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  1. QBDrum

    Cadets New Logo

    I have no problem with the Cavaliers logo. It works just fine for them. The problem with using a picture of a jazz-running trumpet player is that it doesn't represent all the Cadets. There are other brass instruments, drums, percussion, flags, and weapons that are just as important to the making of a drum corps. The NBA logo is a bit dated (see shorts length), but it works, as everyone who plays basketball, dribbles a basketball. As for the Jordan logo, it's well done too, because it's an individual, and no one except Jordan dunks like that. Coca-Cola got it right and they're ruling the cola marketplace. Pepsi has always been trying to catch up.
  2. QBDrum

    Cadets New Logo

    I realize these responses are a little late to the discussion, but I hope to clarify some of the thoughts behind the logo that I've designed for The Cadets. Ouooga Can someone clarify the significance of arrows with The Cadets? Is it meant to represent "pushing the limit" or something else? There are a couple meanings to the arrows. They were first derived from the uniform sleeve, connecting the logo to the unchanging uniform. And they also represent moving forward, innovation, pushing the boundaries. Soccerguy315 dunno if it's better than the jazz running guy though. Yes, it is better than the running man. That was just a picture. A logo should be something more - representing the values of a company. corgonin Reminds me of what Pepsi did, they traded a traditional logo for some boring one in order to make it more "cool" and marketable. Sure, the new Cadets logo looks pretty good but it will be boring after a while. Pepsi has gone through an incredible amount of logos. Compare that to Coca Cola http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/8676/4586.jpg. Yes, The Cadets have changed the logo a few times, but their values and appearance to an audience has remained consistent. I hope that this logo will stick around as long as the corps is around. Dbc03 I like this better, but not as well as the Garfield G The Garfield G was a beautiful mark, designed by a fellow alumnus and architect. Unfortunately, they are no longer from Garfield, but it was an inspiration for the current logo. Grumpy I liked the old one better-personally, I'd be happy if they would just pick a name and stick with it instead of changing it every couple years. I can understand the HNC for '09, but besides that-decide what to call yourselves and stick with it. I think at this point, The Cadets have decided on a name. They are no longer rooted to a church, or a town, or a county, but the members are comprised from people from around the world. bawker I liked the CB arrow thingy they did for a bit in the 90s the best. It was OK. It tried to hold on to the Garfield G too much though. Gentleman Marcher That's...actually pretty good. Way, way better than I was expecting with the very short "contest" they did. Props to the designer. Clean, few "moving parts" and will reproduce pretty well at every size. The hallmarks of a solid logo. Thank you. Very much appreciated. MGCpimpOtimp I know they aren't garfield, but it would be nice to keep some tradition in the name. It's like the big ten logo, if you look closely, it has "11" hidden in there, because there are actually 11 teams. There is tradition in the name. They've never let go of "Cadets" sday88 I just think the "C" is too skinny of a line. The C is meant to be more of an outline, as the crest of Holy Name and the running man were outlined. Granny Smith As I have looked at it several times now while in different moods, I think the C is too "weak". There doesn't seem to be any balance between the sideways chevrons and the C. Furthermore, I would think that this logo wouldn't produce well at smaller sizes...especially if it is reversed out. Oh...one last thing. This conjures up a railroad logo in my mind for some reason. I appreciate your attempt at a redesign. See comment above about the C. It actually does produce well at a small scale. See the favicon at http://www.cadets.ning.com. 16x16 pixels and perfectly legible. As for railroad comment, I don't mind... railroads move fast - so do the Cadets. Jocko the Wonder Llama Meh. A bit generic if you ask me. Nobody outside of drum corps is going to have a clue who the Cadets are, or what they do. This logo could be just as easily used by an IT company. The Cadets aren't competing with anyone outside drum corps. By the way, does the Apple logo or company name have anything to do with apples? supersop With name changes every 10 - 15 years, all that has resulted is a killing of great brands like Garfield and CBC. At least those names showed ties to the community and were unmistakable with anything else. Had you turned the chevrons the other way so it formed a G .. the haphazard fans out there would actually know who it belongs to .. because the G will always mean something to most all drum corps fan$ ... even the new ones. The Cadets community is no longer tied to a location, therefore, the brand name needs to change. They've made the right decision in just calling themselves The Cadets. When sports teams move, should they keep the original city's name? The chevrons don't point backwards because that wouldn't portray the right message. And lastly, the G is not clear to all drum corps fans. Do you think kids in high school watched drum corps in the 80s? Mello Dude The design seems to be 2 color so anything they get made for it will be MUCH cheaper than 3+ colors. It's just a logo. Not true. It's just simpler. Besides, gold/yellow isn't legible on white, so it'll only be used as an accent color on graphic materials, like the gold on the uniform. Madalumni I guess the only thing about it that falls a little flat for me, is the font....it looks corporate instead of art or music related. The font is Futura and is intended to complement the mark. The C of Futura was actually used for the C outline, connecting both mark and type. And is has a rigid, geometric quality that goes along with the discipline of the corps. Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate them all, positive or negative. For more thoughts on the design, read the proposal that I sent for the logo submission on my website: http://mudeostudio.com/2009/09/the-cadets-logo-proposal/
  3. QBDrum

    Some Allentown Frustration

    This has been mentioned before, the two judges are at different vantage points. One judge is on the field, the other in the stands. They are judging very different aspects of a percussion line. The field judge is looking at individual quality of sound and sectional balance, the stand judge is looking at the big picture, ensemble issues between pit and battery, sound projection, etc. I'm not sure which judge was where, but it seems to me that Crown just isn't doing well in one of these than the other. The scores shouldn't necessarily be similar. Anyone know where the Pipitone and Kristensen were standing?
  4. No, drum corps isn't only about getting a ring or caption award, I agree. But it's nice when after a long, difficult season, all your hard work pays off with a little cherry on the cake.
  5. I love my boys, The Cadets! Congrats. As long as they keep climbing, there's nothing stopping them now. ps. If anyone will be in MA on finals week, in case you're wondering, Cadets will be rehearsing in Dartmouth. I'll be sure to check them out.
  6. QBDrum

    The Cadets

    What didn't you like about the show? What exactly is "bla bla bla?" And why should they be scoring lower? Aren't they getting an effect? Aren't they performing incredibly? I can assure you there's a lot going on that isn't "bla" at all. And it's definately drum corps - one of the top three drum corps (currently second to be exact). So, this show isn't about tradition. They're wearing new uniforms, they're drumspeaking, they're using amps, etc... Drum corps is going to be changing constantly, but the Cadets are still performing a demanding show at a great level. Drum corps isn't just about playing music anymore. It's about putting on an excellent show, however necessary, and the Cadets are definately doing it wonderfully this year. (Points are not given based on the longest maintained traditions)
  7. QBDrum


    I totally agree. Cadets' drum staff and Dartmouth High School's (MA) are almost one in the same. That's why you see a lot of similarities between high school band and drum corps. Tom wrote warmups last year and played them at Dartmouth; now he's using them at Cadets. There are also many similarities between Cadets shows and Dartmouth's indoor shows Dartmouth 05 > Cadets 02/05 Dartmouth 04 > Cadets 96 Dartmouth 02 > Cadets 02 Dartmouth 99 > Cadets 84/94 It's pretty cool to notice how he changes his writing for the same music, usually making the second time better than the first.
  8. QBDrum


    The ballad comes from Bjork's "Dancer in the Dark" off of the Dancer in the Dark album. The percussion feature is based on "Cvalda" from the same album. The first song Liquid and the last song Mirrors are original pieces by Jay Bocook with snipets from Kill Bill and Twilight Zone. Great, great show.
  9. I always wondered who started "Whadda manuva." I still think its great. I've also heard "Go Ian" several times, and wonder if Ian was actually a member. Who knows? Ian, are you out there? And by the way, someone or something from Boston, would be Bostonian, not Bostonese.
  10. QBDrum


    I enjoyed the preshow by the schoolgirl. It only adds to the whole package the Cadets are presenting this year. As long as she isn't distracting the audience while the other corps are performing, I don't see any problem with it. The Cadets are just providing another moment where the fans can interact with the members, similar to what they have been doing recently at the souvenir booth. By having members at the souvenir booth greet you and answer questions, and by having a schoolgirl ask you where she's going, you can get a whole lot of Cadets all in one night. What more could you ask for? Plus, those four schoolgirls are cute. I say keep them.