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    Fell in love with Devils and Cadets before I marched. I am partial to the experince now and don't have a current favorite.
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    Any show that "clicks", I prefer to like a show live and don't watch my DVDs at all.
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    Sailing my Hobie, still drumming, fixing up old drums, home improvements, retirement planning is taking way to much time lately, skiing, building furniture, biking, rollerblading with the wife, trying to teach the dog to act like a responsible house member.

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  1. Same ballpark. $5 is nothing. $5 a day for a year is $1800. I don't care if a kid in drumcorps smokes. But I would take a look at the reasons when a kid says they don't have enough money to pay for tour. I"m guilty of spending $20 a day (or more) on take out food when I'm working long hours. It's a convenience to me, so I do it. My choice. When you choose to spend your money on smokes (or fancy sneakers, or vacations, or fast food) don't ask me for a discount because "I don't have any money".
  2. Well, I disagree 100%. Being accepted in a drumcorps is a privilege. You aren't paying for drumcorps. You are paying for your food, room and board, transportation, and to a lesser extent instruction, instruments etc. Make no mistake, the most expensive tour fees in DCI cover PART of the corps experience. The other part is paid for by: volunteers, staff working for peanuts, professional drivers accepting a lower rates, alumni donating money, supporters running shows and fund raisers working hard to make up the rest of the budget. If you think paying for a $6000 service with a $3000 check entitles you to think your membership is solely based on money you are mistaken. Kids are accepted into a corps because the drumcorps experience is valued by those that went before them. I'll go one further: Playing in the NFL isn't a privilege, its a J.O.B. Being on the Olympic team is surely a privilege, not unlike corps where most give up a lot to be there. Just because you shell out some money for something doesn't mean it can't be a privilege to be involved.
  3. Marching in a corps is a privilege. The cost of marching is a fraction of what the actual per member expense is.
  4. I"ve been off DCP for a while. I see this thread, then scroll through the first five pages and can't figure out what this thread is about. The OP should have been deleted the day it was posted.
  5. Oh, the sky is not falling! I support the move. As to timing, to plan in advance you have to act in advance. No keeping this under the hat, so vote it in and announce it. Definitely not an act of desperate or panic, the Board makes the best decisions to serve youth, this is how they choose to serve youth, by serving all. Times are a changing people. The Scouts BSA (no longer Boy Scouts) are way ahead on including women. They are on board with other progressive ideas. We are not judges of young people, we are here to assist in making great adults. There is a place for girls and boys in gender specific activities, drum corps doesn't seem to be holding on to that concept. Kudos.
  6. Hey cheap date enthusiasts, and Philly area drum corps fans: Join us on Saturday, June 29th at 8:00 PM ET as the Jersey Surf unveils their 2019 program to the public at West Deptford High School in West Deptford, NJ. The presentation will include a “full dress rehearsal” performance by the corps in their 2019 competitive attire, a Q&A session with our design staff to learn about the process that went into designing this year’s show, and even a chance to mingle with our performers. Concessions will be available, benefitting the West Deptford Band Parents Organization and the Jersey Surf souvenir stand will be well-stocked with 2019 merchandise. As always, admission is free, but a donation to help fill the food truck is greatly appreciated. High need items include: Jumbo Jars of Peanut Butter Jelly (Especially Grape & Strawberry Preserves) Gatorade Drink Mix powder VISA Gift Cards to “restock” the shelves on the road! Family-Sized Boxes Cereal Previews are fun nights to come early and check out warm ups, hear a few words from designers and staff and witness young people starting their drum corps careers. 8 pm puts the corps under the lights and gives you a chance to catch a 2019 uniform reveal up close and in person. It should be a fun night with families of Surfers and friends of the activity supporting local drum corps.
  7. The answer is A. B was never an option. BD isn't the point, sorry for confusing you. Please forget I mentioned BD, they aren't the focus of my post. My objection to tarps is solely money and hassle. If any group really wants to take it on so be it. I have no objection to a corps or band that can convince themselves this is a good idea. I think it is a bad idea. A really bad idea.
  8. Who said anything about punishing BD? They already hire a full time prop staff, mostly kids. They already hire drivers to drive their props around. If they wan't to hire 18 tractor trailers full of gear and go on tour with Taylor Swift let them. I'm just saying it is a nightmare scenario. I honestly have no opinion on the use of tarps from a design stand point. My 100% objection is based solely on money and hassle.
  9. NO PITA These tarps...sigh. Did anyone catch the video of the band parents putting these tarps out? The shear number of bodies? The costs? I can't imagine a drum corps that wants to drag this stuff around all summer. If you have ever traveled with a corps you already know the shear number of hours and costs related to moving equipment, sometimes several times a day, add props to the equation, now add this monster? Windy rehearsal days, packing tarps during a pop up storm, tarping a crappy practice field, tarping a HS football field on a hot sunny day (grass killer), increasing possible injuries 10 fold. Utter nightmare to think about. "Okay corps, no tarp for rehearsal, tarps for an hour of ensemble and run. We cut an hour early to pack the tarp, remember to cut warm up short to roll out the tarp. Unless it rains, then no tarp. Oh, I forgot this school doesn't want our tarp on their field tonight." BD can hire a crew to go on tour and deal with props. Most other drum corps rely on the members and adults on tour. Can I tell you how many wasted hours? (In my opinion of course). Rent a truck....yes a whole truck, this thing isn't going in a bus bay or in with the pit. Get 1 or 2 drivers to drive your tarp system around. The designer that submits this idea should be educated by the administration. The designer that insists on this should be given the opportunity to resign. The corps that wants to do this should be admonished by the check writers. Please no, for the love of common sense and the sanity of all involved,
  10. Hey group, a corps I work with is planning a one time alumni corps extravaganza parade. It is designed to be a parade corps for a single Thanksgiving day parade in 2019. The participants are required to sign up and pay in advance, attend a full rehearsal on the Wednesday (one day) before the parade, stay with the corps at a hotel in the city, then do the parade on Thanksgiving. We are hoping for a large alumni turn out and a large percentage of the 2019 corps attending the parade. That would give us a corps of 200-300. Cost is about $300 and includes a uniform, instrument and hotel room. My question, regarding the 27th Lancers field show in 94, the Star of Indianna, Madison Scouts, Santa Clara Vanguard Rose Parade corps etc. The big ONE TIME get togethers: Did corps accept non-alumni in the ranks? Did the cost cover just the fundamental fielding of the corps, or was this used as a fundraiser? Did the corps require 100% of members make 100% of rehearsal time? IF you were involved in a big ONE TIME project do you have any tips? Suggestions? Some prospective members are questioning the all day rehearsal and taking a day off of work. Some alums just don't seem to be into to concept. Some think only alumni should march, others think it should be open to anyone that wants to celebrate drum corps and help with the fundraiser involved. Thanks!
  11. I bought a canopus converter several years ago. The quality wasn't high, but I got my VHS tapes converted to digital.
  12. Pearl Malletstation $999. Adjustable octaves, instrumentation etc. A malletstation cart with 10 keyboards would take up the same space on the truck as one giant marimba. 4-5 Octave marimba $5k, give or take. 300lbs. Takes up lots of space on the truck. Sound system: many groups already have one, might change a bit if you go all electronic. For the cost of a traditional pit you could buy every kid 2 malletstations (one for home use, one for corps use).
  13. I think DCI derailed I&E and it never got back on track. Several years ago DCI moved I and E to the middle of summer, I think the Texas Regional? That took the wind out of it. It was moved back to finals week and has never been the same. Other contributing factors might be that corps aren't allowed to play after they perform on show days, so working things out in the lot just doesn't happen. I've heard this is a thing. Corps also head out after shows, so the few hang out hours just aren't there anymore. Again, time was spent socializing and working on solos. I know kids at the corps I work with have interest, but the corps really doesn't promote or even seem to want kids to do I and E. I couldn't tell you the last year they let someone do it.