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  1. runyancm

    10 More Years in Indy

    Any Discussion on Open Class? I have always wished that they would move Open Class Finals to Wed and CLOSER to Indy. I would fly up a day early for that. A three hour plus drive two days prior prelim is too inconvenient. I have not been to Michigan City, so can't speak to how well it works, but would be nice for it to be a more convenient option.
  2. runyancm

    Hey Flo! Please show this

    One thing i get the most out of on the finals recordings (understood not flo) is closeups of members as soon as the performance is over. There are some very emotional, powerful reactions as members soak in the ovation of the crowd, especially on finals night. It's not quite what it used to be. They don't have a lot of time to soak it in any more because they need to clean up the field, but I can think of several shots in the past that have brought a tear to eye.
  3. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I seem to be in the minority about the props. i don't mind that the ribcages are only used as set pieces. That may change of course, but it does not bother me, and I usually find the relocation of props distracting. I did notice that the flags in the closer seemed dangerous. Saw the tails get stepped on, which could cause a problem. And I thought the rocker was going to be the dangerous prop.
  4. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    SOLD! Thank you. I did not have a good feeling about that set before, either, but now much less cuddly, and more beastly.
  5. runyancm

    Hey Flo! Please show this

    This, a gazillion bazillion times. It's so lazy to stay on a horn soloist for any more than a couple seconds. I, too, like this thread idea, and will come up with some. But lingering on horn soloist is the first thing I thought of. The other would be to look out for any guard features. If you see 15 or more guard members in a tight formation, chances are there will be some nice visuals moments to capture with a nice medium shot of the whole group. For example Blue Devils guys guard and girls guard formation leading into Harlem Nocturne Blue Devils girls guard in Natural Woman opener Crown Guard center stage at end of Bruckner Coats flagwork during build of God Bless the Child I think someone else suggested with vocalist in foreground. That would be awesome. That is one of those moments that can be remembered for a long time if captured correctly, or kinda lost with a close up of the soloist.
  6. runyancm

    Looking to Buys Ticket for Atlanta

    I have tickets now. Thanks.
  7. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    This is interesting to me. Some folks clearly see them as rib cages, as in a boneyard, but many others don't see that, and are distracted by it. Something about the design does not work, if that many people don't see (assuming the rib cage interpretation is correct). But it's obviously a distraction to many, I just don't see it that way. And it's funny you bring up the trees. I did not get that until I read it on here. Probably would have gotten there eventually, but certainly did not right away. And I don't really care for how the design of the beach prop differs so much in style from tree props, but it does not keep me from enjoying the show.
  8. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I agree with Cavies surging back, BAC on the move, and Bloo/BD/SCV maintaining excellence, the competition is toit!
  9. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Could not agree more, and I have reached that point, too.
  10. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I don't know. Last year was pretty heated, and 2014 was, too. Even 2016 got heated because of the change to the ending. But the tone here is not near as bad as the show threads. Brutal.
  11. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    This is what I always what I told myself that year. While I enjoyed OOTW very much, I recognized that it's design was not championship material, and if there was a time to have an off year design-wise, it was 2014 given what BD was bringing both in design and performance. Loved that show, too. Also, I don't recall what they watered down in the brass book. I'll have to see if I can find some old videos.
  12. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Okay, back to the show. It's taken a little time, but it usually does for me. I am started to get more excited about this show as I develop an interpretation that works for me. It's not fully formed, but it's a start. I must admit, with the amount of snark and bad mojo in this thread, I am a bit reluctant, but what the hell. Opening statement: A beastly proclamation of dominance. Whatever, it's Crown playing Bruckner so I'm sold. Second movement: I view this as a hunt. I get the sense of lurking, prowling, looking for prey. Lots of fits and starts (pouncing), eventually with a successful kill/capture. Ballad: This took me a bit, but when I read the lyrics, it occurred to me that the song is about fear of trusting someone, similar to how an animal is fearful of trusting anyone, especially humans. They may feel a pull to connect, but their instincts are telling them they will be hurt, so they are resistant. I think the arrangement works well with this concept, and appears to suggest a connection made, but with a bit of foreshadowed doom at that end. Second half I am a little fuzzier on, I do think that there is some sort of competition, perhaps a challenge of the earlier stated dominance, and than a ritual of some kind. I am baffled by the closer right now, to be honest. Like I said, not a fully formed interpretation. Frankly, I doubt the closer if fully formed, either. As for the props, I simply see the bones as set pieces, and I am not bothered by that like many others are. Frankly, I find restaging of props distracting. For Nessie, I don't think there is any magic here. Seems to be part of the ritual aspect, I think it goes well with the Newman piece. It does not bother me too much if that is all there is to it, because it's an effective set piece when it is not being used (vs trampolines). Anyway, that is what I have so far. It's amazing how much more you can enjoy a show when you can find a context that works for you. I am buying much more of it now than I was two weeks ago. Looking forward to see how it develops.
  13. runyancm

    Flo still sucks!

    Glad it worked for you guys. I was at a hotel too, and even brought my Roku so I could watch the shows, but hotel wireless was awful and picture was terribly pixelated. Finally I tethered the Roku to my phone and had to use my mobile data plan. That worked out fine except for the 2GB of data it took up. But net is I think Flo was fine. Sound was iffy but not enough to get worked up. I still get to see drum corps throughout the season. Hope I have not jinxed myself for next week.
  14. runyancm

    Carolina Crown 2018

    So I never love a show in June, but I am pretty excited about the potential here. Hard not to be after the rockin' closer. A few quick observations That appears to be an exciting and hard working color guard. Very excited about that. I will be worried about the members on, and under, the rocking platform all season I anticipate Emperor Joseph II to make several appearances on this thread. They won't be wrong, I just don't care that much as long as it's played cleanly. I fully expect the ballad to grow on me over the season and with live viewing. If not, there are plenty of other cool things going on. Gonna be a fun year.