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  1. Allentown Haven't been to this venue since I competed years ago (pre renovation) and loved being back Weather... No rain so yay! We decided Saturday afternoon to get tickets for Buffalo since it was on the way home for us. So may throw a few things from Buffalo in Tell you right now, I know nothing about drums, accept they make music when you hit them. As for whether a percussion line was good or not, unless it was really bad or really good it wouldn't have stuck out to me. On to the corps. Pioneer - I got to the stadium just as they were starting, so didn't get a full viewing. W
  2. Plan to do a more detailed review of both nights in one when weekend is done. But here are some quick vague thoughts on last night. Pioneer - missed first part, thanks traffic. Nice to see corps growing. Too many drums too few brass. Cascades. - improved, think will make semis Mandarins - nice sound off the start. Enjoyed it. Spirit - enjoyable but dirty. Academy - fun show of the year Blue Stars - theme well done, better then I expected. Great guard Cavaliers - game on, give me more. Blue Knights - some very beautiful moments, glad your giving us emotion in your show. SC
  3. Okay so who ever wins dca this year, I want them to have a score of 99.70. Just sayin.
  4. If Sunrisers make Open Class finals today it will be there first time In Open Class finals since 1999. So cheering for hem to be in
  5. Kevin, I want to thank you for doing this, for those of us who are not there. I gotta say, is it sad that all your comments when I read them I hear them in the voice of Kermit
  6. 1 BD 2 Cadets 3 Bluecoats 4 Crown 5 SCV 6 Cavaliers 7 Phantom Reg 8 Blue Knights 9 Madison Scouts 10 Boston Crusaders 11 Blue Stars 12 Crossmen 13 Colts 14 Troopers 15 Spirit of Atl. 16 Oregon Crusaders 17 Academy 18 Pacific Crest 19 Mandarins 20 Jersey Surf 21 Cascades 22 Pioneer
  7. I think that open class has been forgotten by dci, they are more treated like a little tag along brother then an asset to the drum corps community. As I said on another post and I will say it again I wish I had the money, and business sense to help out open class corps. These groups might not have as busy as a summer as the big corps do, but they work hard to be proud of there performances come championships..
  8. And especially when a group like Raiders had to work overtime to raise the funds to have the money to travel there. Stuff like that makes me wish I had money like Donald trump, no open class corps would have to worry about the money to travel.
  9. These kids work so hard it would be horrible to see there summer ended short cause of weather. Cause tomorrow weather looks even worse.