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  1. I don’t remember that at all. Of course, I was in uniform and all. (All I really remember is, “And in 8th place...” ) 🙂
  2. So where exactly does one go to pick up one of these championship level arrangers and designers? Asking for a friend...
  3. If you can’t deliver the product, then don’t take people’s money for it. I doubt they would be sympathetic if I was unable to pay due to “factors” out of my control. Business is business.
  4. Because there’s no group more impartial than a stadium half full of alumni and corps parents.
  5. Then why bother with a final, judged competition if you’re only going to base who should win on earlier scores?
  6. Would this time frame be related to having to wait until September to announce staff changes?
  7. Top to bottom, this was one of the best Finals I’ve seen in many, many years. Bravo to all of these corps!
  8. I can’t recall the last time I bothered to write a review for an app but I’ll be taking the time to do so tonight. DCI was box 5. Flo was sub-basement level, negative infinity.
  9. My first time seeing BD. All I’ve got to add is wow. Fantastic as usual.
  10. I take my previous somewhat positive comments regarding Flo tonight. Their app has #### the bed about a dozen times and my laptop isn’t an option at the moment.
  11. My at-home “adjudication” ended several corps ago. They’re all just #### good.
  12. So long as the feed keeps up, it even looks okay on my 110” projector screen, surprisingly enough. Transitions can look a little fuzzy but it’s not horrible. (Definitely not full HD but very watchable)
  13. I’ve been streaming from my iPad to my Apple TV and haven’t had any issues since Regiment (ugh) so I’m hoping Flo figured it out.
  14. This was my first time seeing BK (forces have conspired against me this summer...)What great show! I love the sound of this horn line and they also move their tails off! (Seems like I’m seeing this more in the lower placing corps, which seems backwards to me.)
  15. I really like that Blue Stars’ closer. And the fact that they move.