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  1. STOP - The over use of A&E and full brass mics START - safety standards for props - I don't know to what extent this already exists, but honestly, my fear for the members' safety on some of these stages/props takes me out of the performance. The Cadets cross through drill at the apex of the four stairwells is an example. CHANGE - Open Class Finals to Wednesday. Now that they moved it closer to Indy, I would happily fly out a day early and drive up to watch open class finals.
  2. Just wanted to drop in and say congratulations to the Blue Devils on a great season and championship. Really loved the show. Engrossing from beginning to end, beautifully designed, and of course impeccably executed by members who know how to close. Just a privilege to watch all around. Special shout out to the guard, I really thought they would take the Zingali, and deserved it in my book. And to Brandon and the percussion section; what a storybook way to end a great tenure with BD. Congrats, again ... until next summer!
  3. 2016 was great, but not like Sat, or 2015. And I think 2015 had a little more from the crowd because it was a contender that year. This year's crowd reaction was inspired more by the performance and energy from the members, IMO.
  4. Thanks so much for these kind words. I do have a sense of pride for my small role in laying down the foundation. And while a young CC did set a standard of excellence in brass that continues today, my musical skills were, let's say, not a significant contributing factor. I often say that they won the the Div 2 High Brass award in spite of me. 🙂 Regardless, I am just so proud of what Carolina Crown has become, and I am moved by them every year. They have surely given me way more than what I ever contributed as a performer, both that year, and in the many years since. Can't wait for next year! BTW, thanks for being such an eloquent and ardent supporter of Carolina Crown on DCP!
  5. Just wanted to take a moment to thank Carolina Crown for an incredible season. I went to all three ensemble rehearsals and performances in Indy, and was truly inspired by all six encounters. I have such incredible love for this activity, and never has it been so truly expressed in so many ways as it was this weekend by Crown 2019. In rehearsals, it was such a privilege to witness the members' extraordinary passion, relentless determination, not to mention ridiculous talent. But it also revealed the love, respect, and admiration that all members have for each other, across sections, and across staff and performers. I know that many corps have these qualities, but there was a totality to it all that seemed off the charts this year, and of course, was particularly expressive at the end of the season. This corps knew it had something special this season, and they were soaking in every last morsel. The performances revealed the fruits of that labor, but were absolutely fueled by that emotional energy and awareness evident in rehearsal, and just stunningly expressed each evening in performance. Those performances expressed everything I love about drum corps: performers leaving it all out on the field, enjoying every second of it, feeding off the energy of the crowd, culminating in the unbridled joy of knowing they just knocked it out of the park. It is the looks on their faces, the jumping in the air after nailing the show, and the post performance embraces that move me so much, and reaffirm my love of this activity, regardless of scores, placements, and all the other thing we complain about. It's what will bring be back next year, as it has 20 times before. Thank you Carolina Crown, this alum is so freaking proud, and grateful.
  6. So proud, Carolina Crown. SO FREAKING PROUD!!!!!! Great run. Great season. Great great great corps.
  7. Could not agree more with this, both in sentiment, and temperament. I know change is inevitable, and I can enjoy well done BOG shows, but I am reaching that age now where I have to work hard to embrace the change. Alas.
  8. I agree, I am not sure I want to add anything major at this stage. Time to own what we got, and maximize it, and that seems to be what the members are doing. The show is very enjoyable to me, and the members are selling it. I think that is what I like the most. But who knows, they did add something for LOS only two years ago.
  9. I leave for the airport in about four hours. So excited, even that crazy hour to get up for 530am flight does not bother me....much. Does anyone have details on rehearsal at Avon tomorrow? I have not been able to find anything online. Trying to plan my afternoon, and cannot recall what time ensemble is. Go Crown and Finish Strong.
  10. Any Discussion on Open Class? I have always wished that they would move Open Class Finals to Wed and CLOSER to Indy. I would fly up a day early for that. A three hour plus drive two days prior prelim is too inconvenient. I have not been to Michigan City, so can't speak to how well it works, but would be nice for it to be a more convenient option.
  11. One thing i get the most out of on the finals recordings (understood not flo) is closeups of members as soon as the performance is over. There are some very emotional, powerful reactions as members soak in the ovation of the crowd, especially on finals night. It's not quite what it used to be. They don't have a lot of time to soak it in any more because they need to clean up the field, but I can think of several shots in the past that have brought a tear to eye.
  12. I seem to be in the minority about the props. i don't mind that the ribcages are only used as set pieces. That may change of course, but it does not bother me, and I usually find the relocation of props distracting. I did notice that the flags in the closer seemed dangerous. Saw the tails get stepped on, which could cause a problem. And I thought the rocker was going to be the dangerous prop.
  13. SOLD! Thank you. I did not have a good feeling about that set before, either, but now much less cuddly, and more beastly.
  14. This, a gazillion bazillion times. It's so lazy to stay on a horn soloist for any more than a couple seconds. I, too, like this thread idea, and will come up with some. But lingering on horn soloist is the first thing I thought of. The other would be to look out for any guard features. If you see 15 or more guard members in a tight formation, chances are there will be some nice visuals moments to capture with a nice medium shot of the whole group. For example Blue Devils guys guard and girls guard formation leading into Harlem Nocturne Blue Devils girls guard in Natural Woman opener Crown Guard center stage at end of Bruckner Coats flagwork during build of God Bless the Child I think someone else suggested with vocalist in foreground. That would be awesome. That is one of those moments that can be remembered for a long time if captured correctly, or kinda lost with a close up of the soloist.