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  1. So so so so so so so proud :-) DARKHORSE.
  2. My experience was actually backwards than it should have been. I marched DCI first and THEN got into it. I mean don't get me wrong, I sort of knew what it was (and by sort of knew, I mean "summer marching band", so OK in reality, No, I did not know what it was) from seeing 2001 Finals on PBS. It was something I sort of discounted throughout high school because: a) I wasn't very good, and b) I got put on a new instrument, see a), and c) I thought "I have other stuff I want to do in the summer. Welp, fast forward 3 years later and I had my first summer with the Crossmen (2004) and neve
  3. My sincerest apologies. The "4" threw me off in that title...
  4. Meh, I think alot of people still think that. There are always going to be years that have that one show with the alleged alternative meaning. All of which are completely ridiculous: 09 BD: 1+9+3+0 = Lucky number 13. How controversial, they were destined to win WITH THAT TILE ALONE. AND THEY DID?!??!? Shock!!!11 08 SCV: 3hree (pronounced "three-hree," of course) - 3rd place (yes, I did actually hear that one from a fan. My question is, why choose the number 3 to aim for? Why not aim lower? My personal favorite is Ei8ht, named after one of the clubs I frequent in Houston on the week
  5. I had mentioned that someone had told me Htown was in a drought. I find that hard to believe after all the rain we've gotten! And you're absolutely right; last summer was brutal compared to this summer. has a more positive outlook for Friday. Thursday is still chance of Tstorms. Meh as long as I get to give my respective contra lines the stuff I bought them from Sam's club, I'll be a happy camper :-D See "Y'all" tomorrow! (I hate that word)
  6. Welp looks like the weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms. Apparently until the end of the month. Whoever said Houston was in a drought was severely mistaken. Let's pray to the rain gods that there is no lightening!
  7. Crossmen were given the opportunity to watch finals in 05 after not making it that year. I was crazy impressed at BD that year, as well as Cadets. Otherwise, I didn't see a live show until 09 after I aged out.
  8. Wow, bloo is staying in Brenham? That makes it anti-easy to see them rehearse :thumbup: Whaddupppp home show??? (waiting for my college roommate to chime in; he knows it's barely a home show) EDIT: Oh wow the only reason why I posted on this thread and I forgot the first time. I'll be sitting in Upper Deck, section D, Row E on Thurs. and Upper Deck, section D, Row M on Friday. I'd have gotten the good seats (aren't they all good seats?) but the guy I'm going with didn't want to justify paying $50/ticket. Whatever, it's drum corps. You'll find me in my Bloo jacket!
  9. Happy Bluecoat Alum here :-) :-) :-) Six Words.
  10. I could see how this would be a problem on any other night than finals night...but finals night is meant for the performers. They deserve every bit of standing ovations they can get. On the same note, if you stand during a part that is not really meant for a standing ovation, then I could see how people could get PO'd.
  11. hahaha very nice. was the last chord of america the beautiful (or whatever they're playing this year) an actual chord? or was it every other note other than a Bb? EDIT: It just clicked that there was no mass America the Beautiful. Sorry, I'm still new to this age-out thing and not being in the loop
  12. That is pretty awesome! I wasn't a huge fan of SCV's show this year (no flaming, please)...but they performed it so well when I saw them a few weeks ago. I'm sure I'd love it as much as I've loved every other Vanguard show if I saw it tonight.
  13. I came back to this forum late...when did people cry??