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  1. “Everything and Everywhere” will 100% be a show title within 5 years. Well played.
  2. An opening segment starting with Pink Floyd’s “Time” ending past the opening lyrical hit would be cool. I’ve always wanted a group like Bluecoats to do it after seeing them do Creep. Some other tunes that may be worth looking into: “15 Step” by Radiohead “Continental Drift” by The Rolling Stones “Toccata” by Jaga Jazzist
  3. 1972 Kingsmen 1983 Cadets 1993 Star 2005 Cadets 2013 Crown 2018 SCV
  4. Totally agree. Have you seen Western Carolina University's marching band do La Mer? If not, it's worth a look:
  5. This is something which is copied and pasted over the internet. It's not true. However, at this point it doesn't matter. The interview most recently done by the local Wisconsin news is hands down the most shockingly unprofessional and irresponsible interview I've ever read in my life. DCI truly needs to dissolve Pioneer. Roman has no business being involved in any type of youth activity any more. If the organization in any way is to be left over they should be forced to change the name purely to start anew.
  6. Perhaps it's the post from another member of BD's hornline saying they bonded over it when it was discovered they were in posession of it?
  7. Wasn't this part of an SCV "3 year plan" right around the late 2000's?
  8. Galactic Empires by David R. Gillingham. This has Phantom's name on it. Phantom Regiment... IN SPACE!!! I know some people here have also mentioned Jaga Jazzist, and I believe that is right up Bluecoats alley
  9. SCV Bluecoats Boston Pacific Crest Mandarins Crossmen
  10. I'm always on the fence of calling something innovative. Ultimately, whoever is top dog will always be innovative, considering they will be the group looked at who will be reflective of what the standard 'should' be in the activity. Is this show really all that different from something like BD 2015 or Bluecoats 2016? I personally don't think so. All are simply great shows achieved at a supremely high level. Is SCV bringing anything *new* to the table? Other than tubas playing jammed out pedal tones during a drum break, no. Great show though.
  11. And now we're in the early development stages of a solid Phantom Regiment show!
  12. A better question I propose to you: Why does Blue Stars' drum major have a second pair of gloves tucked away in his apron? He's wearing gloves already. Shouldn't he wear the gloves he has in his apron? It makes no sense. One pair of gloves is enough.
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