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  1. Great review Nick...gotta agree with what you said about Phantom's total package this was musical and very appropriate. I think too many drum corps nowadays ( I feel old) move for the sake of moving and don't really consider how it affects their show musically. I think of all the corps I saw this year, PR had the right mix of musicality and visual presence. I also agree with what you said about MY beloved Bluecoats....they are an up and coming musical group. 3 years in 7th place scares me a little, but I think a leap into the top 5 is not too far off for them. Great r
  2. You forgot the Bluecoats too! Bluecoats and Boston was a better battle than BD/Cavs....sheez!
  3. Can anyone comment on the Bluecoats new ending to the show? For the first month and a half of the season, they had kind of a band aid ending and I think they've got the new ending on. Fill us in, for those that won't see them again until the Bluecoats Hall of Fame show on July 27! Thanks!
  4. I agree with Woofinthewoods on all points. One thing to add though..... Definition from the Harvard Dictionary of Music: Bugle: A bell front brass instrument pitched in the key of G or Bb. Used in militaristic marching, etc..... DW
  5. Woody and Will, How about the announcer saying he was a friend of Art Drukenbrod's for 50 years, then proceeds to butcher his name about 5 times in a row (i.e. Drinkenbroad, Drunkenbroad, Drunkenblad......etc.). I was on the track and when he butchered Art's name for the second time I started walking toward him to tell him to get his poop together, when I decided better of it. I was around several other alums that knew Art well and they were all squirming. What a shmoe.
  6. Great review. I thought Seattle should have been in 10th above Spirit. Their feet are just cleaner, but perhaps because of the lesser demand. I thought Seattle just out performed Spirit last night. As for the 'Coats, it was a great show last night and they've just begun. If anyone recalls, this is when they really poured it on last year and tightened everything up. They are doing the same thing right now and I think your going to see their GE and Visual numbers jump. I called my shot last week when I predicted they'd catch both Boston and Xmen at this show. I'm sticking with my next p
  7. Bluecoats glad their beating Madison? I guess....I don't think they've given it a second thought in a couple of years though DW
  8. I understand Michael. I've been around the activity quite awhile now and I really get a little huffy when I see people getting defensive. I wouldn't be involved (for as long as I have) if I didn't see the value in what every corps does. Some shows you like more than others. Sometimes we (I) are homers....but in any case I think the truest drum corps fan knows deep down that what's going on the field, no matter who it is, is something exceptionally special. That's what matters. So when I pick on that section of the Bluecoats show (the block that doesn't move much and makes no sense) no on
  9. ps: let's not make this like RAMD. The reviews on here are too good.
  10. This is one thing I hate about these forums...they get a little ticky tacky. I kind of broke down a couple corps performances from George's review (as I SAW IT) and now we have feelings hurt. Look, I don't care what you think, this is what I saw and heard, this is what I heard from people sitting around me (not with my group), and quite frankly I stand by what I said. I see more demand in other shows (maybe or maybe not Bluecoats). Another reason why I hate these forums is that because you criticize a show doesn't mean you don't like it. h###, I bashed the Bluecoats for some 4 years as
  11. Absolutely George! But let's get something straight, I'm their biggest critic when they deserve it (I was not a fan of much of the stuff they did between '96-'99). What I saw at Hershey was SIGNIFICANTLY better than what I've seen so far this year. I call 'em as I see 'em ;)^
  12. George, Good review...thorough if not anything else! I agreed in many areas but there were some things that had me scratching my head in Herhsey. Here are some thoughts I had: Spirit: You mentioned, "Excellent mature brass ensemble sound with a nice thick and deep low end from the 12 contras (a section which marches very well)." By far this was the worst sounding tuba/contra section of the juniors. Overblown, really poor TQ& could hear them, but yikes it was bad. As for Spirit's show, I don't know if it has the legs to make top 12. Placement 8-14 are going to be a dogfigh
  13. How much do you want for them? I'll be at Hershey. I'll be kind of hosting the Bluecoats Alumni party in the parking lot. Stop by and we'll talk. My wife and I and another friend of ours want to go to Nats but don't have tix yet. Let me know. Email me directly if you don't mind:
  14. I'm trying to move and this past weekend I was going through some stuff in my garage and ran across a bag of drum corps shirts I bought in the 80s. I remember the '88 Madison skull and crossed mallets shirt as being a hot commodity that year (they won of course). It's an XL and in great shape (didn't wear it much, I went on to march Bluecoats). I'd like to give it to someone that actually marched that year or is an avid Madison alum. Email me if you want it. I'll mail it if you pay for the shipping.