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  1. I think they do a triangular show to complete the SCV 02 trilogy.
  2. Is there going to be a Flomarching studio show after the finale?
  3. If BD and SCV guards throw down, BC guard could lose the Zingali.
  4. I can't help but think that the Cavaliers' design staff tried to think way too outside the box that they got lost.
  5. Does the Disney Award still exist? I'd give it to the Cadets.
  6. I kinda wish they got rid of the spinning boxes. They don't add much to the show but visual dirt to me.
  7. The "I won't last a day without you" percussion break is one of my favorite things this year.
  8. By far the prettiest flag design year in and year out. It really catches your eye.
  9. My only issue is the jerk who yelled at my friend because her cellphone lit up a few times during a show. His finger must've gone through the toilet paper when he went to the bathroom. What an idiot.