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  1. It is so crazy to me that this is Crown's best show ever ALREADY, and they are still relatively dirty. There were some obvious tears and such, but WOW. This is my favorite show from any corps in a few years now, probably since Spartacus.
  2. BD will win the 2012 DCI championship with this show.
  3. When it was announced that PR was going back to an all-female guard, I was very disappointed. I felt it wasn't very progressive of the corps to exclude male guard members, especially after the trends that were formed in years prior. However, I must say, the PR guard last year was hands down my favorite guard to watch. They were very clean and impressive in their performance. It looks like they are off to a similar start this year. Kudos to the PR guard staff for writing excellent work and having one of the best guards out there, without men. Some say that all-female guards are weaker and
  4. This is it, folks. Just as 23434234 people have said, this is a show that would win the championship in August. I dont think anyone cleans quite like the Cadets or Blue Devils, but if they can find that magic touch, this years is theirs (at least of the corps I've seen so far). I think SCV is going to be much higher than previous years.. I'm excited. GO CROWN!
  5. 1992 Cavaliers- "Revolution" 1996 Phantom Regiment 2000 Cavaliers 2000 SCV 2000 Boston Crusaders 2003 Blue Devils 2004 Cavaliers 2004 SCV 2005 Cadets 2006 Phantom Regiment 2007 Carolina Crown 2008 Phantom Regiment 2010 Blue Stars 2010 Carolina Crown 2011 Phantom Regiment
  6. Absolutely the best guard I saw in that decade. Hands down!
  7. My .02 based on the theater broadcast: 1) BD: I liked them better than years past, but I cannot tell you how happy I was that they didn't get first, and they won't be getting first amongst the big dogs anytime this year. It's good for them! 2) Cavaliers: As soon as I saw the show, I knew they would win that day. To me, even with the show uncompleted, I thought they were extremely clean for June. Watch out, folks! This may be another 99.+ show!!! 3) Bluecoats: Their show has one of the best opportunities for development. I really dug the first few minutes, and then it fell off a bit
  8. I realize that one of my favorite corps Crown has not added their "ending" yet, but I was at the show live in Denton last night, and although I didn't think Crown had their best performance, I definitely do not think Cavies had that great of a show and they STILL beat Crown by almost 2 points. As for the Cadets, the beginning is still ragged, IMO, but the ending is pretty awesome. I don't see them catching up to Cavies. Bluecoats may make a run, but I honestly think BD and Cavies are 1 and 2 from here on out. I'd love nothing more if ANYONE would catch and beat BD, though. Just my opinion
  9. I wonder if they would have been even closer had the brass judge been there. It is likely that there wouldn't have been a .6 between Crown and Coats in Brass. Perhaps .3
  10. EXACTLY! All of the prior posts have been about cleaning, tosses, etc. Well, the choreography alone has them at least a point behind the mid-to top guards. If you'll watch the routine, they are actually often clean, especially at the "hits", but the choreography doesn't necessarily lend itself to the highs and lows of the music, so to speak. Also, if you'll notice, Subel was the guard caption head when the guard struggled mightily (especially 2004). In 2005, Adam Sage and company came and cleaned up the guard considerably. I love how the cutoff regarding the "top" guard was at "3", when