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  1. Here is a link to the news on the improving financial situation of the Corps.
  2. Encouraging news on Madison’s financial picture at Sorry I can’t post the link from my phone. Check it out if you are interested.
  3. The Hopkins revelations come to mind for me. That stained the entire activity.
  4. Here is a take on Madison's audition process so far from
  5. Well, I would be up for coming down from the Twin Cities for a weekend to just hang out with some of the other oldsters. It doesn't have to necessarily involve a drum corps show.
  6. Well, I guess I'm done. Glad I didn't donate yet. Mike, do you think there will be any interest in continuing with the tailgate party?
  7. I did not see if that proposal was actually adopted or not. Any idea if that is now the policy? The following is what is on the website as of today: "If you contribute at the $100 amount or above, you are enrolled as a "voting member" of Forward Performing Arts, Inc. for the fiscal year in which the donation is received."
  8. I believe that this slate of candidates was elected to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting.
  9. More staff announcements from the Madison Scouts.
  10. More staff announcements from the Madison Scouts.
  11. Speaking of Staff Merry-Go-Round;
  12. With regard to marching band they are vastly different styles. Disclaimer, I marched in the Badger Band from 1977 - 1981.
  13. It ain't haiku, that's for sure. I may have to go back and see if I can read it in iambic pentameter.
  14. Here is a link.
  15. We were like a street gang with instruments in the mid 70s.
  16. I don't believe that DCI will implement this type of limitation on themselves.
  17. How can this be implemented across the activity?
  18. Imagine Drum Corps of the 70s in today's environment.
  19. Awesome, I look forward to meeting you in November. I am Roark Haver, and I marched in the Jr Scouts and Scouts in the 70s.
  20. If someone wants my vote for the BOD, they need to show me why I should vote FOR them not against someone else. I respect your decision making process, mine is just different. At the end of the day, we all want to Scouts to prosper, and that is a good thing.
  21. A clearly presented vision with regard to fundraising, 5-year budget modeling, staffing, member attraction, development, and retention, show content while maintaining the Madison swagger, and tour operation could find a receptive audience. I see a lot of complaining but not a lot of concrete, well-developed, fleshed out plans. I would be interested in seeing what people with the knowledge, passion, and interest in making substantive change have to offer. It's easy to say something sucks, or the BOD should go away. Unless I've missed it, which is entirely possible, I have yet to see someon
  22. No one needs to ask you. If you are interested identify yourself, list your qualifications, vision and implementation plan, and go for it.