue Knights - 8:05 PM Boston Crusaders - 8:22 PM Intermission - 17 minutes - 8:39 PM Blue Stars - 8:56 PM Santa Clara Vanguard - 9:13 PM Phantom Regiment - 9:30 PM The Cadets - 9:47 PM Carolina Crown - 10:04 PM The Cavaliers - 10:21 PM Bluecoats - 10:38 PM Blue Devils - 10:55 PM Last score announced - 11:25 PM QFInals Lineup