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  1. With all due respect to the terrific eastern corps. You are tone deaf. The last several pages of this thread had everything to do with the eastern corps and nothing to do with MBI, which is the subject of this very thread. I'm sorry, but so many of you have good intentions but are completely deaf to what is really happening in the "All-Age" world. The All-Age drum corps are very, very much a localized circuit. And it has little or no influence in the larger drum corps community. And it has virtually NO influence in the marching band world. (From which ALL of our future members come f
  2. I'm not surprised, though I am surprised. :) MBI's participation in DCA was untenable in the long-term. Why? Because DCA is ultimately a local circuit. It is concentrated in the NE, and will remain so. A truly "National" All-Age Circuit won't happen anytime soon. Spending $30,000 to travel to what amounts to a regional show on Labor Day Weekend just isn't worth it. I've said it before and I will say it again: Minnesota Brass' organization is stellar and their ability to raise money is amazing. Now, what do you do with that? If MBI truly commits to their drum corps mission s
  3. I only submitted Annapolis because it is the closest stadium to the dozens of Midwestern stadiums that could also host DCA that are decent, beautiful, acoustically great and relatively inexpensive.
  4. Honestly, it may be the fact that this forum has become mostly irrelevant. The same dozen or more people posting the same thoughts over and over has become tired. If this forum is truly the voice of All-Age drum corps, then that activity is on life-support.
  5. I was Drum Major that year in '99 when MBI beat the Cabs. It still holds a special place in my heart. Standing on the front sideline with the other esteemed Drum majors during the finale, and the scores were announced, I really couldn't believe that we had finally topped the Caballeros - a corps that for decades had personified the elite of DCA. And don't get me wrong. I still admire the tremendous Cabs. A corps both resilient and commanding! But not to hear your corps' name while the countdown to 1st Place is going on is an excruciating experience. And one that just gets your adrena
  6. Being in the audience last Saturday, I thought MBI's hornline was dreadful. That said, their guard and percussion did not seem one bit off their game at this time of year (in fact I thought the guard was even better than last year). And the sizes of those sections were quite typical of the corps - nothing has changed there. I have little doubt those two sections will still be in the top 3 at DCA, as they were last year. It's just the hornline that needs major work. And yes, that's a big task. Their staff is comprised of a smart group of people. They know their issues and are taking
  7. I'm not sure you guys are responding to the obvious issue. This is NOT a "one year" blip. Go back 10 years and the pattern is still plainly clear. There is no room for "interpretation" of numbers reported to the IRS. That would be illegal. Because there are strict rules in place that define the legal parameters of a 501© 3 Non-Profit Organization. One corps is worth several times the value of the top 10 DCA Corps combined. That's an effin big deal. And MBI is clearly the geographic outlier of DCA. There is a serious disparity here. We're not talking about some minor "skewering" of numbers
  8. These numbers are 2015 public information based upon required disclosures of ALL 501 3c Corporations You can search ANY 501c3 Non-Profit here There are some serious issues here. Issues that impact the health of DCA for years to come. And there is one obvious, tremendous imbalance. One that puts one DCA corps in the range of major DCI corps. So what's going on? Why is there such a striking discrepancy? Net Assets at the end of 2015: Minnesota Brass, Inc. $654,956 Corps Vets $28,010 Govenaires (Note: Only 2014 Data is available) $27,214 Fusion Core $5,750 Cadets Unclear - Subsumed unde
  9. An interesting organizational structure! Hopefully this allows further opportunities for MBI to expand its already diverse arts activities.
  10. And C2's placement doesn't matter one bit. Because you just can't - can't - place MBI accurately in that group.
  11. I'll say that Minnesota's show this year is very reminiscent of the great shows by Empire. There is a degree of "cheeriness" and fun about it. It doesn't take itself too seriously but is really #### good. And though the show is lighthearted, their horn line is a freakin' killer.
  12. Also a big move from Minnesota Brass. 91.65. And don't forget the Govenaires are competing in Open Class this year. 83.80 for them last night.
  13. MBI and Govenaires tonight on DCI Sheets. Minnesota Brass 75.8 Govenaires 62.05 Given a 10-15 point deviation from DCA sheets, it is consistent with the last couple of years. MBI is easily in the upper 80's on DCA sheets. Govies in the mid-70's. Both corps from my point of view are - at the very least - as good as last year. I do think MBI has a better hornline than 2016. Govenaires' percussion is bigger than many Open Class corps