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  1. I hope someone at the show posts actual sizes of the corps. Curious how they stack up against each other.
  2. Come on, I know they are out there! Check your closets and let's deal!!!
  3. Looking for King 2V Soprano Bugles in Silver finish. Please, PM me with info, pics, prices!!!
  4. Wasn't that hilarious?? I found that and posted it Saturday night after the parade. We were howling!!!
  5. Just when I thought it was safe to retire! Great news and best of luck!!
  6. We just got word that, since the concert following the parade is an SDCA event, it will be broadcast on the DCA Fan Network! Not sure if it will be live, but what the heck?
  7. 52 brass and 22 percussion at rehearsal yesterday! Next rehearsal is Sunday April 28th, 2-6PM at the American Legion Post 773 in Erie,PA. Check us out on Facebook!
  8. Another of 4-2-13 @ 10pm...75 brass and 34 percussion. (15 mellophones).
  9. We are waiting for some of 12:00pm Saturday, March 30th...72 brass, 32 percussion, and still growing. Be a part of history, May 25, 2013. Happy Easter to all.
  10. I doubt it. Many are participating BECAUSE it's a one shot deal. However, the corps has been inactive for a couple of years and this might just jump start it again, at least on a local level. As I have been told by the management, "Baby steps"!
  11. There is still time to join us for the Perry 200 Grand Patriotic Parade and concert scheduled for May 25th in Erie. The deadline is fast approaching however. Payment for your uniform ($35 for shirt and cap) is due by April 14th. Join us if you can for this once in a lifetime historic event...71 brass, 32 percussion, and still growing. or check us out on Facebook
  12. Thanks for the info. I have found one and am in the process of getting it shipped.

  13. I have a set of King 2 valve sops, mellos and baritones. All in good shape. 250.00 for the sops in great shape. Email me at I am up in Sudbury Ontario and have shipped to the US