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  1. Who's got the coolest tour tee this year????
  2. The first year that finals took place in Indy. All souvis were in the basement. The Cadets had buckets and buckets of tees priced at 10.00. The problem was no one came down. Well maybe 100 people.
  3. In 1997 a young man was writing drill for the Corona del Sol Aztec Marching band in Tempe AZ. At the Las Vegas Invitational, the director of a California band was overheard in the parking lot saying to his band: "we did not come here to be beat by a HICK band from Arizona". The band director of the arizona band was Mr. Bill Richardson. The drill writers name? Mark Richardson. I wonder what that California band director thinks now about the HICK drum corps from Arizona. Congratulations Mark of being named the 2016 World Class Director of the year! PS. Mark was also named Director of the y
  4. When Academy won div 2 in 2006. They were "kindly" invited to div 1.....smaller corps did not like the competition. Academy wanted to spend another year in div 2 to gain more organizational experience. DCI should move scvc and bdb to wc or create a new div with the liw end wc and the high end oc
  5. Historic will be when all the "blue" corps come in the first 4 places.
  6. I still remember when people used to say The Academy? Who are they..
  7. tripods/mono pods are not allowed at any major league may get past security but you risk being ejected later in you are discovered. I would also be VERY considerate of the people around you. They are there to enjoy a show
  8. 2016 is the 10th anniversary of the Academy winning Div 2 in 2006. Performing in finals would be a dream come true. In 1996 Mark Richardson the corps director marched Blue Devils.
  9. I may be kinda old fashion....I want to see kick ### fast movement. I don't want to hear stand tunes, I don't to see park and blow...leave the props for high schools. If I want a story I'll read a book or go to the theater. I like hearing music I have never heard before. who ever came up with this concept, should be sent to Russia.
  10. I hate to say but they are in 15th going into san antonio. and the way scoring goes it doesn't look good no matter how good their show is. Hopefully I will have to eat my words.